Title:Gold Tooth Grin
Artist:Low Limit VS Lando Kal
Title:The Golden Handshake EP
Like a live transmission from the party you wish you were at, the 'Golden Handshake' EP is the d?but release on Numbers, showcasing the considerable talents of Low Limit and Lando Kal (aka Lazer Sword). In Lazerland, no genre is an island; each merges with every electronic form in a stylistic melting pot, so that hip hop swagger, bitcrushed synths, Oizo-esque funk and bowel-worrying subs mock any preconceived notion of purity. Opener '3D Action Jackson' emerges like a squashed house apparition, morphing into a half-speed arpeggiated symphony. Elsewhere, Drexciyan lead lines ghost ride atop a crunked out slo-mo funk chassis, and rigidly sparse Neptunes percussion provides ample backbone for the sleazy flesh of melody. Six tracks of goalpost-shifting dynamite, so hot the wax is melting.