Title:Deeper / Million Dollarz
One of the great aspects of the endlessly varying bass music soundwave is the way it seems able, even compelled, to fuse antecedant styles and genres to itself. In the most innovative hands, influences from last month are absorbed and reworked as smoothly as those from last century, and creativity sparks brightest when the marriage of form and function takes place beyond recognised boundaries... and it's from that unrestricted zone that UK producer O-Dessa emerges. Opening with an initial resemblance in sound to the same plaintive blue air of Burial, as these tracks resonate deeper in the mind, it becomes clear that this sonic affinity is merely a veil beneath which a new heart beats. The rhythms lurking below the bassline in 'Deeper' are like some undiscovered amalgam of old skool hardcore and something you might hear on the latest dirty south mixtape, which somehow manage to defy sense and co-exist in a driving and breathtaking way. Mournful mariachi horns and a plunging dub bassline intermingle in a desolate approximation of Sergio Leone's western soundtracks, while reedy flutes and distant female voices build a swirling vapour through which skittering woodblocks and metallic ticks raise an anxious sense of motion. Anchored by a vast, cone-melting sub-bass undertow, 'Deeper' s treasures are buried well below the surface. The juxtapositional subtle-tear-out nature of O-Dessa's production is even more apparent in 'Million Dollarz', which reveals itself in stages to be a gradual descent into layers of tweaked amen breaks, but with a grandeur unlike anything previously heard, even though that drum pattern has already been chopped countless ways over the years. It's not until midway through its five-and-a-half minutes that the famous phased snares rise from the dense banks of atmospherics, but when they do, a moment of blurred euphoria hits and the tune bursts into colourful life. This 12" is the first broadcast of many more to come from O-Dessa, as - like many have in their own way before and still more strive to do so now - he embarks on his individual journey in the continual reinvention of bass music. Instant thrill junkies won't find their fix in these grooves, but followers of the path less travelled will recognise many signs pointing the way to a rich future.
Title:Get A Job / Lizzards
Label:Apple Pips Recordings
Brand new release on Appleblim's label from upcoming star Brackles, one half of funk-step outfit Brackles & Shortstuff. Combining influences spanning techno and garage, this nailss the Apple Pips sound and they're pushing things in an interesting direction, both with their music and their stunning artwork.
Artist:Point B
Title:Free Standing Structure
Label:Frijsfo Beats
After his excellent remix for Sully's 'Phonebox EP' last summer, Bristol's Frijsfo Beats is delighted to provide a home for Point B's latest and best experiments on the fringes of dubstep and UK garage. Point B previously enjoyed a swell of grass-roots appreciation for his material on leading UK electro label SCSI-AV - a sharp, intricately produced dancefloor twelve and an extremely thoughtful full-length. 2007's EP for Combat fused his techniques and sound palette with the rhythmic genius of two-step, an idea expanded and developed to its full potential on his first full Frijsfo release. Opening track 'Detritus' is built around an unbreakable backbone of kicks, woodblocks and dense sub-bass growls. Tweaked techno stabs sustain the pressure until our man drops a mean but tastefully executed snippet of Distance-style bass guitar and an atmospheric post-Skream melody. 'No Smokes' is a tense meeting between two-stepping beat patterns and stiff electro-funk, illustrating Point B's marked distinctiveness. Graceful soundtrack synths smooth over, only to get re-jigged for mashed-up dancefloors by fragments of a caustic acid line. 'Isocity Meter' boasts an even brisker, more invigorating arrangement, dominated by huge, metallic bass tones that sound as if they're being collided and yanked apart by an elastic sense of rhythm. Finally, Italian Frijsfo discovery Kuoyah contributes an unbelievable remix of 'Someone Else's Past'. His trademark loose, unevenly oscillating beat constructions are fascinating in their own right, but take away nothing from the rolling, dark two-step vibe. Any DJ who feels a connection to dubstep's more esoteric creative zones should find themselves playing this as the days grow longer.
Artist:Rio Padice
Title:Twin Peaks EP Peak 2
After his stunning debut 'Road To Aberqueque' EP, Neapolitan producer Rio Padice is back on Metroline Limited with a solid tech-house flavoured four tracker. Metroline's answer to Agent Dale Cooper, Rio Padice, strolls nonchalantly into town in search of some damn fine coffee, and in return, delivers another stunning four track EP. First up is 'One Eyed Jacks', a straight up, Strictly Rhythm-style monster, bringing to mind the days when all you needed to make a pounder was a 909, an AKAI sampler and some old jazz records, but with his own, thoroughly new twist. 'Northwest Passage' is a warm, rolling house groove, perfect for terrace on a hot summer night, with a deep, beat-down bass synth undulating under a simple percussion groove. 'Masked Ball' is rich, warm and with a huge punch and a kick-in-the-gut bassline that is guaranteed to raise the roof, and the EP's closer, 'Chekmate', takes things in a slightly dubbier direction, with its pacey and punchy bowel-moving bass.
Artist:Boys Noize
The first new Boys Noize tracks since his debut album 'Oi Oi Oi' in 2007. Boys Noize has been busy touring the globe and producing bombs for US artists and Gonzales, but now the label boss is back home with a two-track appetizer from his upcoming new album. The single is a double A-sided salute featuring 'Starter', a classic Boys Noize banger in 'Oi' style, and 'Jeffer', an all-time-fresh-summer-disco-hammer to fall in love with.
Artist:Southside Steppers
Title:When She Moves / Super Storm Decay
Label:Soul Jazz
Twisted UK Dancehall/Dubstep bullet as Kingston MC's meet the sounds of South London in a soundclash style. One of three fresh Dubstep releases from Soul Jazz Records, Southside Steppers' heavyweight beats with the killer MC skills of 2-Ice and Junior Lawless that are reminiscent of both Skepta's grimey juggling artistry at the same time as adding a heavyweight Jamaican vibe to the dark, stepping rhythms.
Artist:Dark Knight
Title:Dancing Crows / Daydreamer / A Warning
Label:Urban Ridims
3 killer 4x4 dubstep bombs from the prolific Dark Knight, this guy absolutely smashing it right now!
Artist:Rob Sparx
Title:Black Sheep EP
Artist:Soul Sinners
Title:Get Slew / Rent Issues / Vulcan Rent Boys
Label:Dub Star
Soul Sinners are new comers to dubstar records, lots of big things forthcoming from these guys deffo ones to watch, this one getting battered by N-Type, Walshy & Kromestar to name just a few!
Artist:Prefuse 73
Title:The Forest Of Oversensitivity
Prefuse 73 (aka Guillermo Scott Herren) is one of the most renowned producers around today. This EP follows his critically acclaimed album 'Everything She Touched Turned Ampexian', and contains three brand new tracks, as well as two radical reworkings of tracks from his album. Limited to 300 copies on vinyl this is one to get hold of quickly.
Artist:C - Biscuit
Title:Sound System White Noise
Label:Big Toe's Hi-Fi
Yet more first rate digital bass sounds incoming, this time courtesy of Edinburgh's Big Toe's Hi-Fi crew. The original version is an old-school hip hop inspired soundsystem swinger, with a sweet vocal from Leeds legend Danny Diamond winding up over C-Biscuit's minimalist booming bass production. A proper rootical ticklah for all fans of the Jahtari and Scotch Bonnet labels. On the Addicted To The Bass version, C-Biscuit picks up the crumbs for a radical remix with Edinburgh's own bass baker Neil Landstrumm riding shotgun. Danny's vocals are covered in thick chocolate and the low end levels get rough through a Space Echo unit to create a special recipe of haunted dancehall jammin' for the 09. Now in full national distribution through Cargo, this heavy 7" has already been doing the rounds for a few weeks, with airplay on Vic Galloway's Radio One Scotland show, nuff internet station exposure, and positive DJ feedback from Kode 9, Disrupt, Mungo's Hi-Fi, Adrian Sherwood, Andrew Weatherall, Toddla T, Youngsta, Rob Da Bank, and more.
Title:Joy Reel / Sunset Teens
Label:Werk Discs
Lone brings us 2 corkers on the 'Werks Disc's' series, hazy medoic tones with a hip bop beat, this is a must for fans of the electonic sounds that are remanisant of the mighty BoC.
Title:Runark EP
Label:Fools Gold Records
Italy has been producing a slew of interesting new electronic producers as of late. The latest and greatest of these rave exports is Rocco Rampino, better known to partygoers around the globe as Congorock, and Fool's Gold now introduces his bleeped-out, bass-heavy brand of club sonics to the world at large. Congorock's debut single 'Runark' is a buzzing four-and-a-half minutes of heart-attack breakbeats, ghetto house thump, and Sega Genesis synthesizer madness. The chunky anthem serves as a perfect calling card for this young producer, who in the space of a few months went from drumming in a hardcore band, to chopping up beats with his mentor Bob Rifo of the Bloody Beetroots, to producing hyperactive remixes for the likes of Rex The Dog and Boys Noize Records' Djedjotronic while touring the globe off the strength of his sweaty and imaginative DJ sets. 'Runark' comes backed with an awesomely proggy remix by FG labelmates Jokers Of The Scene, as well as the jacking Congorock originals 'Exodus' and 'Hybro', all wrapped up in psychomystical sleeve art from Dust La Rock. Support from Annie Mac, Crookers, Kid 606 and more.
Artist:King Midas Sound
Title:Dub Heavy - Hearts & Ghosts
As a seductive taster and spectral glimpse of the forthcoming King Midas Sound full length, 'Dub Heavy - Hearts And Ghosts' is an EP of three of that album's tracks dubbed into new alien versions. King Midas Sound is the duo of Kevin Martin, known for his groundbreaking work over the last decade as The Bug, teamed with Roger Robinson, reputed writer and spoken word performer. The pair first worked together in 2003 on The Bug's 'Pressure' album, but within these King Midas grooves, the visceral drive characteristic of The Bug's fevered sound is replaced by deeper core energies, and graced with Robinson's gentle soul lilt, the combination is blissfully, crushingly powerful. On these tunes, song structure and vocal are intoxicated with unsettling fx and consumed with reverb, pressing the music into haunting and unfamiliar territory. 'I Dub' marries booming bass and gaseous echo to grime hand-claps and a tense chilling melody. Centrepiece 'Ting Dub' fuses ominous distant sirens, shifting vocal streams, decelerated hip hop boom bap and a geologic subsonic rumble into a wraith-like miasma, while on 'Too Long Dub', the sinister chiming pendulum motif and decaying vocals dissolve into a delirious haze of toxic audio reflections. Burning like an endless fuse, this special release will be available only for a limited period, pressed on high grade 180g heavy guage vinyl, and is also Hyperdub's first ever individually artworked 12", housed in a photo jacket with gold-embossed detail.
Artist:Kid 606
Title:Shout At The Doner
Label:Very Friendly
Easily Kid606's most accomplished record to date, 'Shout At The Doner' combines all the brash and exciting plunderphonic and sampledelic elements he is best known for with a whole new world of uncharacteristically musical and danceable hooks and styles which are both fresh and timeless. 606 draws on some of his biggest electronic influences like LFO, AFX, Mike Ink, Green Velvet, Mouse on Mars, The Prodigy, Daft Punk, Shizuo, Mr. Oizo and Giorgio Moroder, to make bold and powerful songs about... the decline of America, leaving California, broken hearts, drunken hook-ups, social phobias, soulless partying, economic downfall, gnarly basslines, ego worship, moving to Berlin, diva vocals, Baltimore Club, obsessive compulsive disorder, the best parts of horror movies, acidhouse, ADHD, shameless irony, speed garage, megalomania, LSD, satanism and the ever prevalent doner kebab, arguably Europe's best late night cuisine. We think this release is the Kid's first successful stab at what we like to call "schizotronics" actually combining elements of many different dance music styles into new songs without pretension, trying too hard to fit into any trendy genre, or losing the joy and energy of the driving beats and basslines that make music so much fun in the first place. Maybe it's intelligent dance music for people who thought they didnt like intelligent dance music, maybe it's unintelligent vacant technopunk trash. Kid606 is headlining the Overkill stage on July 18th at Glade 2009, as well as playing clubs and festivals across Europe, UK, Japan, China and Australia all year long.
Artist:Zed Bias
Title:Seeds / Dub Spot Riddim
Label:Side Stepper
UK dance legend Zed Bias returns to head up a distinctly roots infused fourth release on his Sidestepper label. Hooking up with long time friend MC Fox, 'Seeds' twins Zed's bass driven, steppers riddim with catchy retro flavoured toasting. Its simplicity and vocal hook is almost impossible to get out of your head once tasted. On the flipside we find 'Dub Spot Riddim', a smoky dubstep burner built specially for Zed's club residency at Dub Spot in Manchester. Its deep sub-sonics and striped down vibe will no doubt please the fans of Digital Mystiks and Loefah while rumbling many a sound system worldwide.
Title:Fearless EP
Label:Trouble & Bass
The second vinyl outing from the inimitable Trouble & Bass empire comes from Nottingham's Blackfinger, who has recently been producing some of the best underground UK-style garage, bassline, dubstep and funky that's coming out of this island right now. He's already made a name with his 2007 hit 'Mistreated' on Rossi B and Luca's More 2 Da Floor label, and has also remixed Trouble & Bass artists Little Jinder, Rebecca Knight, Ramzi and more. The EP's title cut 'Fearless' is a full-on collision of firing Bmore breaks, tear-out bassline energy and wobbly dubsteppism that's tailor-made for club murderation, followed by four diverse diversions on 'UMF (Up Middle Finger)', lead out by Blackfinger's original take, a stroppy and demanding exercise in idioitically simplistic sub-bass and 4/4 beat looping. Stepping up on 'UMF' remix duties are HeavyFeet, Supra 1 and DZ. Manchester's HeavyFeet come strong with a bass-laden electro house remix similar in style to Sinden or Herve, hard on the vocal edits, even harder on the kick drum. Supra1's rub mixes elements of funky house, bassline and soul into a more smoothed out and rolling version, and then putting the tin lid on it DZ drops a huge high-impact dubstep excursion. If Reso's 'Can't Beat Em' struck you as a little deep, then Blackfinger is your new best friend, and a name you'll be hearing hear more and more of in 2009.
Artist:Various Artists
Title:Frijsfo Beats Vol. 1
Label:Frijsfo Beats
This dubstep / grime / 4x4 / garage EP first dropped in October last year, laying down a clear marker for the varied styles which Frijsfo Beats was set up to support. Writing in The Wire, the Bass Generation's verbal blade Joe Muggs opined "Over recent years, a fertile territory is opening up where current bass music and the free party scene intersect, drawing from Grime, DJ Trace style dark Techstep, Vex'd at their most melodramatic and the sharper edges of breakbeat honed by Tipper and Amon Tobin. Labels like Blackmass Plastics have staked claims here, and now so is Bristol/Cambridge enterprise Frijsfo, with big, glossy Blade Runner-style tracks from Chav & Dave and Innasekt. More interesting, though, is the flickering, skittering Boxcutter-like unfolding narrative of Lewis Hunter's 'Cut From The Wreckage' in which bass thrums and breakbeat flutters surge in and out of existence like ghostly electrical storms. But the real prize here is Yapsta's 'Zoompy Riddum', which foregrounds the retro-rave strategies innate in current Bassline House, bringing out a womblike warmth with ecstatic pads and voices but avoiding becoming too cuddly by retaining Bassline's brisk bass-warping and threatening detuned arcade bleeps."
Title:2K3 Beats EP
Label:Frijsfo Beats
Frijsfo Beats welcomes on board electronic music hero Ed DMX, aka DMX Krew. Ed offers a new kind of treat from the archives, fusing two-step swing and spacious dubstep rhythms with his immediately recognisable analogue electro style. Although the material on this four-track EP dates from 2003-4 and has been quietly maturing on Ed's hard-drive since then, now is the right time for these atmospheric tracks to see the light of day, with the demand in the dubstep community and beyond for fresh takes on post-garage bass-drenched electro music never higher. Fans will know EDMX from his prolific output on Rephlex, Breakin' and a wealth of other labels, and his ability to mutate a Detroitesque electro sound into sick hybrid forms is something he's ably proven again and again. An instant sell-out on first release back at the start of February, now repressed for all those who still need to pick it up.
Title:Beat Dispenser
Label:Keep Up!
Following the success of their previous three releases, Keep Up! spring into Summer 2009 with Beat Dispenser, the first full release from Paraguayan funksters Lopez. After winning fans around the world with their past output, which include last years sleeper smash Barrio, Beat Dispenser sees Lopez toning down the Latin flavour, and flexing their production muscles to deliver a wonderfully layered and lush sounding five track EP of 80s influenced synth-based hip hop (think Dam-Funk meets Danny Breaks). Swinging between the downtempo stylings of Music, the plodding basslines of Mulato and the sharp stabs of head nodder Theo's Beat, the EP's centrepiece is the synth ripping, vocoder beating Jellybean, leaving you unsure whether you should be bumping and grinding or breaking out your best moves on the lino. This confusion doesn't last long, once long time Keep Up! friend and Tru Thoughts wonder Hint interrupts proceedings with his remix of Jellybean, ramping up the two step drums, and leaving the dancefloor shaking from the reworked bassline.
Artist:Randa & The Soul Kingdom
Title:Not Gonna Let You
Label:Freestyle Records
If Perth's finest original deep funk band 'Randa & The Soul Kingdom' don't have you up and dancing in an instant with this new 45 you better check your pulse as you may already be dead! Having supported Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings, The Bamboos and even Lionel Richie in Australia, they band have firmly established their credentials 'down under' and are planning an invasion of the Northern hemisphere for summer 2009. Randa & her band will be releasing not only this hot little 45 but also a butt kicking full length album produced by Aussie funk supremo Lance Ferguson. This 6 piece juggernaut features a tight rhythm & horn section and Randa's powerful vocals that will blow your socks off. Expect this to be a summer funk hit for 2009.
Artist:Various Artists
Title:Anagram Jam
Label:Fat City
"Anagram Jam" is a deeply covert production in the form of an album featuring 15 edits by two highly informed and inscrutable musical archivists. To cover their true identities these agents are using the anagramed pseudonyms Tandy Love and Mad Smooth, as a further clue they hail from the Manchester based label BMusic. The names of the track sources have been also been disguised so scrabble the rabble to reveal the mixed-up monikers of your new favourite freak-funk psychedelic song smiths. All tracks are de-pipped with minimal pith and added juicy bits. Maximized, marmalised, shredded and preserved using the finest ingredients from the fruitful pastures of our pear shaped planet. The album truly is an international affair combining elements from England, Korea, Turkey, Russia, France, Israel, India, America & Spain.
Artist:Pitch & Scratch
Title:Everybody Move
Label:Legere recordings
Coming straight out of Hamburg in an original funk style, this is Pitch & Scratch. The duo know what the funk is all about: multi-instrumentalist DJ Mzuzu was a funkateer from the start, while DJ Suro found his love for funk in the crates he has been digging since the 90s. 'Everybody Move' is their first release and of course it arrives as a big black vinyl. Remix pressure comes courtesy of Lack Of Afro (Freestyle Records / UK) and Patchworks (Favorite / France) who give 'Everybody Move' a nice boost of heavy drummer madness (in LOA's case) and delightful boogie heaven (in Patchworks' case). The bonus track 'Mzuzu Walk' is a deep down Afro funk session.
Artist:U-Man Feat Squidly Cole
Title:Special Blend
Label:Down The Bush
DOWN THE BUSH 005 see's the return of U-MAN Featuring SQUIDLY COLE, Son of STRANGEJAH COLE The Kingston Reggae ska Legend (Credited with writing the first reggae song, 'Bangarang') and producer, vocalist and drummer with/for almost everyone in Jamaican music (working with Ziggy Marley, Damian Marley & Lauryn Hill to name just a few). Heavy on the horns, drums and sirens, these Reggae infused monsters should MASH UP! any dance. Plus over on the flip instrumentals of all 3 tracks, Garranteed to rock any party this summer!
Artist:Various Production vs Pumajaw
Next in the Various Production vs Fire Records programme comes another 7-inch, with VP reworking the majestic 'Buds' from Pumajaw's latest album 'Curiosity Box', which was described in Time Out's 5-star review as "eerie, wyrd-folk and psych-rock with a chimeric, almost shamanistic power". Pinkie Maclure and John Will, aka Pumajaw, combine Pinkie's unique, multi-octave voice with looped guitar, mandolin, samples, concertina and hypnotic rhythms. Their own seductive sound stretches from psychedelic pop through sultry folk songs to eerie, cacophonous, trance-inducing laments. Live, they can create a surprisingly big racket for two people and have a reputation for taking the music into sonically adventurous realms of animalistic, ritualistic intensity. With that in mind, they make ideal candidates for the patented VP touch, and this makeover does not disappoint, stretching the harmonium drone of the original track into a low trance that sounds like a lost passage from 4AD's late 80s This Mortal Coil albums. Simultaneously an enhancement of and departure from Pumajaw's source material, this is further evidence of Various Productions' instinctive rewiring technique and another buy-on-sight release for their legion of followers. Bespoke Bonesy artwork completes the package.
Artist:Animals On Wheels
Label:La Madame Avec Le Chien
After almost ten years of silence, ex-Ninja Tune allstar Animals On Wheels is back, on new Belgian imprint La Madame Avec Le Chien, with a none-more-fresh five track EP of the finest IDM-flavoured bass weight, twisting and abusing dubstep templates in a variety of experimental constructions. Opener 'Ball' is - relatively speaking - the most direct of the quintet, with complex rhythms clicking and chattering through growling sub-bass swells and glitch-laden breakdowns, Not exactly a straight ahead dancefloor track, its hard beats still provoke a certain jerky physical impulse. 'Seeing In The Dark' and 'Nonturn' both then further explore the possibilities of ultra-low frequencies as a backdrop to refined electronic edits, before the b-side commences with the ominous 'Dummy', which uses foundation-troubling bass to set the tone for a metallic and chilling six minute deep-space horror soundtrack. Signalling the end of the trip, 'Gloat' ebbs and flows and bursts and decays like an abstract free jazz reconstruction of randomised elements of the preceeding four tracks, picked apart and put back together by a troubled mind intent on troubling others. An extraordinary 26 minute journey though dark and uncharted bass zones, limited to 500 copies in stylish thick card jacket.
Title:In Ya Face (Remixes)
Dev79 has been smacking it out for almost 10 years with an unparalled hunger for that fresh good and lo-freek vibe. His numerous releases have dropped on labels like Slit Jockey and Dead Homies, and his ruckus DJ sets are famed for keeping dancefloors raw and sweaty with a unique blend of bassline, hip hop, grime, electro, and dubstep. Along with The Mayor Of Starktown aka Starkey he invented the sonically-demented 'Street Bass Anthems' mix CD series, and his signature track 'In Ya Face' is often referred to as the first to fully identify Starkey & Dev79's patented Street Bass sound. It's been doing serious club damage on dubplate for the longest times, getting spins on their Philly home turf and beyond from the likes of local big hitters AC Slater, Dirty South Joe and Sharkslayer for over a year now. Finally hitting the streets on banging vinyl on Starkey's own Seclusiasis imprint, 'In Ya Face' is power packed with remixes from Edu K, Pharaoh & Peach (of Todosantos), Egyptrixx, and Willy Joy. The original version of this xtra-heavy tune starts out with a throbbing and lurching rhythm to set the mood before the full on 4x4 dancefloor action kicks in with cut-up girl rapping the title hook. Brazil's wildman producer, MC, DJ and Diplo-collaborator Edu K turns out a raved up jackin' house mix that breaks down into a crunked tempo switch. Venezuelan Pharaoh drops a slab of dub weight on the people, with some help from his Todosantos band mate Peach on keyboards. Thick synths and a nicely developed composition make this a standout, and definitely the cut the dubsteppah heads are getting hype for. Finally, Toronto's up-and-coming producer Egyptrixx delivers a big electro re-work sure to keep the fists pumping and bodies gyrating.
Artist:Paul White
Title:One Eye Open EP
Label:One Handed
The other jewel in the One Handed crown, London beat king Paul White is not, contrary to rumour, the alter-ego of Bullion, but squarely is the embodiment of all that is good about a new generation of producers, and he's chasing up his label mate's massive debut 12-inch release with one of his own, surely destined for equal intant-demand status. Featuring three extended tracks from his forthcoming CD-only album 'The Strange Dreams Of Paul White', and two sweet new exclusive bumpers - including a hot Bullion remix - the 'One Eye Open' EP is totally out there on the celestial planes of raw intuitive wonky instrumental brilliance and bound to find its way into all kinds of selector's lists. Mr White is already a firm favourite with the likes of Gilles Peterson, Benji B and Mary Anne Hobbs (he recently served up a brilliant killer session on her show), and is gaining momentum worldwide with every fresh beat.
Placed among the top strata of bass music practitioners in San Francisco, Djunya's growing outernational repute, fuelled by previous outings on Mode, Narco.Hz and Eight FX, is primed to flare up with the release of his contribution to the ever-expanding collection of free radicals that is the LoDubs wax catalogue. 'Elevate' is a sprawling gem of a track, which manages to run with a certain ferocity without being derivitive, carrying its weight above a chassis of pronounced yet un-heavy-handed funky driving breakstep. By adding what is natural to such realms, principally thick layers of keys and rolling bass threads with a purely optimistic feel, 'Elevate' seems to conjure up a largely hidden aspect of the spectrum of dubstep, with a lightness of decorative touch and hazily sun-drenched atmosphere that places it in similar orbit to LD's ambitious 'Traumatic Times', just around the corner on Hyperdub. With all elements of 'Elevate' so perfectly matched, finding an emulatory partner for the flipside would be an exercise in futility, so an alternative view of Djunya's soundworld is offered by the beautiful piece of subterranean ambience known as 'Puja Karna Sangit'. No less evocative in its own way, it expands and disperses like an indirect answer to the question of what Muslimgauze might be creating today in response the new movements in low end psychedelia, with Skull Disco-influenced percussive currents seeming somehow to pulse half-hidden beneath the waves of bass, like the detailed movements of single fish within the shoal's vast rolling morphing mass.
Artist:Led Piperz / Boxcutter
Label:Airflex Labs
Inspired by the feeling that the current dubstep scene has drifted too far from the real dubwise spirit that pioneering crews like DMZ and Horsepower Productions used as their starting point, new Lyon label Airflex Labs exists to release music born out of a longlasting love of bass, with the hope of contributing to a global post-dub unity in the dance. Their first release is a standard-bearer for the twinned dub and dance aspects of this philosophy, keeping a clear distance from the raging wars of ultra-wobbled-mega-synths, with melody and narrative given prominence to generate equal pleasure either in the mix or on the stereo. Veteran French electronic & dub producer Led Piperz offers gritty and forward-looking bass for the floor with 'Aerial', built around a thudding but complex perpetual motion break that doesn't follow the rules, so be warned, it's not one for the warm-up session. With echoes of the syncopated spaces of drum & bass, this rich rythmic and melodic cut is sure to be a fixture in the clubs for months to come. Conversely, as it's title suggests, 'Otherside Dub' places dub dynamics at the fore, with hymnal rastaman vocal loops, intricate bass layerings, raw snares and uncompromised musical variations, all driven by an awesome low-end engine. 'Otherside Remix (Earth Is My Spaceship)' is Boxcutter's stone in the massive wall of sound Airflex Labs aims to construct block by block. His spacey, lush and dynamic remix of 'Otherside Dub' is rootical proof that the best of today's sound is made by those wise enough to keep the past in mind. Although the track will also appear on his new Planet Mu CD, this 12" is the only place where it will be located on vinyl.
Artist:Intention & Rare Dynamic
Title:Licensed To Dub
Label:Lick The Wrap
Intention & Rare Dynamic have hit the Dubstep scene running with a series of releases in late 2008 and more coming in 2009. Their fresh new sound has perked up plenty of ears over the last few months. With media hype at an all time high the man on the street left to wonder "who are these guys?" ... "where did they come from?" ... "how do they make such sick beats?", the pair are sure to make some ripples in the scene during the upcoming year. With first release "Licensed To Dub" on Lickthewrap records kicking up a storm on the digital download scene. The pair quickly followed this up with "Butchers Row", Rare Dynamic mixed things up a bit with the next release "Il Padrino" all now released on our favorite format. Surely a must for your collection?
Title:Producer 2 Part 1
Label:Fat City
This is the first 7" in a series of 4 featuring tracks taken from the forthcoming Producer 2 album set for release in the Autumn. Producer 2 features a collection of new and resurfaced tracks focusing on the world's finest and most invigorating beat makers, bringing together all the most exciting elements around today from Hip Hop, electronica and beyond in the post - Dilla generation. Featured artists include Dabrye, Mike Slott, Carlos Nino. Daedelus, Illum Sphere, Andy Votel, Bullion, Ras G & Low Limit. This 7" includes "Home" by Mike Slott, one half of Heralds Of Change and well known for his releases on All City. He's recently remixed Flying Lotus and is in the proces of completing a collaborative project with Martyn. Mike is also the studio brains behind many of Rustie and Hudson Mohawke's best recordings. "Home" a reflective piece incorporating clipped drums, fuzzed stabs and layered haunting melodic vocal sounds, all creating a complex and warmly satisfying groove. Dabrye proabably needs less introduction. After releasing the album "Two / Three" on Ghostly he has been concentrating more on his James T Cotton minimal techno productions. But back to the hiphop here, with "Walk" he drops an unstoppable beat utilising extra wide drums that bound through the track interwoven with an almost choral flanged vocal and whipping filtered synth sounds.
Artist:Tal M. Klein
Title:Rubs & Remixes V.2
Label:Aniligital Music
After releasing and touring with his Plastic Starfish project, Tal M. Klein is now working on new projects such as 'The Sly Players' with Slim from Goodgroove and 'The Disco Builders' with Deepcuts and Hilly of The Hotness. But we found a bunch of unreleased remixes both by and for Tal in our vaults and worked to put together an amazing package of fresh TMK beats to funk up your world. Starting things off we've got two unreleased Tal M. Klein remixes for two fantastic tracks: First Tal rubs Da Wiesel's Goodgroove classic 'Boogaloo Stomp' with big soul drums and a disco bassline. Did we say disco? Well, the K'BONUS dancefloor epic 'Uh Yeah' gets Tal's disco dub rub with sick percussive solos and tasty keyboard riffs. Next up, CMC & Silenta of Manmade dial up the funk with their heavy remix of Tal's 'Crawlin Up The Spout' featuring Penny on the mic and some crazy live instrumentation. On the B-side we feature all three unreleased remixes of 'Brincando el Tiburon' by funky beat luminaries such as Valique who brings Moscow's IskraDisco! crew to deliver the deepest groove on the record, and Basement Freaks who treats the original with straight up mellow funk flavors, and last (but not least) is Mash & Munkee's super blaxploitation inspired funk breaks remix!
Artist:Quincy Bright
Title:My Ghetto Looked Like This
Label:Truth & Soul
With the second volume of 'My Ghetto Look Like This', Quincy Bright offers another 7" gem loaded up with 12 sample-driven beats. In addition to his MPC work, he layers it all with live instrumentation and the same touch that made the first volume of his unique blend of sampled hip hop/soul such a success. This gives his compositions a unique, human element that is lacking from many types of programmed music. Presented as a 7" at 33rpm with a full-colour picture sleeve, these individual beats and skits provide a personal look into the enigmatic mind of Quincy Bright.
Title:The Takeover
Label:Sub Soldiers
Alongside Burial, Skream, Benga & Rusko, Caspa is a key part of the first wave of UK dubstep stars, not only as a producer, artist and DJ, but also pushing the boundaries & setting the standards.
Title:Freedom Of Thought EP# 1
Label:Breakin Bread
The return of Ghost, one of the UK's most forward thinking beat producers, showing he can move outside of the hip hop genre. Boundaries are meant to be broken and limits are there to be pushed. Ghost isn't afraid to challenge all preconceptions of what being a producer means and refuses to be pigeonholed by a single category. Known for his hip hop production and remix work for the likes of Nicole Willis he now ventures into unchartered territory with an EP. Ghost makes a leap into the unknown with his latest project the 'Freedom Of Thought EP #1'. Overall his music still has that boom bap feel but the deeper, layered sound shows how much this producer has evolved. Epic music all round on these five tracks which has a dramatic cinematic feel to it. Tempos rise and fall as Ghost chops the beats and adds his own music to fit what he's feeling, from strings to brass and back again.
Artist:Simon Baker
Title:NY Summer
Simon Baker returns to his hometown label with two excellent pieces of his trademark deep, electronic, percussive house music. Plus remix from rising star Julian Chaptal.
Artist:Fort Knox Five
Title:Radio Free DC Remixes Vol. 2
Label:Fort Knox
Fort Knox Fives critically acclaimed album Radio Free DC has been voted One of this years most exciting, most eclectic funk albums by USA Today. Wanting to move things in new directions, the Fort Knox Five have enlisted several of their favorite DJs and producers to add their take to Radio Free DC. The second single in Fort Knox Fives RADIO FREE DC Remixed series will devastate any dancefloor. Malentes Champion Sound Mix of The Wonder Strikes Again is a no holds barred, electro-ragga breaks monster. Featuring rapid fire vocals by the unstoppable Sleepy Wonder, this tune means serious bizness. Taking things to a deeper level, Sub Swara transforms Killa Soundboy into an apocalyptic dubstep destroyer. Thunderous bass and dark indian rhythms furiously propel Sleepy Wonder and Zeebos ragga vocals into a murderous future rocker. Also included an instrumental mix as an added bonus.
Artist:Trevor Loveys
Title:Good To Be Here EP
Label:Loungin' Recordings
Kicking into 2009 with a bang, Trevor Loveys is back on Loungin' again with his first artist EP in 5 years since the Outside In EP in 2004. Trevor has featured in the meantime as part of the Loungin' kollective, Li'll Bo Tweak and has collaborated on the forthcoming The Young Lovers album due for release in April 2009. From the onset this EP is Trevor going back to his roots delivering straight up dance floor house music with a little something for the soul. Chips n Curry is a current sounding number that should keep the main room chugging with the wobbly baselines and tough beats. In addition the title track Good To Be Here is an absolute killer another bumpy main room number with a build to die for that I'm sure will be dropped well into the summer this year. Both Vibin' & Wayback are nice second track numbers with a deeper groove sound that are very reminiscing of the old House of 909 sound that Trevor is first remembers for. In both cases you can hear Trevor's love for the music and can tell how much fun he has had making these tracks.
Artist:The Giallos Flame
Title:Euro Slash EP
Label:2600 Recordings
2600 Recordings is proud to present the latest release from The Giallos Flame, continuing his dedication to the sounds of 70's Italian horror soundtracks, from Goblin horror funk to Morricone psyched out giallo jazz. Presented on a limited deluxe 7 inch single featuring hand stamped and individually numbered packaging, the Euro Slash EP follows up the critically acclaimed releases on the Analog Screams and DC Recordings labels. The release continues TGF's obsession with Italo-Horror soundtracks across 8 tracks which recall Carpenter-esque synth soundscapes and Fabio Frizzi style jazz-funk oddities all underpinned by the type of heavy rolling drum breaks Malcolm Catto would be proud of. The intricacies of the tracks on this EP are best explored by in-depth repeated listens, yet the heavy percussion gives an instant accessibility, especially on the tracks selected for the 7 inch, ensuring a place in every discerning DJ's crate. The Euro Slash EP lies perfectly between the authenticity of Finders Keepers unearthed concept albums and the analogue obsessive releases of labels like DC Recordings (who released The Giallos Flame's Live From Dunwich EP in 2008). This is a highly limited release aimed at a wide record buying audience from obscure soundtrack collectors to hip hop-heads looking for something original and authentic.
Title:Soundspecies EP
Label:Burnt Progress
Generally based in London, Soundspecies encompasses a collective of friends and different projects, with the momentum and focus coming from a family connection; Four brothers raised with a jamboree of musical instruments for toys learnt a love for jamming and creating sounds from an early age. Fast forward through developing years, Henry gettin busy with beats and decks and sussing the London scene - Olly playing lots of bass in bands & training in music recording, composing and acoustics at Salford uni, Manchester - Nat working hard and playing hard on his guitar - Barnaby composing and playing sax in various bands then travelling and suckling inspiration in Brazil, Morocco, Borneo... expanding the family until the whole world is our friend. Music is a universal language, a communication with like minds, fellow soundspecies worldwide. This is the first artist project to be born from the legendary CD-R sessions!
Artist:Dr Delay
Title:Detritus EP
Label:Funk Weapons
Since his last solo release in 2006, Brooklyns Doc Delay has found himself working on a variety of projects for other artists including last years remixes for Spoons Dont You Evah EP and his recent work with Prodigy of Mobb Deep fame. In addition to these and other production credits, Delay has released five critically acclaimed DJ mixes over the past three years, one of which was nominated for a plug award. Detritus represents Docs return to the role of producer, composer and arranger. From dancefloor heat to headphone burners, its all here. Proof that Delay continues to keep his listeners on their toes.
Artist:Junji Masayama
Title:Green Circle EP
Melbourne based Junji Masayama swerves his debut Bearfunk release flying in from leftfield in the guise of his 'Green Circle' EP. It's a fine four tracker for which the adjective 'eclectic' was surely made. Smatterings of disco sensibilities, bleepy house, deep groove & squelching synths. Green Circle leads the pack with all its underground rhythms and chunky synths. Monotone Radio is a drum led wonk soundscape whilst Sponge Feet is one for the more uptempo alternative disco floors. Oyster rounds things off with more eclectic beats and disco-firefly darting keys. One for the varied tapestry that is Bearfunk.
Title:Remix Stories Volume Two
Label:Surrender All
As testament to UNKLE's passion for vinyl they are releasing a 12" white label featuring two of the best remixes from 'War Stories' and 'End Titles'. Innervisions remix of 'Hold My Hand' is one of the only remixes they have done as a band with all three members Henrik, Ame and Dixon. Carl Craig and Fergie's remix of 'Trouble in Paradise (Variation On A Theme)' is from the BMW advert 'See how it Feels'. This track was also extended for UNKLE's most recent release 'End Titles'. On the A-side is title track 'Jelle', a twisted cut of supreme techno with crisp beats, a frantic melody a killer driving pulse. Bringing it back down to earth is 'Stutter', an enigmatic slice of tech-house, all snares and hi-hats shuffling along in a skippy little number with off-kilter bassline and stabs. The final track here is 'Please', a chunky slab of a track punching its way through the floor and twisting minds as it goes with its warping synths and infectious groove.
Artist:Mihalis Safras / Mark Broom / Kuipers
For the latest guest EP on Soma Records, the label welcomes along Mihalis Safras & Mark Broom. Following the success of Itamar Sagi's guest EP on Soma Records, the label now welcome along two more of their favourite producers for a special guest release. House and techno overlord Mark Broom teams up with the mastermind behind Material Series, Mihalis Safras, in a vigorous 12" that will knock hell out of the dancefloor.
Title:Blood Clart / Technology / Cybertronik
Label:Fantastic 3
Kromestar is back once again this time with another 3 belting tracks on the label Fantastic 3!
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