Lone - Joy Reel / Sunset Teens / 12"


Joy Reel / Sunset Teens

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genre: Electronica/IDM
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Description of Lone Joy Reel / Sunset Teens

Lone brings us 2 corkers on the 'Werks Disc's' series, hazy medoic tones with a hip bop beat, this is a must for fans of the electonic sounds that are remanisant of the mighty BoC.

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Artist:Various Artists
Title:Werk One
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Debuting in summer 2004, Werk carefully selected an array of unkown talent with which to launch their first assalut on record buying senses. Mixing a blend of influences from London grimey business through to Detroit beat-driven technoid re-constructions, electroid mayhem, nervously modified break mashups and padded bass-stab devastation - marvel at the wondrous cut-ups of Actress (the sound of Robocop's anaerobic workout routine on crack), Byte Stripes (a media revolution via the medium of 10/8 jungle - killerstyles), Ben Codec (algorhythms on toast and ash-tray muesli bezerkerisms), Cut Out (genetically modified fidget-hop), Mr. Lizard (made from a sample patch based on the contours of Noel Edmonds' mullet!) and Format.K (tonic for the anguish of a thousand ecstasy-ravaged bird-brains). A record with a beginning, middle, an end and even a nervous breakdown.