El B - Dirty EP / 12"

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Description of El B Dirty EP

The fabled Ghost crew and pioneering 2Step / Garage don El-B launch the first wax offering from Night Audio on this grimey four track set of snapped ghetto dubstep and rolling dark garage, each tune presenting a fantastic example of the versatility of the Ghost Records sound. Released in advance of his 'Nu Levels' album, El-B's 'Dirty' EP is a wall-to-wall guaranteed groove propellant, formulated to fire up the dance under any conditions, as well as providing a glimpse of the flickering flames in store from El-B and fellow Ghost cohorts Laze, Skolz, and Rolla. 'How U Like Dat' opens with a kick driven bass rush, it's "Ghost Is Back" hook-line acting as an emphatic statement of intent. 'Dirty Dirty' follows with a growling bass line and Rolla's titular exclamation that this is dirty indeed. 'This Thrill' reveals a production reminiscent of the deep garage days of yore, circa 2002, with pulsing bass line accentuated by Nico's lovely vocals, and the final track 'Dirty Flow' brings in the contrast of a winding guitar line over a punchy bass and a half step beat, as Rolla steps up again to deliver the hook. Mastered and cut with unerring precision by Jason at Transition Studio.

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