Title:On A Highway To Saturn
It's been 18 months since Nang release, D-Pulse's "More". Nestled on that release was an extra EP track called "Highway To Saturn". Much to our delight it turned out to be a bit of a gem. When it featured on the TIRK 02 and Kitsune Ponystep / Jerry Bouthier compilations we knew we were all onto something. (Cue the overdrive and the interstellar vocal.) Slovenian-based, US singer, Hannah Mancini, provides those cosmic vocals, ably recorded by Sare Havlicek in sunny Ljubljan.

After a sly re-titling of the track (to avoid confusion with the original the name has been extended to "On A Highway To Saturn") it's on to the obligatory over-the-top Nang remix package...First up is a new version from D-Pulse for those long summer nights. Their "Australian Shore Reversion" mix slows down the groove to a balmy evening by Noosa shores pace. Space-rock, guitar solos, smouldering synths and lazy rhythms all combine to make this one for the beach house.

Sare Havlicek adds a couple of mixes of his own. Keeping things hi-energy he goes for the disco jugular with his trademark stabby synths and tight production. Nang newcomers, Proper Heat, strip things back and go for a slow-grooving Baltic-disco chugger. Rounding off the remix package is Japanese based Jan Ken Po (aka Max Essa). He delivers a dance floor friendly version with a big and bold walking bass riff and tasteful synths.
Artist:Various Artists
Title:Nang Presents: The Array Vol 1

Its one year on from our decision to start our new record label, Nang. Despite reaching hitting new levels in the pecuniary sensibility department, we have an upcoming schedule full of some of the most amazing music.

Much in the way our Daddy label Tirk produces its best-of / new&cool compilation range TIRK01, TIRK02 etc... we have followed suit. 'The Array' is a new series of all that is great in Nang world.

A big part of 2009 for us was the Space project. We've spent some of the craziest and most entertaining evenings with JP Iliesco Space head-honcho through the year... It would have been sacrilegious to open up with any other tune. Here is Magic Fly (for the last time we promise).

Slovenian Sare Havlicek is one of the aforementioned upcoming highlights, he is studio bound but his laid back groove 'Lazy Summer' slinks in as track two. Next up are Balearic brothers Foto with their sultry, rolling-moroder-bass smoocher. UK based Phelps lightens proceedings with his whimsical synths and irrepressibly happy synth-disco, 80's groover.

Scene cool-cat Toby Tobias is next up with his floor led stomper 'Rock You Will'. Manchester housers Weekender follow things with the olfactory titled 'Danny Pong' (no we don't know who that is either). Label uber-pals Sugardaddy present their Ilya Santana re-rub of Love Honey and Tony Underground includes his 'Omission'.

Genre-chameleon Pete Gooding and cool customer Chris Coco pair up for the next track, 'Night Dance' winging its Balearic-disco way to full release in the late Spring. Weighing in on the disco-legend-ometer Beppe Lodas MC1 project is next, Counter is all soaring synths and italo groove. We slow things down to round off with the exclusive 'Flip Flop' from Sorcerer and the haunting, down-tempo, smoulder of 'Power Of Prayer' from Ricardo Jefferson & Very Jon.
Artist:Architek / Sare Havlicek / King DJ
Title:From John Carpenter
Amongst musicians, filmmaker John Carpenter receives admiration, respect and kudos like few others. Aside from the string of great films he has directed (Halloween, Escape From New York, Dark Star to name but a few) he is one of the few directors to compose and record the music for the films he makes. Things open up with Architeqs take on the John Carpenter killer-car thriller theme 'Christine'. The Scotsman using moody analog synth pads, menacing effects and some fine drumming to maximum effect. Next up, Slovenian Sare Havlicek synths-up 'Pork Chop Express' one of the choice tracks from 1986s Big Trouble In Little China. Big pads, big riffs and big oscillators all the way. Belgian King DJ goes for the jugular-catchy lead line of 1981s 'Escape From New York'. The most Italian of producers we know; Bottin, also adds his Italo sheen to proceedings.
Artist:Various Artists
Title:Nang Presents : The Array Vol 1
From the upcoming Array compilation on newcomer disco grovoid label Nang, here they pick 4 of the most vinyl friendly tracks. Things open up with a classic, "Magic Fly" from French, astro-disco pioneers Space. Here in its newly re-mastered fuller form.

Next up is Slovenian based Ichisan and Nakova getting nu disco with their electric bass swingfest "Pionir". Things get really interesting half way through with spy-like picked electric guitar lines.

Things stay Slovenian for "White Russian (Lazy Summer)" from in-demand, one-man-analog-synth-museum Sare Havlicek. Here his guitarist Rob comes all over Barry White for a 80's laden disco funk romper.

Foto (Plastic 'Enzo' Fantastic and Kevin 'DOP' Swain) don their Baleric Disco hat for "No Protection". Cowbell and rolling bass synth underpin, moody pads & Tnisha Johnson's sulty vocal.