Artist:Starting Teeth
Title:The Way Of The Intercepting Fist
Inspired by the Bruce Lee film of the same name, new five track EP 'The Way Of The Intercepting Fist' from Starting Teeth (aka Hrdvsion & Hopen) once again draws listeners into their off-balanced beatscape universe. Opener 'Weapons' features Oakland's versatile, bad-ass suburban rap queen K.Flay, who offers a killer interpretation of a wistful laidback stuttering hyphy cut with floating pads. Then comes 'Venom' and its mischievous sonic shrapnel, designed via super-editing techniques to assist you in reaching the very limits of consciousness, followed by Hrdvsion's remix of 'Weapons', with a booming thump beat and catchy melody made to emphasis the bounce at the heart of the tune. The flipside carries two new and exclusive remixes from ST's astonishing 'I Won't Do Anything I Can Do' debut album. With a westward wind, San Francisco's renowned genre abusing leftfield house producer Dave Aju re-edits 'Burn The Roof Tropical' into something tailor-made for a sweating dancefloor. Finally, cult London eclecticist and Nathan Fake's DJ partner Vincent Oliver serves an acid-fried mental techno remix of 'xxDone', tripping through darkness before bursting back into the light. 500 copy limited edition.