la madame avec le chien

Artist:Animals On Wheels
Label:La Madame Avec Le Chien
After almost ten years of silence, ex-Ninja Tune allstar Animals On Wheels is back, on new Belgian imprint La Madame Avec Le Chien, with a none-more-fresh five track EP of the finest IDM-flavoured bass weight, twisting and abusing dubstep templates in a variety of experimental constructions. Opener 'Ball' is - relatively speaking - the most direct of the quintet, with complex rhythms clicking and chattering through growling sub-bass swells and glitch-laden breakdowns, Not exactly a straight ahead dancefloor track, its hard beats still provoke a certain jerky physical impulse. 'Seeing In The Dark' and 'Nonturn' both then further explore the possibilities of ultra-low frequencies as a backdrop to refined electronic edits, before the b-side commences with the ominous 'Dummy', which uses foundation-troubling bass to set the tone for a metallic and chilling six minute deep-space horror soundtrack. Signalling the end of the trip, 'Gloat' ebbs and flows and bursts and decays like an abstract free jazz reconstruction of randomised elements of the preceeding four tracks, picked apart and put back together by a troubled mind intent on troubling others. An extraordinary 26 minute journey though dark and uncharted bass zones, limited to 500 copies in stylish thick card jacket.