Urban Graffiti

Artist:Reso / Orien / Lohan
Title:Metal Slug / Decaying Corpse / Dawning
Label:Urban Graffiti
URBAN GRAFFITI was formed in 2005 by founding members Rogue Star, D-Man and H.O.D of Urban Collective. The sole aim was to help push the sounds that were breaking new grounds to the ears of the people. The first release saw a trio of serious tracks from the well reputed 'Slaughter Mob' who helped support Urban Collective through their course of representing within the scene. This marked the beginning of what would become a never ending endeavour to push good, solid music that can stand the test of time, and cross genres through the eyes and ears of the artists producing them, yet still hold their own within dubstep, the place they were born to grow. The scenes early years were raised on experimentation, limitless possibilities of interpreting a sound but still keeping a couple of basic principles to help merge all these elements to form one entity. "This is What we are all about at U.G. We will continue to represent what we consider to be exceptional music for as long as it takes."
Artist:Rogue Star / Takamo
Title:Orbiting Genesis / Death In The Stratosphere
Label:Urban Graffiti
This time round label boss Rogue Star is joined on the release by none other than takamo from Finland!

Takomo is a music production unit formed by Pekka Kokkonen and Otto Hassinen, two fine Finnish young men from Finland. Their roots lie somewhere in dark and futuristic drum'n'bass of the late 90's, but since starting out in 2002 the two have gotten their hands dirty with the various flavours of breakbeat and dubstep.

The boys have been releasing music on labels like Fusetrax, Botchit Breaks, Trans:verse and Destructive recordings and those releases have been supported by the likes of Annie Nightingale, Tayo, Jay Cunning and Baobinga. Recently their track was picked by Mr No Hands to be the "breaks tune of the month" for Mixmag UK.

One could describe their music with words such as cold and futuristic without being too wrong. Takomo's productions usually balance somewhere in between dark and light, with emphasis on hard hitting beats and basslines, but also on detailed atmospherics you can literally sink into. Sometimes the nerds also crawl out from their bedroom studios to provide a careful selection of breaks and dubstep, with a touch of electro, techno and glitch.
Artist:Horizons Of Darkness / Shapes And Colours
Title:Impure Thoughts / Times Like These
Label:Urban Graffiti
Horizons Of Darkness come in with a bouncy, upbeat track with a sample you are bound to recognise. Flip it for a synthy, bass ridden rumbler.
Artist:Reso / Elemental
Title:Onsen / Shiner
Label:Urban Graffiti
Two killer cuts which have been much delayed by some pressing issues. Now it's finally back in and ready to rock, some classic Reso action and a wicked track from the main man Adam Elemental!
Artist:Reso & Roguestar/Toasty Boy
Title:No Such Thing As Fate / Live Life Feel It
Label:Urban Graffiti
Floaty synths, bad ass bass, Reso & Roguestar have delivered it again with one of our most played tracks here in Boxdub HQ ...