Rob Sparx Vs Shackles - Cold Blooded / Serial Killer / 12"

Rob Sparx Vs Shackles

Cold Blooded / Serial Killer

12" |
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genre: Dubstep
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Also on Sour Grapes

Artist:John Maveric
Title:Number 1 Station / Badman Slick
Label:Sour Grapes
The 2nd release on Rob Sparx's new label Sour Grapes is newcomer John Maveric's first solo 12 which with a bit of Rob's engineering and Shane the Cutter's mastering sounds absolutely crisp! Number 1 Station is a peak set time full on heavy banger with a relentless killer "machine gun" bassline that keeps changing in sound and key to keep your attention backed up by some very smooth sounds on an old skool/ragga tip. Badman Slick is in a similar style but swaps the bass for a stomping grinding throb and adds more vocal and leads elements, the bassline also frequently switches between midrange and sub allowing the other elements of the tune to come through.
Artist:Twist Vs Torqux
Title:Razor / Unstoppable
Label:Sour Grapes
Cousins Twist & Torqux show their skills on their Sour Grapes debut. They already have a few releases under their belts most notably Torqux's "Relentless" on Wicky Lindows (WL01) with 16Bit's remix of the same tune. Razor is a full on banger with some techy elements that's ideal for a high point in a set whilst Unstoppable is a bit more unusual, a constantly evolving mashup of organic and digital sounds with a real squelchy electro feel.