Vinyl / CD

Artist:Fused Forces
Title:Bunfire / Power Plant
Label:Fent Plates
This is the first Fent Plates vinyl release from Fused Forces. Limited to 285 copies it is worth getting your hands on a copy while you can. More releases in the pipline from a lable to keep a close eye on!
Artist:Silent Killer / Breaker
Title:Amongst Villains
Label:Ohm Resistance
Heavy Snares roll all over these dark Drum and bass influenced beats from Puncture, Amongst Villains is enormously deep basstrack with great sounding percussion also check out the build up on arm lock.
Title:Alpha Centauri
Finish copy promo. Brand new NOISIA single, you know its HOT. Including the massive Excision & Datsik remix...Dubstep techno mayhem!
Artist:Man Like Me
Title:Lovestruck EP (Remixes)
Label:Black Butter
Man Like Me are no strangers to us here at Black Butter Records, fans of some of their more recent tracks such as 'London Town' we SO had to get involved with this new EP. The band are best known for their ska, grime, indie blend. Their brazen lyrics are less self-conscious than some of their musical counterparts, and revel in the realities, perks and calamity of being a young Londoner. The EP contains three brilliant original tracks - 'Lovestruck', 'Why Bother?' and 'Run Over' but more importantly for your dance floors, a nice selection of mixes for you to get your mitts on. Kill Light are first up, recently debuting on Cheap Thrills, that EP received a rapturous reception and got peeps watching. Stepping up to the plate once again, the duo's garage-rave interpretation of 'Lovestruck' got us bogling away from left to right. Moda Music's *Tom Staar* carries the original and lifts it to starry heights for a proper rave up, whilst for the same track *Brackles* provides the perfect basement vibe that will have your floor tripping out peak time. Our final course is brought to us by *Leatherhead*, who quite a while back provided a sleazy take of a Kissy Sell Out track. Sounding livelier than ever, he gives the instrumentals of 'Run Over' a fuller effect bringing that carnival feeling straight onto your floors.
Artist:Iron Man
Title:Cyba District / Allow Me To Demonstrate / Apollo 13
Forget Magnetic Man it's all about Iron Man. No I don't mean the superhero, well maybe after this release he can be considered a superhero One of the top boys in the scene appears under a new alias. These three tracks have some heavy bass and enough bleepy synths to keep any listener interested!
Artist:Iron Man
Title:Train Wreck / Theif In Da Dance / Hells Wind
Iron Man is back with another 3 tracks of deep & techy dubstep.
Artist:El B
Title:Dirty EP
Label:Night Audio
The fabled Ghost crew and pioneering 2Step / Garage don El-B launch the first wax offering from Night Audio on this grimey four track set of snapped ghetto dubstep and rolling dark garage, each tune presenting a fantastic example of the versatility of the Ghost Records sound. Released in advance of his 'Nu Levels' album, El-B's 'Dirty' EP is a wall-to-wall guaranteed groove propellant, formulated to fire up the dance under any conditions, as well as providing a glimpse of the flickering flames in store from El-B and fellow Ghost cohorts Laze, Skolz, and Rolla. 'How U Like Dat' opens with a kick driven bass rush, it's "Ghost Is Back" hook-line acting as an emphatic statement of intent. 'Dirty Dirty' follows with a growling bass line and Rolla's titular exclamation that this is dirty indeed. 'This Thrill' reveals a production reminiscent of the deep garage days of yore, circa 2002, with pulsing bass line accentuated by Nico's lovely vocals, and the final track 'Dirty Flow' brings in the contrast of a winding guitar line over a punchy bass and a half step beat, as Rolla steps up again to deliver the hook. Mastered and cut with unerring precision by Jason at Transition Studio.
Title:Beats From The 90's (Vol 2)
Label:Ghetto Man Beats
Beats From The 90s Vol. 2' features 13 more slept on quality beats from K-Def's stint working with Marley Marl at the House of Hits during hip hop's second Golden Age. These selected tracks showcase his varied taste, and maturity in production, rescued from broken DAT tapes and floppy disks. This set offers a glimpse of what could have been, with superior tracks that would have given any MC or rapper of that period the proper footing too forge classic material. K-Def's weapons of choice were the Roger Linn endorsed Akai MPC 3000 and S-3000. One of the first producers to utilize these machines, K-Def cemented his legendary status as a maestro of the beats, with his sample heavy classic; 'The Turnaround : A Long Awaited Drama'. the new tools allowing his tracks to emit subtle eerie strings, and giving his drums perfect cadence and impact. A genius at fine-tuning his arrangements, his beats and productions usually feature obscure samples, used to sculpt the perfect notes and drum kits. 'The Magnumz' offers up lush crescendos that rise and fall with grace. 'Preying Mantis' is straight Hitchcock vision on cruise control with controlled strings that stab and strike on cue. 'Survive The Blast' is fined tuned to have a cinematic feel; audio imbued with a killer instinct. Created between 1992 and1996, these tracks offer an assortment of beats, from dirty funk to melodic choices to straight all out drama, with that head-nodding factor assured.
Artist:Kazey & Bulldog
Title:Ridin' High Vol 1
Label:Dress 2 Sweat
Brand new six track release from Parisians Kazey & Bulldog; the follow up to their worldwide club smashing 'Dirty Wheels EP'. Fans of the duo include Busy P, Craze, DJ Mehdi, DJ Orgasmic, Ayres, Sinden, Tittsworth, Scottie B, DJ Klever and just about everyone. Includes a hot Baile Funk influenced remix from DJ Sanrinho of Man Recordings. Limited edition with full colour picture sleeve.
Title:C64 Dub / Waveshifter
Label:Wax On
This strictly limited double A side 10inch is the second offering from Alan Dobson aka HUNGRYGHOST, WAX ON records very own master of predator sound. Futuristic dubstep vibes meet the dopest, hip hop infused beats and a grimey urban sound design of unique quality sure to haunt a bass bin next to you very soon. Following up on the vibes of the much demanded digital two-tracker 'Waveshifter' (which got mad props from the worldwide dubstep massive as well as the mighty GORILLAZ soundsystem, Domu, Smith & Mighty and Mr. Scruff) and HUNGRYGHOST's wicked remix work for NIGHTMARES ON WAX on Warp earlier this year, this 10inch now unites the powerful lead tracks of both 'Waveshifter' and the lead tracks from the 2nd HUNGRYGHOST digital single 'C64 Dub'. HUNGRYGHOST himself, Norfolk-born and now London resident by choice, former member of scratch dj / production team Def Tex, also releases tunes under the ARCADION moniker (on DC recordings) and works as a freelance multi media sound designer. The sonic world of HUNGRYGHOST is fueled by a deep fascination with computer technology and sampling culture.
Artist:Point B
Title:Free Standing Structure
Label:Frijsfo Beats
After his excellent remix for Sully's 'Phonebox EP' last summer, Bristol's Frijsfo Beats is delighted to provide a home for Point B's latest and best experiments on the fringes of dubstep and UK garage. Point B previously enjoyed a swell of grass-roots appreciation for his material on leading UK electro label SCSI-AV - a sharp, intricately produced dancefloor twelve and an extremely thoughtful full-length. 2007's EP for Combat fused his techniques and sound palette with the rhythmic genius of two-step, an idea expanded and developed to its full potential on his first full Frijsfo release. Opening track 'Detritus' is built around an unbreakable backbone of kicks, woodblocks and dense sub-bass growls. Tweaked techno stabs sustain the pressure until our man drops a mean but tastefully executed snippet of Distance-style bass guitar and an atmospheric post-Skream melody. 'No Smokes' is a tense meeting between two-stepping beat patterns and stiff electro-funk, illustrating Point B's marked distinctiveness. Graceful soundtrack synths smooth over, only to get re-jigged for mashed-up dancefloors by fragments of a caustic acid line. 'Isocity Meter' boasts an even brisker, more invigorating arrangement, dominated by huge, metallic bass tones that sound as if they're being collided and yanked apart by an elastic sense of rhythm. Finally, Italian Frijsfo discovery Kuoyah contributes an unbelievable remix of 'Someone Else's Past'. His trademark loose, unevenly oscillating beat constructions are fascinating in their own right, but take away nothing from the rolling, dark two-step vibe. Any DJ who feels a connection to dubstep's more esoteric creative zones should find themselves playing this as the days grow longer.
Title:Your In Love
Label:Smokin Sessions
The 5th relaease on the "Smokin Sessions" label see Bisweed and 'Your In Love'.
Artist:Unknown (BD240)
Artist:Karl Sav & Joules Fine
Title:Robotic Melodic / High Intensity
Label:Unstable Label
Perth based Aussie Karl Sav brings us a bleepy, robotic breaks beast, flip it over for a slightly more punchy track "High Intensity".
Title:Nasty In The Shade EP
Label:Ground Level
The 8th Release on Ground Level, and the last for 2008, comes from Australia's Shopliftas with their Nasty in The Shade EP. Nasty In The Shade kicks off the release, a solid breaker with a catchy hook and solid sub bass, all brought together by huge drums. With a mixdown by none other than Bass Kleph. there's no wonder this track goes off on a big system! On the flip, In Effect takes a more electro house feel, with a reverse string line and stabs leading into a fat wobbler of a bassline, making the package a perfect all rounder for fans of both breaks and house.
Title:Dreadlock / Acid Shuffle
Jinz make a welcome return to the Bassrock label with more top notch production work. This Bristol resident is smashing it right up as per usual! Don't belive me? Check em out!!
Artist:Digital Base
Title:Behold / Turn Me Out
riskotheque - After the success of audio freaks five (Just You & Dream State) Riskotheque is back with another sonic assault on the senses! With growling synth leads and epic beats this is a must have release! Quantum soul - On the other side of another t
Artist:Rob Sparx
Title:Trooper / Bar 9 Remix
From his forthcoming album, Rob Sparks brings "Trooper". On the flip is yet another brilliant Bar 9 remix of a great track. This is a must have 12".
Artist:Break The Box
Title:Ghost Licker
Label:Ground Level
Following his Ground Level debut with Groovy Moves (which has just gone for repress!), Luigi Barone returns with the House / Breaks hybrid monster which is Ghost Licker. The original is a funky electro number, with huge bass and the 'ghost' lick weaving throughout to create a monster. On the remix front Groove Allegiance turn it into a glitchy floor filler, already being supported by Malente.
Artist:Two Make One
Title:Fried On A Saturday Night
Another cheeky bootleg white label, this time the "Hoxton Whores" get sampled to devastating effect! This is one sure to have the dancefloor going bonkers!
Artist:Leeroy Thornhill
Title:Hands Up
Label:Gene Pool
Leeroy, originally from the Prodigy has been working on some intersting solo projects. Check the stonking release on Gene Pool with a wicked remix on the B side by Boogie Army!
Artist:Kid Digital
Title:There For You
Label:Future Perfect Records
After a stormer of a debut, Future Perfect returns to the fold with this prime slice of electro-breakbeat beef from Russia's Kid Digital. Fusing together a squeaky acid-tinged synth, a thundering sub bass and a warm vocal riff in between monster beats - we have here a tune that devastates dancefloors without remission. We loved their work on Future Perfect 001 so much we've brought back Pro7 and Arrow!!! for remix duties. Pro7 delivers a cheeky electro-house interpretation that makes great use of the riff with pounding kick drums and skiptastic percussion. A grower that drops quickly into a naughty, rasping b-line while maintaining the understated funk of the original. The trademark glitchy edits, and huge percussive blasts are what make this one a winner! Arrow!!!'s take is something altogether more sinister and brooding. Drawing tiny fragments from the original and melding them to his own arsenal of blunted FX and cantankerous rhythms. This is a bomb! A huge tribal-sounding onslaught! Pierced with glitched-out one-shots of the original vocal and underpinned by skanking steel drums, the bassline twists and turns and morphs like a supernatural machine. Dark, moody and massive! Support from: Simian Mobile Disco, Groove Armada, Boys Noize, Tiga, Twockers, Blende, Tom Real, Rogue Element, Kid Blue, Janette Slack and many more.
Title:Dirty Drop Sampler #1
Label:Dirty Drop Records
Scapo and Neofluxx hail form deepest Italy and make some of the finest Breaks around! 3 Tracks of deep techy monsterness.
Artist:Darft Phunk
Title:Coleys Pleasure
Label:Breakin Even
Coleys Pleasure' is like an old skool train bombing down the track on a cool summers day with a very nice vocal indeedy - you're gonna love this one! 'Back Bone Slide' is a touch slower then Coleys Pleasure but just as cool.
Artist:Step Sine
Title:Gen. Sec of Breaks
Label:Stepsine Records
Punchy breaks.
Title:Move Automatic
Label:Tricksta Recordings
Rising dubstep artist Rogue State delivers his 2nd Tricksta release, bringing back a classic rave atmosphere and combining it with a contemporary garage sound. On the flip, M.I. Loki keep the vibe of the original whilst adding a breakbeat slant to the whole affair.
Title:Just You / Dream State
Label:Audio Freaks
Riskotheque (pronounced risk-oh-tek) makes his debut on Audio Freaks with the absolutely massive "Just You", the track starts with some eerie female vocals before dropping into a huge bassline that instantly pricks the ears of the listener and will more than certainly get the dance floor jumping! Backed with an equally well produced b-side, dream state, this is one must have Dubstep 12".
Artist:Alien Pimp/Alchemyst/Taz Buckfasta
Title:Multiple Options / LFO Business / Bumba
Deep roughness for multiple options, LFO Business is a rewind champion; with a unique blend of harsh synths and a drop of dnb-like breaks. Bumba is good for spicing up a DJ set with its organic sounds so rarely represented in the dubstep scene.
Artist:Nu Boy
Title:2 Little Faith / Nu Funk Stroll
Cool, crisp breaks brought to us from Nu Boy, the new artist on the the Stantons label "Beats".
Artist:2's Company
Title:Da Bleep
After tearing up the dance floors in space and ministry of sound, and with 2's co getting massive props from Nic Fanculli, this track is bound to fly off the shelves! The DKS "wonk mix" has been getting battered by James Zabielia amongst others!
Artist:Adam Nyquist & Chevy One
Title:Original Danger / Underground Funk
Label:JDR Music
Our first two releases on the mother label JDR are produced by label owners Adam Nyquist & Chevy One and have been described as "phat as fook" by the DrumAttic Twins.
Title:Tokyo Loading
Tokyo Loading' is a classic Strider affair, vocal edits galore & tight as you like programming, with a Daft Punk (circa Discovery) inspired synth sequence breakdown slotting in between the punchy beats & warmly distorted bass hook.
Title:Borromean Links / Breath of Fresh Air
Techy melodic breaks. Very nice!
Title:Strangedream / Splashback
Label:High Grade
High Grade Recordings is a new label from the Bombtraxx crew. This is the 2nd release from High Grade bringing you a filthy bass ridden 12" from these French breakbeat producers.
Artist:Mike Muvment
Title:Ghetto Freaks
Label:Backzide Records
First release from the Backzide Records label hits you with a dirty roller that hit you hard. Flip it over and get a much more glitchy, in your face remix by the Rogue Element.
Title:Can't take the Pressure (Feat. U Brown)
Label:Tricksta Recordings
Dub style 4/4 beatbreak with deep rumbling basslines and smooth reggae vocals from U Brown. The flip side features a great techy electro remix by M.I. Loki


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