Kontext - Falling To Weightlessness / Aeromonarchs Attacks / 12"


Falling To Weightlessness / Aeromonarchs Attacks

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genre: Electronica/IDM
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Description of Kontext Falling To Weightlessness / Aeromonarchs Attacks

With no genre classification standing in his way, Kontext delivers four tracks of bass-led electronica for Immerse over 2 discs. Kicking things off is the beautiful "Falling To Weightlessness", a skittering melodious foray into the lighter side of what is known as dubstep. Still maintaining a slightly sinister edge, this track is the epitome of balance with music as it walks a tightrope of emotion. Next up is the incredibly detailed "Aeromonarchs Attack", an intricate yet minimalist view of machine led dub. Subtle clicks and atmostpherics ride atop an undulating broken groove to create an absorbing, consuming track which begs for re-listens.

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Title:Plumes / Blinkende Stjerne
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"Plumes" follows, and adopts a machine funk meets deep house template. Frighteningly original, this track is a testament to the joys of fusion within electronic music and evokes memories of Detroit or Sheffield in their music heyday. Finally, Kontext rounds off the release with "Blinkende Stjerne" a walk into the extremely fertile techno-dubstep crossover territory which sidesteps cliche throughout to become a genuinely fascinating listen.