Spam Chop - The Cuckup EP / 12"

Spam Chop

The Cuckup EP

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genre: Dubstep
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Description of Spam Chop The Cuckup EP

Spam Chop, more sensibly known as Lukas Cole, has been a long serving proprietor of wonky, complex and intricate music, or as Mary Anne Hobbs described it when she showcased his music on Radio 1, "rude boy techno". As head honcho of the aurally inspiring and visually sumptuous Wigflex label, club night and clothing line, Lukas has been pushing other people's tunes on vinyl for over five years now. So, the ever-timely collective at MiMM have decided enough is enough and it's about time the left-of-centre techno producer brought his own tunes to the table. Title track 'Cuckup' operates in the realms of the cinematic, with stunning chords dripping and bending their way through a soft terrain that is only interrupted by percussion which scuttles the track forward like little cracks of white noise. On the backside, there's the dancefloor-driven duo of 'Blergzz' and 'Frames'.The former is the most tub-thumping and industrial tune of the EP with distorted garage vibes, an air of Blawan, and a raw pulsating bassline, which has already proved itself a veritable destroyer given its limited airings in public thus far. 'Frames' has the influence of Lukas' healthy fascination of German techno written all over it. Reminding you that you're still all there, the friendly 4/4 kick grounds you in actuality, whilst the analogue monster synth, which rears its head throughout (much like to Caribou's anthem 'Ye Ye') makes you pleased to find you're not quite in reality either. Ultra-limited pressing of 200 copies only on coloured vinyl.

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