alphabet set

Artist:Deviant & Native Ted
Title:Beauty / Shoes Not Not
Label:Alphabet Set
Plug-ins, VSTs, MIDI-controllers, laptops. All lovely little toys that make modern music-making a whole heap easier and cleaner, but it ain't worth squat unless the person making the music has something important to say in the first place. Thus, it's refreshing to see someone take the bumpier road towards composition these days, not content to let a computer do all the hard work. Enter Deviant/Naive Ted, a true veteran of all things turntable and scratch related, who drops this debut 7" on Dublin's mighty Alphabet Set label.

While current trends in the field have producers whacking off to their J-Dilla shrines and then banging out anonymous off-time beats, this release has intense dedication and individual eccentricity slapped all over it. A bit like the old tales told by the wandering blues-man, only strapped with a Vestax deck instead of a trusty ol' six string. There's a definite message being put across, it's just that its delivered through the cut-up samples and words of his heroes from yesterday and beyond. 'Look at the stillness...look at the quiet...look at the discipline...look at the BEAUTY.'
Label:Alphabet Set
Donal and John have been producing music under this name for two years. Their live shows are driven by heavy bass and drums processed by a system of their own construction. Song structures, tempos and rhythms are improvised on the fly. This allows for reactive performances based on context; chaotic parties inform chaotic renditions of songs, quieter affairs see a quieter musical return. This double A side 10" from the Irish duo melds abrasive electronic polyrhythms onto a heavy sub bass that drives the tracks relentlessly,Lord feels epic, it builds tension from the opening bar and delivers an ending that will bring dance floors to meltdown. Block with its caustic synths and ultra tight drum programming is more subtle but just as heavy.