Ulrich Schnauss - Missing Deadlines - Selected Remixes / CD

Ulrich Schnauss

Missing Deadlines - Selected Remixes

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genre: Electronica/IDM
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Description of Ulrich Schnauss Missing Deadlines - Selected Remixes

Although strictly speaking a remix album, 'Missing Deadlines' sees Schnauss adopt the role of a master orchestrator or alchemist, rearranging and restructuring the songs of his contemporaries, as opposed to simply adorning each with throwaway beats-by-numbers. The record is a testament to Schnauss's unique aural vision, showcasing his undeniable grasp of heart-warming, heart-wrenching melody. Schnauss's telltale signiture sounds are present in each track - whether it be the ever-oscillating synth patterns, the rich, reverb-laden voices, or the euphoric beats - whilst simultaneously remaining true to the spirit of the originals. "Essentially what makes me really happy about this album is the fact that it's a selection of the - in my opinion - best mixes from a musical point of view, rather than a compilation of the commercially most succesful ones, or the tracks that have the biggest names associated with them. In all cases, the original songs are already great in their own right - which made it really inspiring to work with them." - Ulrich Schnauss

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