A Guy Called Gerald - Tronic Jazz The Berlin Sessions / 12"

A Guy Called Gerald

Tronic Jazz The Berlin Sessions

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genre: Electro/House
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Also by A Guy Called Gerald

Artist:A Guy Called Gerald
Title:Proto Acid: The Berlin Sessions 2
Label:Laboratory Instinct
Following the first critically acclaimed 'Proto Acid' album, the Berlin-based acid house innovator A Guy Called Gerald provided a taster for what to expect from the second instalment. 'Voltar' (Bring Da Rain mix) starts with shuffling drums and tribal beats, but as the track evolves, haunting sounds and Native American Indian chanting are gradually introduced. 'Voltar' builds and builds, reaching a filtered climax, and after it breaks down, tripped out bass lends a more DJ-friendly direction. The end result is an adventurous take on house music. 'Sweet You' (Bitter Mix) is an entirely different matter and shows that Gerald is still adept at crafting deep dance floor grooves. Subtle breaks and understated drums provide the basis for dreamy Motor City chords, a plunging, resonating bassline and old school piano keys. As its title suggests, 'Sweet You' is a beautifully evocative piece of music that'll appeal to the heart, head and feet.
Artist:A Guy Called Gerald
Title:Tronic Jazz The Berlin Sessions Vol 3
Label:Laboratory Instinct
Second in a series of four limited edition 12-inch singles constituting the vinyl release of A Guy Called Gerald's killer new album 'Tronic Jazz : The Berlin Sessions' - a powerful statement of intent that communicates more persuasively than ever Gerald's vision for techno in its third decade of existence. 'Tronic Jazz' follows a certain minimalist impulse, but it's far too lush ever to be mistaken for the dread "mnml" of recent years. This stuff is wide-eyed and full of life. When it funks, it funks hard, and when it smoothes out, it can be as intimate as a hand-written note left on a lover's pillow. Yet as "classic" in tone as 'Tronic Jazz' may be, it's no retro trip ... instead, Gerald uses the foundations of house and techno as a language of his own, and speaks volumes with them. This plate carries four tracks; A1. Iland A2. Just Soul B1. Round Eco B2. The Dip