Black Butter

Artist:Man Like Me
Title:Lovestruck EP (Remixes)
Label:Black Butter
Man Like Me are no strangers to us here at Black Butter Records, fans of some of their more recent tracks such as 'London Town' we SO had to get involved with this new EP. The band are best known for their ska, grime, indie blend. Their brazen lyrics are less self-conscious than some of their musical counterparts, and revel in the realities, perks and calamity of being a young Londoner. The EP contains three brilliant original tracks - 'Lovestruck', 'Why Bother?' and 'Run Over' but more importantly for your dance floors, a nice selection of mixes for you to get your mitts on. Kill Light are first up, recently debuting on Cheap Thrills, that EP received a rapturous reception and got peeps watching. Stepping up to the plate once again, the duo's garage-rave interpretation of 'Lovestruck' got us bogling away from left to right. Moda Music's *Tom Staar* carries the original and lifts it to starry heights for a proper rave up, whilst for the same track *Brackles* provides the perfect basement vibe that will have your floor tripping out peak time. Our final course is brought to us by *Leatherhead*, who quite a while back provided a sleazy take of a Kissy Sell Out track. Sounding livelier than ever, he gives the instrumentals of 'Run Over' a fuller effect bringing that carnival feeling straight onto your floors.