Breakin Bread

Title:Sounds Of The City
Label:Breakin Bread
Breakin Bread drop the second single from Japanese producer Kazahaya who's been working with US MC's. Proper boom bap music on both sides, uptempo dancefloor craziness on one side, midtempo bumping gear on the flip.

Kazahaya hails from Tokyo, Japan and has been pushing his own brand of mash ups and mix CD's for the last few years. In 2007 he sent a demo to Breakin Bread and the resulting EP "Remember Hip Hop" became a bestselling hip hop release of that year. Because it was a mashup with loads of famous MC's on it Breakin Bread had to pull it from release! Since then Kaza has been getting mad props for his beats so he decided to work with some US MC's and this series of 7"s is the result.

A - Sounds of The City feat D-Stroy

One for the b-boys and b-girls. D-stroy rips it over an uptempo beat designed with the dancefloor in mind. The old school references abound but this is a fresh and forward thinking slice of proper hip hop on wax with a chorus to die for.

D-Stroy was born and raised in Bushwick, Brooklyn and he met Tony Touch at school forming a group called Touch and D-Stroy. After school he formed the legendary Arsonists and he went on to open up/host for X-zibit, Ludacris, The X-ecutioners, Papa Roach, L.L. Cool J, Busta Rhymes and Eminem to name a few. D-Stroy is currently featured on releases by Marco Polo, Q-Unique's, Pro-Sinnerz CD and The Snowgoons "Trojan Horse" LP. He is not a thug, he's an adult. He's not underground or commercial, he is HIP HOP. Perfect for working with a Japanese producer

B - Stay feat Paulie Rhyme

Kaza's beat on this one is a blessed out bit of summer goodness showing he can rock the filtered styles with the best of them. Paulie Rhyme waxes lyrically about his love of hip hop culture, something all true hip hop heads worldwide will recognise from this track forged somewhere between Southern Japan and West Coast USA.

Paulie Rhyme is a Bay Area based; Cleveland bred emcee, giving people music that touches mind, body, spirit, and soul. Putting in work in the indie circuit for a good portion of this decade, Rhyme has worn many hats in the industry before finding his calling in front of the mic.
Artist:Virgil Howe & Mark Claydon
Title:The Claydon Break / Cosmic Exotica
Label:Breakin Bread
More drums! Beats, breaks, rolls, all live, no loops. Breakin Bread continue their specialist Drums Series of 7"s with Mark Claydon joining Virgil Howe for 2 killer beat heavy tracks. Breaks for the future!

Breakin Bread is rooted in hip hop and all things related to hip hop so tracks with heavy drums and breakbeats are staples of the output of the label and the turntables of the clubs. The Drums Series features drummers that the Breakin Bread Crew have got to know since they launched their club night thirteen years ago.

The Claydon Break: This time round the guys take it back to more of an original 70s funk band sound. Mark Claydon underpins the track with a steady uptempo breaqk. Virgil and Nick Hirsch from The Killer Meters take the track into driving heavy deep funk rock territory. A couple of clean breaks are embellished with big build ups and multi instrumental frenzy. We were all in the studio for this one and its one of the most intense studio sessions we've ever done.

Cosmic Exotica: This is Virgil's homage to rare as hens teeth Asian Psych Disco breaks. He can imagine Finders Keepers or Now Again records re-issuing this strange but break heavy offering. Think of a Chinese Big Band dropping this in the early 70's for some Grind-House biker movie drug scene that gets a bit lary as a massive fight breaks out! Uptempo breaks for the dancefloor!
Artist:Chris Read
Title:Disco Cumbia / Ritmos Colombianos
Label:Breakin Bread
A slice of sunshine as Chris Read gives us Latin beats for the dance floor. Breakin Bread take another steer in the direction of the Latin diaspora to follow up the success of the DJ Zeph Batidas Latinas releases that were the sound of the summer in 2010.This time round the Breakin Bread crew head from Cali, via Birmingham to join forces with London based DJ and producer, Chris Read.

Chris, a collector of hip hop, funk, soul boogie and related beats and jazz based music since the late eighties first came to prominence as a club DJ through his 10 year role as resident DJ and promoter at Substance in Birmingham (one of the UK's largest and longest running hip hop and funk nights) and a 2 year spell as mix DJ on BBC Radio 1Xtra. During recent years a steady output of high profile mix albums has allowed Chris to DJ around the globe. Chris has also played a few times at Breakin Bread parties so he knows the vibe and is a perfect addition to the Breakin Bread roster.

In the past year Chris has joined the ranks of the BBE label putting together mixed compilations for the both the label's 15th Anniversary and the 10th Anniversary of their acclaimed Beat Generation series. Chris is also hard at work in the studio producing a new album for BBC New Urban Music Award winning band 'Maylight', a seven piece outfit fusing jazz, soul and electronics featuring the vocal talents of Tru Thoughts' Lizzy Parks.

'Disco Cumbia' is disco tempo cut of Latin flavour to get the crowd going. Effortlessly fusing funky hard hitting disco drums with Cumbia rhythms and a touch of Batacuda, the track delivers the atmosphere of the street party with a distinctly traditional vibe. A captivating bass groove, catchy vocal hooks, attention grabbing horns and the underlying sound of the carnival spirit make this a well rounded fusion of traditional and modern Latin styles.

Neatly complimenting its A Side counterpart, 'Ritmos Colombianos' takes a similar Cumbia backdrop and applies it to a loose drum heavy mid-tempo B-Boy rhythm that is no less effective on the dance floor. Again utilising the bass groove as its driving force, carnival whistles, funky brush drums and horn stabs all make an appearance in the mix. A regular appearance in Chris's DJ sets for the last year, this track has tried and tested dance floor credentials.
Artist:Ill Boogs
Title:The Stone Garden
Label:Breakin Bread
The second single from Ill Boogs debut album. Two of the few tracks that will be available on vinyl. Made by a b-boy for b-boys and funk fans worldwide!

Side A - The Stone Garden. This could be from the "Taking Of Pelham" film. Classic cinematic sounds, underpinned with that solid "Boogs Breakbeat". This time round the breaks snaps hard, the band drop some wah wah guitar and the horns give the cinematic feel. It's a short track like many of the classic breakbeat tracks from back in the day. Proper DJ's will need two copies of this and the skills to spin back 7"s!

Side B - Iron Horse. The guitar and horns are strong on this track too, but it's the rolling beat that really makes the dancers hit the floor. It's like Boogs has employed the Incredible Bongo Band as session musicians and put them together with the JB's and some unknown prog rockers. A longer track this one so the dancers can really get into the groove!

This is a culmination of years digging for break beats, listening and dancing to mix tapes from break djs all over the world. It's an eclectic mix of popular and obscure influences from James Brown to movie soundtracks and prog rock.

But these are not drum loops your hearing..lazy producers better go back to the drawing board, all of this album is played live! The tracks are all instrumental funk and breaks tracks. All tempos and rhythms are covered by Boogs and his band. Being made by a b-boy the albums has a heavy leaning towards rhythm without being the same tired old break beats looped over and over. The only thing the tracks have in common is 'the break,' being a Bboy Boogs doesn't see the point in making a tune without one.
Artist:Virgil Howe & Shawn Lee
Title:Electronic Brain Break
Label:Breakin Bread
More drums! Beats, breaks, rolls, all live, no loops. Breakin Bread continue their specialist Drums Series of 7"s with Shawn Lee joining Virgil Howe for 2 killer beat heavy tracks. All live, no loops, breaks for the future!

Breakin Bread is rooted in hip hop and all things related to hip hop so tracks with heavy drums and breakbeats are staples of the output of the label and the turntables of the clubs. The Drums Series features drummers that the Breakin Bread Crew have got to know since they launched their club night thirteen years ago.

Side A - Electronic Brain Break. Breakbeat? New Wave? Psych? Electronic Brain Break came out of Virgil jamming on a Teisco synthesizer with Shawn Lee on kit and percussion.Working themselves up into a freaky,sweat fueled funk-out. Breaks and percussion galore, crazy bassline and all sorts of madness going on! We can't think of any other way to describe it!

Side B - Go Go Gadget Break. This is a homage to the lost Go Go breaks of the early 80s. When live drums still lived side by side the new synth technology that was emerging. Virgil bangs the drums with Shawn providing the Roto-Tom fills and skanky guitar. Go go go!
Artist:Virgil Howe & Malcolm Catto
Title:B-Boy Bounce
Label:Breakin Bread
Drums! Beats, breaks, rolls, all live, no loops. Breakin Bread launch a new 7' series with Virgil Howe and Malcom Catto at the helm.

Breakin Bread are launching a series of brand new tracks focusing on drums. For over 12 years the Breakin Bread crew have been DJing and playing live gigs all over the world. They are rooted in hip hop and all things related to hip hop so tracks with heavy drums and breakbeats are staples of their sets. Over the years the crew have met a lot of drummers, including some of the worlds best, and now ready to release a series of drums led tracks. All live, no loops, breaks for the future!

The first 7' is one for the b-boys as Virgil Howe from the Killer Meters and Malcolm Catto from The Heliocentrics and Quantic Soul Orchestra join forces.

Side A B-Boy Bounce.

This kicks off with rolling drums before heading straight into heavy breaks. Underpinned by synth keyboard noises that rise and fall the drums keep on flowing. Virgil uses all parts of his kit and the skills and prowess garnered from years of live and session work to give us a 3 and a half minutes of heaviness. Drums that will keep the b-boys in the circle and the general dancefloor moving for years to come!

Side B B-Boy Space Shuffle.

Malcolm Catto has his own drums style. Make that styles, he can turn his hand to almost any kind of drumming. Here he uses what we call his "shuffle" technique to take us on a journey into space and beyond. Kicking off with percussion, the synths build as the drums step forward to take centre stage. When the break drops its fast and furious as well as highly technical. Again we are over the 3 minutes mark before you've drawn many breaths.

How many drummers can keep your attention for 3 minutes with changes to their drumming happening every few bars' Not many, this is the sound of 2 drummers right at the top of their game on one of the only labels in the world that would even consider releasing tracks like this.
Title:Its Just Our Way / Paradee
Label:Breakin Bread
The South Wests answer to Cut Chemist is back with another slice of soul and breakbeat action. An uptempo soul track on the A side backed with a cut and paste b-boy breaks journey. Following his debut album "Fallen On Def Ears" released in late 2009 Para has been working hard on his next album. His debut was a breakbeat heavy trip into new school funk. The follow up is heading deeper into soul territory as Paras sound matures. For "Its Just Our Way" Para has once again called in Caitlin on his vocal duties but he kicks things off with a mighty bass line hook before Caitlin intros the beat with her unique vocal style. As ever with a Para track the track is underpinned by a tidy breakbeat which Caitlin turns into her own. "This is the melody..." and its catchy too! Flip for "Paradee". A couple of tracks on Paras debut album have turned into b-boy classics getting played at all the top battles around the world (Battle Of The Year, Freestyles Sessions, BC One...just search on youtube) and this is track is destined to follow that course. The keys, bongos and hi hats of the intro are perfect for toprockin and the battle should commence once the drums drop! The keys and vocal hooks give the beat a bit of variety. "Bet you feelin like you like it..." We certainly do!
Title:It's The Hornet / The Hideaway
Label:Breakin Bread
Para is the South Wests answer to Cut Chemist!! His 2nd 7" on Breakin Bread is a storming piece of dancefloor action backed with an infectious summertime foot shuffler.

A. Its The Hornet The A-side here is a hard edged dancefloor midtempo monster, full of hooks and some dope cuts from Para.

B. The Hide Away The B-side showcases a new softer side to Para with a summertime foot shuffler reminiscent of Quantic and Plantlife and a chorus that sticks in the mind. Festival action!

Para, a DJ and producer from Swindon, was introduced to hip-hop around 1988, having a local scene that was active in all elements of Hip Hop Para quickly learnt about the history and was instantly hooked. After experimenting with all elements he decided to focus on Djing.

Para began by making a series of Mix -tapes which he would hand out locally. These developed into a series of cut and paste mixes that took the idea of cut and paste to the next level.
Artist:The Killer Meters
Title:Rainbow Of Love
Label:Breakin Bread
Following the underground success the "Breakin Out" album released in late 2009, The Killer Meters drop another single with remixes aimed directly at the dancefloor. "Breakin' Out" surprised their fans and the worldwide soul/funk scene by moving on from standard covers to a new hybrid of psychedelic soul/funk/rock. They even sneaked a disco/soul track "Rainbow Of Love" onto the end of the album.

They've been gigging around the UK and Europe promoting the album and Rainbow Of Love has become one of their best received tracks. This surprised the band, as the track whilst related to the soul/funk of the rest of the album, they thought funk aficionados might turn their noses up at a bit of four to the floor action. Very few soul bands today can master a genre and then expand into other territories whilst remaining true to their roots. The Killer Meters can and they have. This 12" adds to their formidable array of styles.

The original version on the album kicks in with a solid disco beat and frisky guitar hooks before Karime lets rip and the band follow her into anthem territory. The keyboard comes to the fore for the chorus bridge and then the band just jam. You can hear why this works so well live. Hands in the air styles!

Californian producer and B-boy DJ Zeph has been a fan of the Breakin Bread sound for years and as soon as he got a promo copy of the album he called up and almost begged to do an edit of "Rainbow Of Love". His edit is a take on the rock/dance sound that is so big on West Coast USA right now. He brings the drums to the fore, extends the build up and strips the rest of the track right down to the basics. Proper b-boy ish!

Breakin Bread's other funk band Color Climax couldn't resist doing a full funk remix. Their mix takes the disco out and adds the full flavoured funk. Deep basslines and some crafty vocal chops give the track a whole new feel for those who prefer their funk to four to the floor disco.

Virgil Howe is the drummer and producer behind the Killer Meters and he gives us the last two mixes. The disco version takes the Atmosphere break and twists it beautifully. The breaks mix digs into the b-boy disco vaults to produce a megamix.

All songs have been tried and tested on the Breakin Bread dancefloor and they all get the crowd proper hyped. It's time to let some other people get their hands on these mixes!
Title:Freedom Of Thought EP# 1
Label:Breakin Bread
The return of Ghost, one of the UK's most forward thinking beat producers, showing he can move outside of the hip hop genre. Boundaries are meant to be broken and limits are there to be pushed. Ghost isn't afraid to challenge all preconceptions of what being a producer means and refuses to be pigeonholed by a single category. Known for his hip hop production and remix work for the likes of Nicole Willis he now ventures into unchartered territory with an EP. Ghost makes a leap into the unknown with his latest project the 'Freedom Of Thought EP #1'. Overall his music still has that boom bap feel but the deeper, layered sound shows how much this producer has evolved. Epic music all round on these five tracks which has a dramatic cinematic feel to it. Tempos rise and fall as Ghost chops the beats and adds his own music to fit what he's feeling, from strings to brass and back again.
Title:Rescue Me
Label:Breakin Bread
Para is the South West's answer to Cut Chemist. Busting straight out of Swindon he's well known around the UK for his battle weapons, turntablist skills and storming DJ sets. On the A side Para shows he's maturing beyond hip hop tracks. This is a radio record that builds as he brings in different elements of the catchy, up tempo beat and dares you not to nod your head. To top it all off he brings in Caitlin from Slo-Mo for vocal duties and she delivers a classy and heartfelt performance. The B side is a cut and paste record like only Breakin Bread can do. Beats to make you dance, hooks galore and some cutting and scratching. Para fits nicely into the Breakin Bread stable as another purveyor of quality, breakbeat tinged, funky as hell, dancefloor music.