Kutz - Drumz Of No Return / 12"


Drumz Of No Return

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genre: Dubstep
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Description of Kutz Drumz Of No Return

Some of you may not be familiar with the sound of this fresh new talent, but Kutz has been a busy bee deep in the studio producing tunes for some years now, some of which have been co-produced alongside his buddies Skream and Benga.

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Label:Soul Jazz
This is the second of two 12" from Kutz on Soul Jazz Records. 'Travelling' is a massive party banger with a heavy rolling hypnotic bassline, and not forgetting the B side, 'Static' is not one to be overlooked, massive shuddering bass bin trembler.

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Artist:Southside Steppers
Title:When She Moves / Super Storm Decay
Label:Soul Jazz
Twisted UK Dancehall/Dubstep bullet as Kingston MC's meet the sounds of South London in a soundclash style. One of three fresh Dubstep releases from Soul Jazz Records, Southside Steppers' heavyweight beats with the killer MC skills of 2-Ice and Junior Lawless that are reminiscent of both Skepta's grimey juggling artistry at the same time as adding a heavyweight Jamaican vibe to the dark, stepping rhythms.