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Description of Code 3 What You Sayin?

Fresh for the summertime shine is yet more goodness from camp Critical with a diamond dubplate burner straight out of the Code 3 studio. The production trio made up of SP:MC, Jubei and Dakuan show their pedigree for CRIT055 with two slabs of almost retro D&B that could only have come been from scene stalwarts like these. Quality through and through. 'What You Sayin' runs out with simple two-tone chords and a staggered break to ease us into this creeping cut of subtle but definitely dangerous drum & bass. Snapping snares roll out, sub thuds from beneath as the gnawing b-line wrestles its way to throughout rearing its head then ducking beneath the surface only for the smooth keys to return to the mix. A classy piece of contrasting moods that'll sit perfectly on the Critical collector's shelf. Over the page 'Double Dipped' intros with another big break and spooky, quizzical pads and a winding double-bass that weaves its way in gently to the drop. Perhaps reminding of the Full Cycle and Talkin' Loud golden era this one is a hard-stepping, funked up track that'll have the floors calling for the reload. Awesome! DJ support from Hype, Friction, Jubei, Fabio, Marky, Kasra, S.P.Y. and many more.

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Super limited white label hand stamped promo. Rockwell's rise to prominence as a rare, distinctive talent has been exciting the electronica music circuit the world over. Critical, thankfully, being the trusty forefront for all things audio-aesthetically delicious, presents the 'Aria EP' ? 4 tracks of sound sublime, exemplifying Rockwell's refreshing angle on energy in the club combined with the characteristic, meticulously playful technicals, precise and thrilling as ever. The charmingly rustic intro of 'Aria' unleashes striking Flinstones-esque wooden triplets, scaling the track as stirring vocals weave through; haunting and uplifting at once, the title-track exudes sheer class. Slightly more buoyant, 'Live For The Moment' infuses an energetic tempo with profusions of ear-carressing funk and those ever-characteristic percussive twists ? naughty all over. Swiftly plunged into apocalyptic darkness, the Ulterior Motive boys take a sinister liking to 'Noir'. Distinctly menacing and genuinely frightening, what better to bully the atmosphere than Hell-raising bass and staccato violins. Listen out for the breakdown bass ? horrific and enriching, this track is dark by Devil's definition. Icing on the cake collaboration with underground legend Untold comes in the form of 'Rehoku Sunrise', a tribal earthy worldly masterpiece of running drums and raw, wild samples, glazing the soul in bliss. Bellissimo.
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