Skuge - Tubed EP / CD

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genre: Electronica/IDM
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Description of Skuge Tubed EP

Skuge is Hugues Croibien, a 30 year old Belgian electronic music producer who brings a whole new level of detail, sounds and expression to the current underground bass music movement. Seen live alongside some of the scene's most respected producers including Kanji Kinetic, Mustard Gunn, Ebola and Subjex, SkŁge certainly has a unique and powerful sound you will struggle to find elsewhere. Imagine this... inspiration from the micro-edit, mash-up ways of breakcore, combine it with ragga and reggae vibes and then play it out through a towering sound system in an '80s video game arcade. An awesome concoction of well produced beats, blips and melodies enabling you to take control of any dance floor, get the most concerted beat diggers head-nodding as well as defeat that end of level boss! The opening track 'Runn On A Band' will take any current beatstrumental and permanently overwrite it with addictive head-nodding vibes. 'Mesecina' brings on the broken but flowing beats with an 8-bit, snake-charming lead. 'Katerish' lifts the pounding rhythm to the next level with it's dancehall beat, evolving and rumbling bassline and retuned rave hoovers. 'Robotator Kinely Abstract' brings a collapsing bit-crunched beat and chipped-out bass and lead, sure to make people pull all the shapes on the dance floor. 'Billy Hillys' takes over the club with its 4/4 percussion, driving yet stuttered kick drum and micro-edit bass. 'Gambula' drops the amens in to the mix to great effect with an amazing and complex combined bass and lead. 'Grieg' uses a clever bassline reworked from the Inspector Gadget theme tune and finally 'Mario' is the well-known Nintendo game theme tune with an awesome AFX-esque bouncing ball drum pattern. This release will be a strictly limited 100-copy CD with screen printed fold out poster-sleeve and digital download code.

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