Title:Zero Circle EP
Zero Circle' is 16K's first 12" release 'Zero Circle', paying homage to Dextro's celebrated 2009 CD 'Winded'. The five-track EP features the original album version of 'Ring Cycle', a unique live reading of the song born out of Dextro's renowned beat-driven performances, and remixes from TVO (Stuff/Numbers), Alias (Anticon) and Socco Chico (Clinical Archives), each artist stamping their personalities upon the sublime Dextro sound. While the original 'Ring Cycle' has been described as ''transporting in the twang of its electric guitars and overall wide-screen ambiance'' (Textura), and ''a beautiful evocative soundtrack'' (The Milk Factory), Dextro's live performances are known for an alternative take on recorded material, often with a greater emphasis on live drumming, rhythm and repetition, and the live version here places a greater emphasis on drums for a darker yet dreamy and sweeping trance-like feel. TVO (aka The Village Orchestra)'s primitive techno remix of 'Ring Cycle' is a hybrid of post-punk Hannett-esque beats, coupled with intricate dub-step grooves, cinematic subtleties and breathtaking techno that will enlarge your musical horizons. Alias needs little introduction. The Anticon producer's music is firmly rooted in hip hop, yet makes expansive journeys into other areas, mixing indie sounds and post-rock themes into his sound. His remix of 'The Pacifist' is a fascinating journey through time signatures and uplifting melodies passing through hip hop beats and re-interpreted textures. Finally, Bristol x Newcastle duo Socco Chico apply restless rhythms and beautiful paintings of microcosmic sound to 'Ring Cycle', evoking the dark Northern dancefloors and bleak Pennine moorlands in which they grew up. Ultra-limited pressing of 200 copies only. Check the promo video here : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7yn8EAiNMws