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Ten Letters (CD + DVD) front
Title:Ten Letters (CD + DVD)
Label:Creative Space

Spyros Polychronopoulos aka Spyweirdos is arguably the best known contemporary Greek experimental electronic producer, with five previous albums to his name since 2003, who has collaborated with or been remixed by some of today's most important sound artists, including Alva Noto, Funckarma, Octex, Hecq, B. Fleischmann, Ollie Olsen, Traject, and Murcof. At present he is completing a PhD on acoustics and noise control. 'Ten Letters' is the follow up to last year's thematically-related 'Ten Numbers', itself an album based on field recordings with very tense parts. 'Ten Letters' is his most abstract work by far with distorted fields and high frequencies creating the melodic elements, taking the pair of "Ten" concept recordings on to a different level.

Also included is a DVD of 10 short films created to accompany the respective CD tracks, in the same mood as the audio with abstract layers and landscapes building geometrical shapes.

In parallel with 'Ten Numbers', 'Ten Letters' develops emotional sonic landscapes from a combination of minimal glitch electronica and acoustic instrumentation, eschewing Spyweirdos' previous flirtation with 4x4 beats and minimal techno, and instead focussing on depth of sound and atmosphere with smart transitions from acoustic to electronic sound collages. This marriage of acoustic and digital electronic takes place with extreme virtuosity, with the result being full of contradictions, bringing in mind the transition between day and night, hope and desperation, something obvious also through the videos which oscillate between black and white, light and darkness. The landscape is at times familiar, at others unknown and distant, a point where past and future meet... a most mature work, taking the listener through paths which lead sometimes to the sentimentality of electronica, and at others to the awe of academic electroacoustic music. Post-production by Murcof.

Track details:

1. s
2. w
3. r
4. e
5. p
6. o
7. y
8. i
9. d
10. s

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Birting front
Label:Creative Space
Traject is the working name of Icelandic minimal ambient techno and electroacoustic experimental composer Gisli Thor Gudmundsson, whose only previous solo release was the 2004 mini-album 'Strengir Hrynja' on Zurich label spezial material, a record which won favourable comparisons to Autechre, Gescom and Ken Ishii. Igloo Magazine described Traject's work as "slow dancing to geological time shifts where epochs are compressed down into sonic history lessons and the pop and click of shifting rock evolves alongside the hiss and hum of changing weather and lunar wave patterns", while The Wire said "this superb debut is a small masterpiece of abstract, deep sea techno, recalling the golden moments of 90s Intelligent Dance Music... there's an immense sonic depth and range on display in these pieces, a hyperreal opulence that makes for an experience almost too delicous to indulge in without feeling guilty. Now joining Ceative Space, his first full album is one of the most ambitious releases yet for the adventurous Athenean label. Offering 14 tracks of ice cold electronics, ritualistic ambient techno and obscure rhythmical experiments, 'Birting' is seriously some of the most epically impressive left-field electronica to be heard in recent years.

Track details:

1. Penrose
2. Bjart er yfir
3. Umkringdur/Umsatur
4. Hvergi
5. Mistur
6. Samkoman
7. 0718
8. Doom and siesta time
9. Metropolis
10. The horns are gone
11. Campfire scene
12. Stalomur
13. Eg sofna

Title:Techrishe EP
Label:Creative Space
Although a newcomer to the dubstep scene, Ekelon has managed to capture much attention even before his first release. With support from DJs of the calibre of Headhunter, Joe Nice, and Mary Anne Hobbs, Ekelon's dubplates have already shaken dancefloors from Athens to London to New York. This debut 12" features the twin peaks of 'Techrishe' and 'Techrine', two tracks written as a homage to a certain very influential electronic duo, merging warped electronica and dubstep flavours with unbelievable skill and production values. 'Techrische' uses dubstep's busy syncopation and crushing bass in a drifting exprimental techno context, in the process constructing a ghostly lo-tempo soundscape. 'Techrine' is a brighter exploration of the same themes, opting for stately veils of synth strings to provoke a sense of new growth emerging from the booming low-tempo beats. By contrast, Detroit techno influences '7th Soul', with the kind of complex rhythmic drive that could easily see it crossing the margins into into the "funky" camp despite it's lower bpms. Saving the best for last, the closing cut finds Norwich bass-hero Sully on the remix, giving '7th Soul' a tight garagey feel, clearly recalling the golden era of Horsepower Productions and El-B's early pace-setters.
Artist:Parsons / Fragile
Title:Into The Night / Night Of The Hunter
Label:Creative Space
Four track EP of clear musical contrasts, united by an equally clear passion for the power of low end. A-side brings two doses of woofer-beating vibes from Planet Mu's Texan representative Parson, kicking off with 'Invasion', a superheavyweight block of dark rolling basslines, earth-shaking sub-tones and immense beats. 'Night Of The Hunter' steps onto more metallic and atmospheric ground, driven by a ramping-up bass pulse and intricate offbeat rhythms, while strange sci-fi effects and a disembodied voice intoning "the soul remains evil" create an effect not unlike Shackleton's 'Blood On My Hands' on performance enhancing drugs. On the flip, newcomer Fragile balances Parson's thunderous pressure with a pair of cuts which, although with a deeper and more melodic feel, are still straining under the weight of their low frequency oscillations. 'Infinity' uses delicate Burial-esque filtered voice samples, echoing flute loops, an insistent snare rattle and simple synth figures to decorate a subtly evocative tune which sweeps along on shuddering ultrabass waves. The kind of track made to bring a moment of jawdropping astonishment to the dance before the crowd plunges right back into the enveloping sublow waters. Last, 'Into The Night' glides in on 2-step rhythms and a retro Metalheadz feel in its use of timestretched and delayed female vocals, laying out a funky-style template for a futuristic dubstep roller characterised by a prowling bassline which drops in and out of the mix to create a dynamic dancefloor tune.
Title:Non Fiction EP
Label:Creative Space
The Funcken brothers Don and Roel, aka Funckarma, return to Creative Space under their experimental techno guise Cane, a medium for their more dance-oriented tracks, with 4x4 beats that constantly morph into alternating rhythmic forms, deep acid lines and electroid experiments. A collection of eight tracks across two pieces of vinyl, covering the various faces of their project, from deep techno excursions to high voltage electro beats, acid explosions and rhythmic juxtapositions, 'Non Fiction' is an EP of dancefloor devastating tech-tronica.
Title:Angel EP
Label:Creative Space
The unstoppable Starkey joins Creative Space for a four-track EP of his most emotional and genre bending material, dubstep in the broadest sense, encompassing deep and intriguing bass heavy music in the moving between the lines style for which he is rightly renowned. 'Angel' is a soulful track with beautiful melodies and a deep sub bass line that is guaranteed to get people moving, allied to a techno-flavoured groove that steers clear of the Detroit cliches found in a lot of tech influenced dubstep. 'Bang Bang The Witch Is Dead' is a darker hypnotic piece suitable for the dancefloor, with a huge bassline on top of hard industrial sounding beats and a moody acordion melody. 'Drip' is the deepest of the quartet, a trip through the low end with an esoteric quality, and finally 'Brilliance Tones' will satisfy even the most demanding experimental listeners, with its wonky decomposing rhythms reminiscent of AFX, invaded by evil bass.