Subeena - Neurotic / Wishful Tank / 12"


Neurotic / Wishful Tank

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genre: Dubstep
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After a string of 12"s on a variety of labels including her own co-run (now defunct) Immigrant/Imminent Recordings and an astonishing single on Planet Mu in late 2009, this double-A is Subeena's debut release on her own Opit label. 'Picture' opens with a thunderously warm cyber-harpsichord, a liquid spume materialising over a dubscape of click-clack snap percussion as a sequenced bubble bass comes riding in, pinning dancing feet to the floor. Then the melodies come in. Everything Subeena touches is dosed in melody - the bass lines, the rhythms but most of all in the wide-eyed blissed out synth lines. Think early Orbital, ambient Aphex and countless hidden raves. 'Spectrums' pushes things forward several galaxies by summoning up bizarre feelings of monastic rave. After a brief abstract fade-in, it literally explodes with a Bach-like rushing meandering mainline over a 4/4 foundation before the beats start falling over themselves and what sounds like a gaggle of monks chanting from deep within a hard drive.
Title:Subeena EP
Label:Imminant Recordings
Following on from the release of the prodigiously talented Wagawaga's 'Goodbye Greens' EP, the new Imminent (formerly Immigrant) Recordings outing showcases the musical gifts of label co-owner Subeena, featuring three of her indomitable productions, including a track with Portuguese female MC Violet, alongside a remix of genre bending Mexican producer Pepepe, all of which have been greeted with widespread acclaim in both virtual and real worlds.