Roland Massey aka Roland from North Carolina, USA makes his vinyl debut with "Clunka" featuring remix support from Rob Sparx, Cyrus, and Roommate. On the A-side, Roland's original cut kicks off with a subtle melody and playful percussion, soon erupting into a wave of distorted polyrhythms and pulsing sub. Rob Sparx strips the melody with his remix, intertwining some of his filthiest sounds to date colored with eerie textures. First on the B-side is Cyrus with his deeper cut, utilizing the melody and vocal sample to the fullest against his brooding beat, which evolves into an epic second drop. Roommate then layers thick sub wobble in his version with an intense buildup and cleverly crafted LFO patterns that beautifully compliment the offset beat. Different breeds of dubstep from around the globe come together here making this a release not to be missed!