Big M Productions

Artist:Tom Drummon
Title:Doing Damage EP
Label:Big M Productions
The next floor monster has landed on our planet BigM Productions. With the "Doing Damage EP", Tom Drummond delivers a 12" vinyl gem, containing four peak time bombs in the slower breakbeat range. Dirty, rough, nasty and full force dropping them into your face, doing that high quality damage to your synapses so you can't resist to get your hip shaking. Have a try!
Artist:Stereo Beatz
Title:Stereo Beatz EP
Label:Big M Productions
Finally! After already two digital releases on BigM Productions, Stereo Beatz now presents his first vinyl 12" EP, packed full with four Stereo Beatz bombs. From Ghetto Funk over Breaker Breats and Breakbeat to Oldskool Breaks, the records contains a great variety of huge slammers for the floor. A peak time choice and must have.
Artist:The Gemini Bros.
Title:Trump Skyscrapers
Label:Big M Productions
Ladies and Gentlemen. We proudly present: "The Gemini Bros.". With their 12" vinyl single "Trump Skyscrapers", the twins from Bucharest provide a huge show for a debut on BigM Productions. Following their motto "Keep the funk alive", they present a funky, groovy and loungy breaks tune with great remixes by CMC&Silenta, DJ Nixon of Mustbeat Crew and Jon Kennedy & Ewan Hoozami.
Title:Lucky Mary EP
Label:Big M Productions
After Superfort already presented himself on BigM Productions with digital releases this year, it's time now to leave his real floor monsters out of the cage with this huge 12" wax EP straight for the floor. Four action loaded, skills proving tunes in a Breakbeat-Ghettofunk-Bigbeat manner rock your ass off! Superfort, the insider tip of the year.
Artist:Various Artists
Title:Various Banging Artists (Shake Da Room)
Label:Big M Productions
BigM Productions is back with a slammin' various artist EP, containing four straight floor bombs. With Tom Drummond & Slynk, Tosses & Varvez and Jiggy Joe, we got three new artists on the label. And DJ Rudd is giving his vinyl debut in the house of BigM, after the murder success of his digital debut here. All tracks are mostly breaks and ghettofunk focused, everything with usual BigM groove guarantee!
Artist:Nynfus Corp
Title:Re-Cut Mash-Up EP
Label:Big M Productions
After they already introduced themselves vinylside on V.A. BigMP16, Nynfus Corp. now starts straight into the new year with their own EP as first BigM vinyl for 2012. A smashing 12" mashup EP with club blowing breaks in four different styled tunes, to present their whole variety of amazing skillz from Budapest.
Artist:The Breakbeat Junkie Vs DJP
Title:Big M Presents..
Label:Big M Productions
People get ready! The Breakbeat Junkie and DJP are back in the halls of BigM Productions presenting a full 12" wax EP. 4 serious quality bangers to get the floors burning. From ghetto funk breaks over funky breakbeats to groovy disco breaks. Another physical gem we have to spin out!
Artist:Various Artists
Title:Big M Presents - More Banging Artists
Label:Big M Productions
A new various artists record, fresh from the pressing plant finally spins on BigM Productions. With the outstanding names Nynfus Corp, Nev Scott & Wayne Essential, Breakbeat Junkie and Uppercut Continue, another 12" vinyl guarantees a variety from cranky action breaker over rewind mashup action and wobbling Ghetto Funk over to Dubstep like madness.
Artist:Dee & Kamy
Title:80's Lifestyle
Label:Big M Productions
These two guys from Lithuania doing their vinyl debut here on BigM Productions, are the discovery of 2011. Ultra funky Hip Hop touching breaks that guarantee a lot of fun and floor movement. Four original tracks and two rocking remixes by Moodbase and Telephunken are as much as you can have on one EP. A sixpack full of krafty skills you can't miss.
Artist:Prosper & Rory Hoy
Title:Get Dat Boogie Chase EP
Label:Big M Productions
After their first cooperation on BigM in the previous year, Prosper and Rory Hoy are back delivering an unbelieveable six pack of vintage styled powerful cheeky breaks and smooth cool grooving NuFunk. With it's variety this is a bomb on many floors and with 6 tunes an offer you shouldn't miss. So get dat Boogie Chase EP! Rock'n'Roll!

A01) Prosper & Rory Hoy - Todo es nuevo
An unbelieveable cheeky monster just in time to fill the summer sets with latin styled vintage breaking madness to bomb the floor at peak time.

A02) Prosper & Rory Hoy - Zoun (extended Version)
Cranky breakbeat intelligence on a cool bassline driven groove with a tasty synth filling. Delicious - Have it!

A03) Prosper & Rory Hoy - If you leave the party (feat. McRunigga & Estery)
A smooth and chilled high quality NuFunk groover with a cool vocal topping to bring you the vibe into any lounge out there.

B01) Prosper & Rory Hoy - Get dat Boogie Chase (Original Mix)
Bassline driven and NuFunk coated funky breaks with some vocal essence ending in a power loaded and smooth groover.

B02) Prosper & Rory Hoy - Walk on a Cookie (feat. MC Runigga)
Retouch of parts of a Rory Hoy tune mashing them through massive vocal sessions and bassworks to get a new peak time swinger.

B03) Prosper & Rory Hoy - Get dat boogie Chase (JayL Funk Remix)
JayL Funk's rework of dat Boogie Chase keeping it a bit smoother for the lounge time.
Artist:Rory Hoy
Title:Tonite Ep
Label:Big M Productions
Rory Hoy is back on BigM Productions. With his own single 'Tonite EP' he provides the right mixture between funk power and rocking breaks. And on top a collaboration with grandmaster Freddy Fresh with good time big Beat Breaks on trumpet power. Have it!
Artist:Big M
Title:Big M Bootie Vol. 10
Label:Big M Productions
Oh my god. Finally it's BigM Bootie time again! After over one year background work BigM is back upfront with his own mashup and rewind skills on a fine selection of good old and golden nuggets. Four bangers for every funksoul party!
Title:All The Mamis EP
Label:Big M Productions
With the 10th artist presentation BigM Productions introduces the unbelieveable Telephunken, band combo and DJ show from spain now in full length with their EP "All the Mamis". After short previous appearance the crew now definately shows what they stand for: Amazing funky Breakbeat and Bigbeat loaded monsters with foot stomping and floor banging guarantee from slow to fast. Four pure gems nobody shouldn't miss to spin out!! Clap yo handz and get ya copy!
Artist:Various Artists
Title:Big M Presents Vol 3
Label:Big M Productions
BigM presents... Vol.3' with Hayz and Rory Hoy. From HipHop Breaks over NuFunk to Breakbeats and even some Funky House rhytms, this is a maximum packed 6 track EP coming fom BigM Productions. Shooting star Hayz is presented with a selection from his No.1 banger Ghetto Base/TriggaPhunk release. Killer-Dope. Flipside the on Freddy Freshs label based mastermind Rory Hoy gives us an introduction to his Breakbeats, B-Boy Breaks and Nu-Funk stuff previously released on his album "Standing on Dust" at Howlin Records.
Artist:Various Artists
Title:Various Banging Artists Vol 9
Label:Big M Productions
BigM productions does it again. 4 big names 4 huge tunes! This time the combo contains on side A the Funkanomics with an unbeliveable killer rework and Chris Awesome with a murder mashup and his vinyl debut. Telephunken opens Side B giving a slight taste of what sheer madness more is in the pipeline from them on BigM. The finish does well known NuFunker JayL Funk with a beauty of a floor banging rewind. So, don't stop movin before 25kms or you're not awesome and will be getting a licky shot.
Title:Box Of Chocolates EP
Label:Big M Productions
Uhhhh my god! We have a slammer! With this monster EP the Funkanomics give us a visit in the house of BigM with four outstanding floor bombs. These guys know how to blow up the shack! From Hip Hop over Club to Breakbeat these tunes at around 110 bpm are just multi compatible.
Artist:Various Artists
Title:Vol 8: More Banging Artists
Label:Big M Productions
Uhhh my god! This is sheer madness! You cant put more powerful unbelieveable murder mashup breakbeat on one record. This is the total dancefloor killer wax.

5 big names and 4 huge tunes. From crazy fun breakz over cool funk grooves to skanky breakbeat madness and blasting broken beat disco style. Anytime in any set you can include this nugget of gold and get the crowd banging.

Have it!
Title:The Motown Mashdown EP
Label:Big M Productions
The magic number seven in the row of artist releases on BigM Productions is up to J-Roc (Sould Out DJs). With this 4 track loaded bomb, he delivers pure funky breakbeat madness to mashdown good old motown. While side A delivers modern bass loaded rewind power of cranky and vintage soul tunes to blow the floor apart, side B shows up with ultra cool grooving funked up breaks and a breaky guest remix action. Unbelieveable. Don't miss this nugget.
Artist:Various Artists
Title:Banging Artists
Label:Big M Productions
n the 6th issue of artist presentations BigM Productions bundles four tracks from various artists to a floor bombing release. Murder mashup power to blow your shack. First in the ring is the Manmade team CMC & Silenta with this murder 60s classic pumped up to prime time madness.

Next on duty is Breakbeat Junkie with a perfect groover to get the crowd banging.

Side B starts off with Hayz and his great high time breakbeat mashup Twisted Lemon. Don't miss and squeeze that lemon!

The finish is done by Ewan Hoozami with is drinking hymn, a crazy sampling and cutting madness which is just perfect in the halls of BigM.