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Description of AM/TM Sleaze Please

San Francisco sleaze connoisseurs Anthony Mansfield and Tal M Klein are back with their sixth joint EP under the AM/TM moniker; entitled, appropriately enough, Sleaze Please. If you file this track under nu-disco (or nu-anything for that matter), we will find you and punch you in the perineum. This is Sleaze music, it's dirty and unapologetic and will melt people's faces off. The title track, Sleaze Please, is not a modest number. She will destroy your bassbins and kick you in the nuts. At last count this track features no less than 10 analog synthesizers you've never heard of and drum machines that were invented before you were born. This track is so heavy that when we put it on a scale our phone number showed up. A mystery man who called himself Heisse Scheisse clandestinely delivered a monster remix on reel to reel tape inside a bullet proof suitcase which also contained a latex banana hammock. After billions of dollars of research and vaccines, our detective team found out the man behind the Heisse Scheisse remix was none other than Nick Chacona. When we confronted him with our findings he said, "What the hell were you thinking with that bassline, I fixed your stupid mess and made a better track than the original." He then shot us in the knees with a Desert Eagle .50 and took off in a solar powered jetpack. The other original track on this EP is "U WANT 2" which basically repeats "you want to" until everyone gets naked and crazy. It's delicate like an elephant with rabies on PCP. We recommend this track to people who are tired of playing records that sound like broken records. It's big, it's bad, it'll make you glad.

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Without Her' is Tal M. Klein's first single from his upcoming Exhaustasuarus album due out sometime next year. We call it melancholy boogie, but you might call it slow disco, midtempo house, or just plain pretty music.

We've enlisted an array of musical talents to remix this track because there are so many different directions it could be taken.

Cosmic Boogie's remix adds a lot of oomf and heft. It has a house flare with latin bits and bobs that get deep and funky with the vibe, plus his trademark boogie bassline and keyboard riffs round out the package.

The Hardway Brothers channel Bobby Konders in their NuGroove take on the original. Their remix gets to the point quickly and doesn't let up. An acoustic dubbed out Mandelbrot set that stems from the original and builds a ladder from the dancefloor into outer space.
Label:Aniligital Music
Aniligital Music's previous collaboration with Six Degrees Records was Issa Bagayogo's incredibly well received Poye 12'. This time the two labels have joined forces with the band Brownout on a single from their album 'Aguilas and Cobras'. Slinky is a great example of a track that truly has it all: Latin disco horns, cosmic funk bass, and rock and roll guitars. What's not to love'.

On remix duties we've enlisted Tal M. Klein who comes correct with a 100 BPM disco thumper! Drawing upon the progressions of the original, Tal's remix channels the live instrumentation but brings it all together in a DJ-friendly format with big beats, disco claps, and syncopated percussion.

Anthony Mansfield brings the heat with a sweltering heavy disco groove on his remix. Using the original kicks but speeding up the tempo just enough to take things up to the next level, this remix really packs a punch. The Hector Works label founder does not disappoint!

CaZ is the latest creation of South City Allstars founder Chris Nicholson working in collaboration with Mike Zarin. The CaZ remix is all about the funk. Tight beats and dubbed out synths come together in a fun ass-shaking mix, add to that a half-time breakdown that builds back up into a tasty climax and you've got the perfect track to get the party started!
Artist:Tal M. Klein & Anthony Mansfield
Title:For Juan Five EP
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Aniligital Music is back at it with Anthony Mansfield and Tal M. Klein and their evil ways! Building upon the successes of their previous collaborations, the villainous duo raises the stakes and take things deeper with this enigmatically titled three tracker.

Ciento Ocho is Spanish for 108, the tempo of the first track on the EP. A creepy crawly builder with 8-bit roots that culminate in a HUGE funk breakdown with an insidious bass hook (If you have any doubt,just fast forward 3 minutes into the track)

Next up is Desayuno en Timpanis which we think means Breakfast At Timpanis in Spanish. Needless to say this ones heavy on the percussive elements, including of course lots and lots of timpani drums. Desayuno en Timpanis gets going pretty quickly and doesnt let up. Check the flanged upright bass breakdown for extra bigness! Purely non-stop huge sound system busting dancefloor action.

Speaking of floor fillers, have we shown you our tiger bomb Bomba de Tigre is the definitely the deepest track on the EP, but lest Anthony and Tal rest on the laurels of their 808 kicks and 303 basslines, this Tigre is a stalking beast that explodes in a vicious classic house attack!
Artist:Tal M. Klein
Title:Crawlin Up The Spout
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Kicking things off in 2009, Aniligital Music presents a new groove from Tal M. Klein. "Crawlin Up The Spout" is a 112 BPM funk bouncer with disco and broken beat flavors. The track builds to an intoxicating licensed vocal loop from Tony Joe White's swamp-funk classic "Stud-Spider". Good for both head nodding and bottom shaking, "Crawlin Up The Spout" is a flexible track beneficial to bags of DJ's specializing in funk, disco, and broken beat. The first remix is by Japanese beats luminary ALTZ. With releases on both DFA and Bear Funk under his belt, the man's style hardly needs any introduction. ALTZ's remix is a long deep disco funk journey with intoxicating rhythms and synths. Next up, from a man with over 20 years experience as a musician in various forms, KidGusto's remix draws from his many influences to create an intricate and moving, but most importantly funky remix. His rub is a testament to the TrueGrooves sound with heavy funk breaks, scratches, and tasty twists and turns that are sure to own the dancefloor. The third remix on the 12" is by rising Belgian superstar Zamali. He made a name for himself on both the blog scene and in the DJ community for his trademark soulful boots with Motown flavor. Zamali's remix is a sweet balearic funk groove perfect for dusk sets.O232
Artist:Tal M. Klein & Anthony Mansfield
Title:Prevent Bad Music Ep
Label:Aniligital Music
That's right folks: Only you can PREVENT BAD MUSIC. And you can start doing just that by dropping this record. Another explosive monster three tracker from the villainous minds of Klein & Mansfield that brought you Unicorn In The Garden and Ciento Ocho.

The Prevent Bad Music EP kicks off with Cankle. A cankle is a sight common among the morbidly obese; The point at which one is so obese that there is no thinning of the leg between the calf and the ankle, which creates a sense of fusion between the two. And this track is so obese and fat we can't tell you where the dub disco ends and where the sleaze house begins, they're fused! Let's just say it's an obese floor filler and leave it at that.

Then it's Time To Go Back, a burner with syncopated vocals and a big funky bottom dressed up in lots of that left leaning disco tomfoolery you've come to expect from AM/TM. Dirty synths build the harmonic progression towards a huge climax and then send you off on a walk of shame like a good lover should. This track is the cure for your DJ bag's not-so-fresh feeling.

Closing out the EP is Sleaze Island your new favourite vacation destination! The track pretty much revolves around the cozy phatness of a Korg MS-20 bassline with airy arpeggiated synths, heavy disco action, tribal percussion, and lots of big bottomed fun and frolics.
Artist:Tal M. Klein
Title:Rubs & Remixes V.2
Label:Aniligital Music
After releasing and touring with his Plastic Starfish project, Tal M. Klein is now working on new projects such as 'The Sly Players' with Slim from Goodgroove and 'The Disco Builders' with Deepcuts and Hilly of The Hotness. But we found a bunch of unreleased remixes both by and for Tal in our vaults and worked to put together an amazing package of fresh TMK beats to funk up your world. Starting things off we've got two unreleased Tal M. Klein remixes for two fantastic tracks: First Tal rubs Da Wiesel's Goodgroove classic 'Boogaloo Stomp' with big soul drums and a disco bassline. Did we say disco? Well, the K'BONUS dancefloor epic 'Uh Yeah' gets Tal's disco dub rub with sick percussive solos and tasty keyboard riffs. Next up, CMC & Silenta of Manmade dial up the funk with their heavy remix of Tal's 'Crawlin Up The Spout' featuring Penny on the mic and some crazy live instrumentation. On the B-side we feature all three unreleased remixes of 'Brincando el Tiburon' by funky beat luminaries such as Valique who brings Moscow's IskraDisco! crew to deliver the deepest groove on the record, and Basement Freaks who treats the original with straight up mellow funk flavors, and last (but not least) is Mash & Munkee's super blaxploitation inspired funk breaks remix!