Title:Heeb Hoop / Swing Along
Every now and again an artist comes along with the firepower to genuinely shake up a scene. As anyone who has heard his storming productions with fellow Spaniard Kultur will know, Colombo is one of those producers. Heep Hoop, which heads up his new release on iBreaks, is a genuine "oh my gosh" moment, a funk-fuelled peaktime bomb with a 303 line to have em reaching for the lazers. On the flip, Swing Along is a more laidback affair, harking back to the early days of nu skool breaks, with plenty of spacious sounds, atmospherics, blips and gnarly bass tones. Both tracks are immaculately produced, essential purchases for any discerning DJ with a taste for supremely classy breakbeats.
Artist:Digital Base
Title:Radio Magnetic 2 / The Father
Here it is the first sampler extracted from the forthcoming Digital Base "Digital Era". This will be the very first album released on iBreaks Records ever, after 55 Singles and 1 compilation in the labels History. We think is about the time for some of our most representative artists to step up the game, and this is why they have programmed some LPs to be released in 2010. This Sampler also brings quite a substantial change in Digital Bases style, coming back to the Breakbeat Essence and giving us two absolute bangers which will please everybody who loves Breakbeat music....
Artist:Access Denied
Title:Publicity / Turbobeat
Brand new decade for iBreaks Records and here we come with a brand new signing for all iBreaks lovers, which surely is going to make you very happy.

After finishing up with what has been our best year so far in 2009, we're now ready to step things up a gear and consolidate in 2010 as one of the very best Breaks brands out there.

In our 28th release we give a very warm welcome to a brand new signing to iBreaks, no other than the Belarusian duo Access Denied.

Kickin' off with their Part 1 in the brand new EP Access Granted, is clear from the very first bar of the first track that Access Denied is not here to see how things happens but to make them happen themselves.

The two original tracks from Access Granted Ep Part 1 are Publicity and Turbobeat. You wouldn't dare to ask for a bigger dose of bass on these two tracks with absolute tweaked beats and arrangements, perfect tunes to blow a dancefloor or two away.

Oldshool leads and hits, perfectly crafted tech drum patterns and their distinctive minimal influenced style all wrapped together as only Access Denied can do.

On the flip Access Denied gets their hands dirty with a rework from one of the most successful BSD tracks up to date ''Funkdation''. Expect nothing but an absolute anthem which will be inside your dj box for a long time...

All together a brutal first release from Access Denied. Get yourself ready for what's coming after this one, Access Denied artist revelation for 2010? Watch this space!
Artist:Bass Star Dos (BSD)
Title:Compute / You Must Find The Strength
BSD is surely one of the biggest new act in the breaks scene, coming from totally unknown just a few months back to be consistently hitting top positions in charts in every single release they put out. This release is no exception and is called to be sitting in every N.1 position of every breakbeat chart out there. Compute and You Must Find Strength are two absolute breakbeat gems which will simply leave you speechless. A very mature release which sees how BSD get their production level even higher and tighter... Can they get any better than this? Watch out for their next release coming after this one!!
Artist:Digital Base
Title:Behold / Turn Me Out
riskotheque - After the success of audio freaks five (Just You & Dream State) Riskotheque is back with another sonic assault on the senses! With growling synth leads and epic beats this is a must have release! Quantum soul - On the other side of another t
Artist:Freeflow 45
Title:Furball / Shift & Shock
Loaded with some serious amount of originality funkiness and most important high octane energy, Freeflow 45 delivers Furball, a track which surely will make some damage in the dancefloor, putting together a high amount of different influences to form this piece of art.. Best track from the man himself without a doubt. If energy is what u like, just get down to the flip Shift & Shock, an immense belter, with heavy beats and bass, which fits perfectly in this iBreaks sublabel.
Artist:Digital Base
Title:Don't Get tired
Spanish Producer Andy Base (AKA Digital Base) puts out a fine iBreaks groovy roller of a release that builds all the way through. Flip it for a old school influenced track.