Coleco - Martyr EP / 12"

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Description of Coleco Martyr EP

Orientis Records is a 2011-born label setting out to introduce new deeper and emotive dimensions to dubstep and other bass musics, by working with artists already breaking the surface, and seeking out underplayed talents that deserve the limelight. This debut EP was first released in January, and is now available exclusively from Cargo. Bristolian Coleco is widely becoming known as a pioneer in melodic genre-bending, bass driven music. He initially set dance floors alight with his post-dubstep/heavy funk crossover 12" début 'Campfire Funk' on Soul Motive, and as the evolving sub-genres of dubstep continue to cross-pollinate with other sounds, Coleco sets new standards of multi-genre influenced dubstep on this four track EP. Title track 'Martyr' is a pan-Asian influenced, funky breaks driven number. Building an introduction with spacious, floating sitar and flute lines, it wakes the listener from meditation with a colossal drum break unexpectedly dropping in, soon bringing all the elements from the intro back into context coupled with a pounding sub-layered acoustic double bass. 'Morbid Curiosity' takes a classic live funk break to the operating table, twists it up half-time style, and stitches on a roaring sub-bass that's surgically designed to tear bass bins apart, creating an evolving monster that's ripped through the walls of a few dance floors already. 'Taostic' offers a chance to recover and groove to its Dub-Eastern crossover, weaving in and out of dreamy flute and female vocal melodies, whilst ambient guitar licks, dubwise sub-bass, and warm retro drums drive the whole thing forward. Finally, 'Aether' opens up with dark and gritty haunting atmospherics and filters in moody offbeat Guhzeng stabs, deep sine waves, and a pounding breakbeat, eventually exploding into a crescendo of double time drums, bringing to EP to a heavy funk finale.

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