Hoya: Hoya

Artist:Various Artists
Title:Sweat The Descent
Label:Hoya: Hoya
Two and a half years after the conception of the club night, Illum Sphere and Jonny Dub launch their Hoya:Hoya label. Releasing exclusive music by artists who have played at the night, which happens fortnightly at seminal Manchester basement, The Roadhouse. Simply reading the list of past guests will provide an insight into the variety of music forthcoming on the imprint. The first split 12/ download is a purely family affair though, featuring the three producing residents, Illum Sphere, Lone and Krystal Klear.

Starting things of is co-founder Illum Sphere, with Sweat The Descent. A trip that was intended to be a take on UK Funky, which veered off to the left, and ended up being inspired by House as much as Disco, mutated into a sound that is characteristically hard to define by genre as any other of his releases.

The flip begins with Lones Let The Music Play, flexing the early sounds of Chicago House blended with the sounds of 90s rave, but done in such a way that only Matt Cutler can do. His recent releases on Actress Werk Discs and his own Magic Wire labels should let you into the world that this new Hoya recruit is going.

Rounding things off is Krystal Klear, modern boogie resident in chief. Persuaded Me is at home at LA summer parties, such as The Do Over as it is in a sweaty Manchester basement. Heavily influenced by 80s boogie, but treated with the respect only a real fan could, and brought oh-so up to date.