Bstrd Boots

Artist:Colm K
Label:Bstrd Boots
Irish producer Colm K returns to Bastard Boots after 'Dancing Skulls', his big tune on the label in 2010. This time, Colm dives into the world of lush beat production with a sampling of some unlikely sources. On the A side, 'Slipping (Into Tomorrow)' builds itself around a classic Steve Miller Band vocal snippit with deep hip hop drums and live bass playing that would make Thundercat proud. On the flip, 'Go!' is a deft chop on 'The Look Of Love'
Artist:Miles Bonny
Title:Fela / Sandman
Label:Bstrd Boots
Kansas City producer / trumpeter / singer Miles Bonny is previously known for a slew of solo releases on Melting Pot Music as well as collaborations with DJ Day, Shawn Lee, Daru, Suff Daddy, etc. Wearing it's source on it's sleeve, 'Fela' is a nasty beat excursion into afro vibes with it's drums leaning back hard, chopped and filtered baritone sax, keys galore and a booming bassline - a perfect early night dancefloor inciter. On the flip, Miles deftly flips minuscule slivers of 'Mr. Sandman' into a bouncy instrumental hip hop number championed by the likes of Jazzy Jeff.
Artist:Whiskey Barons
Title:La Murga Skank
Label:Bstrd Boots
Boston's Whiskey Barons make their first appearance on Bstrd with a little sabor latino in the form of four expert reconstructions and reworkings. 'La Murga Skank', already battered by Sinden on his KissFM show, is a monster dub of Willie Colon's classic 'La Murga' with double-time percussion and claps, and bubblin' reggae keys on top. 'Tumbao' is an absolutely filthy midtempo remix of La Protesta's classic 'Coje Tumbao' that will have dancefloors perked up and hands clapping, guaranteed. On the flip, La Protesta's 'Fe Y Esperanza' gets refashioned into a swirling stomper of a latin disco beast by the Barons, while Tito Puente's unmistakable percussion clicks beautifully with Columbia's Latin Brother's 'Son De Caballo'. Multo cuts above typical mash-up styling, this is an absolutely unmissable record for the new latin dancefloor sound.
Artist:Dub Traffik Control
Title:Bongo Dub
Label:Bstrd Boots
Artist:Aldo Vanucci
Title:Bstrd Boots #9
Label:Bstrd Boots
BB # 9 taps into the supreme power of Plymouth's self-proclaimed "14th Best DJ", namely Aldo Vanucci, who has remixed and produced for labels such as Catskills, Sunday Best, Rebtuz, Av8, Funk Weapons and more over the last few years. Here he delivers four diverse beauties sure to make this 12" a mainstay in the bag. Kicking off with 'Es Simplemente El Robo' - an uptempo breakbeat heavy re-working of Roborto Roenea's killer post-boogaloo Latin cut 'Que Se Sepa' - watch out for the slippery Latin disco morphology halfway through. Next up is'Tonight' - hip-hop breaks for days with a seriously sticky sourcing of Randy Crawford. On the B Side, Aldo mines mid 90's house cut 'Head On' by Ultra Boogie, flipping it into absolutely massive disco boogie territory. The session ends on an idyllic note with the pleasantly chopped and skewed Starlight Vocal Band sample and dusty breaks that make up 'Aldo's Delight'.