Junji Masayama - Green Circle EP / 12"

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genre: Electronica/IDM
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Description of Junji Masayama Green Circle EP

Melbourne based Junji Masayama swerves his debut Bearfunk release flying in from leftfield in the guise of his 'Green Circle' EP. It's a fine four tracker for which the adjective 'eclectic' was surely made. Smatterings of disco sensibilities, bleepy house, deep groove & squelching synths. Green Circle leads the pack with all its underground rhythms and chunky synths. Monotone Radio is a drum led wonk soundscape whilst Sponge Feet is one for the more uptempo alternative disco floors. Oyster rounds things off with more eclectic beats and disco-firefly darting keys. One for the varied tapestry that is Bearfunk.

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Artist:Ulysses & Filipsson
Title:Endless Take EP
Holmar Filipsson and Elliot Taub have once again got together again to produce a fine EP at Bearfunk. Both are New York City resisidents but Holmar is originally from Iceland. Holmar is a busy chap, what with running his Crack & Speed, and Thugfucker labels and appearing with Sasse in the Filipsson and Lindblad project. The music they make is pure Bearfunk, slick Disco grooves with high production values. First us is a remix of "The Endless" from Italian legend Alexander Robotnick. Here the layers are stripped back for a houseier dancefloor excursion while retaining that streak of Italian Robotnick flair. Hibernation track "Fluffy Amadeus" is next up, here displaying slickness and 80's inspired grooves. Over on the B-side "The Endless" weighs in at gargantuan 11.24 minutes. Some crisp sounding drum programming and filmic textures drive this atmospheric soundscape along. Plisskens groove rounds things off with some digital synth grooves, just like long lost track from the Optical Race era of late 80's Tangerine Dream.