Mike Lennon - Garibaldi / 12"

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genre: Electro/House
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Description of Mike Lennon Garibaldi

Detroit stabbed & glitchy bleep tech-house to minimal techno, Incl David Forbes Rmx (Deetox, Combined Force)

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Also by Mike Lennon

Artist:Mike Lennon
Title:Mechanism Test (With Riskotheque Remix)
Label:Dark Circles
Mike Lennon brings forth another slab of wax this time in an 'electro-step' stylee! Sharp, clinical beats covered in arcade style bleeps are under pinned by a massive sub bass. The Riskotheque remix on the flip is a much heavier affair with a screeching lead and enough crazy edits to keep even the shortest attention spanned listener engrossed.

Also on Blurred Vision

Artist:Gabriele Carasco / V.I.V.E.K.
Title:Adamant / V.I.V.E.K Remix
Label:Blurred Vision
Blurred Vision returns with a deep techy roller from Italian producer Gabriele Carasco, a rolling bassline to get you gurning on that dance floor with quirky stabs of acid. On the Flip V.I.V.E.K from On The Edge recordings turns in a bumper dubstep version, a must for all!