Title:Darker Days EP
Label:Project Moon Circle
The Q4 is a Dutch production trio consisting of sampling specialists Sense, Arts the Beatdoctor and STW. Although their collage of sounds covers parts of many genres, it is generally perceived as hip hop or trip hop. Numerous obscure records are worked into every song with the greatest of care, often accompanied by live instrumentation or scratches giving their music an organic feel. The Q4's name refers to the quadraphonic sound systems popular in the 70s as one of the earlier forms of surround sound... hence the title 'Sound Surroundings' for their critically acclaimed debut that was released at the start of the year. Aside from instrumental songs the album also features a number of guest vocalists, ranging from rappers to flamenco and blues singers. The 'Darker Days' EP however is fully instrumental and features four original new tracks and two remixes. It comes accompanied by a promotional cassette (yes, a cassette - ask your dad) on which another new Q4 song can be found, as well as an introduction to Shahmen, one of Sense's solo projects.
Artist:Noiz / Troubleshooter
Title:Slashback / Yellowcore
Label:Yellow Machines
Title:Bola Remixes EP
London-based producer Hanuman is one-half of Monkey Steak (Punch Drunk / Werk Discs / Sleazetone), head honcho of Steak House Records, and one of the main men behind the whole Karnival movement currently making waves throughout the UK Bass world. His new track 'Bola' is a dubbed-out, dancehall-flavoured UKF joint, with an amazing set of remixes lined up in support. Star Eyes (Trouble & Bass) brings a deep and dubby house-flavoured treatment to the track, with lots of sub-bass and huge strings. Kanji Kinetic (Rag & Bone / Electrostimulation) delivers an absolutely mental techy-meets-funky workout in his classic style, and new Sleazetone signing Thunderous Olympian (Trustus) turns it into a deep, bubbly, jackin' monster. Chrissy Murderbot's remix rounds out the pack with a merger of ghetto house vibes and UK sub-bass. With DJ support from Drop The Lime, Toddla T, Ghislain Poirier, Sticky, Mungo's Hi-Fi, and more, it's a stellar collection of remixes poised to blow right up. Swerving this is not one of the better choices you could be making this week.
Artist:DJ Kontrol
Title:Murder Sound / Power Up
Label:Southside Dubstar Entertainment
DJ Kontrol has been about for quite a long time he used to make drum & bass back in the day and had tracks out on trouble on vinyl, this tracks been battered on the circuit by some of the biggest names in the scene. Such as N-type, Hatcha, Kromestar, F-one, Chef & many others on the pirates.
Artist:16Bit / 501 / Matta
Title:Panic / Hoodlumz Riddim / The Inquisitor
Label:Heavy Artillery
Some of the heaviest producers around at the moment all on one disc. 501 has done very well with lots of big selling releases recently and 16Bit have recently signed to Chase * status label while Matta has been carving a space all his own with some tidy remixes and original works out recently.
Artist:The Killer Meters
Title:Rainbow Of Love
Label:Breakin Bread
Following the underground success the "Breakin Out" album released in late 2009, The Killer Meters drop another single with remixes aimed directly at the dancefloor. "Breakin' Out" surprised their fans and the worldwide soul/funk scene by moving on from standard covers to a new hybrid of psychedelic soul/funk/rock. They even sneaked a disco/soul track "Rainbow Of Love" onto the end of the album.

They've been gigging around the UK and Europe promoting the album and Rainbow Of Love has become one of their best received tracks. This surprised the band, as the track whilst related to the soul/funk of the rest of the album, they thought funk aficionados might turn their noses up at a bit of four to the floor action. Very few soul bands today can master a genre and then expand into other territories whilst remaining true to their roots. The Killer Meters can and they have. This 12" adds to their formidable array of styles.

The original version on the album kicks in with a solid disco beat and frisky guitar hooks before Karime lets rip and the band follow her into anthem territory. The keyboard comes to the fore for the chorus bridge and then the band just jam. You can hear why this works so well live. Hands in the air styles!

Californian producer and B-boy DJ Zeph has been a fan of the Breakin Bread sound for years and as soon as he got a promo copy of the album he called up and almost begged to do an edit of "Rainbow Of Love". His edit is a take on the rock/dance sound that is so big on West Coast USA right now. He brings the drums to the fore, extends the build up and strips the rest of the track right down to the basics. Proper b-boy ish!

Breakin Bread's other funk band Color Climax couldn't resist doing a full funk remix. Their mix takes the disco out and adds the full flavoured funk. Deep basslines and some crafty vocal chops give the track a whole new feel for those who prefer their funk to four to the floor disco.

Virgil Howe is the drummer and producer behind the Killer Meters and he gives us the last two mixes. The disco version takes the Atmosphere break and twists it beautifully. The breaks mix digs into the b-boy disco vaults to produce a megamix.

All songs have been tried and tested on the Breakin Bread dancefloor and they all get the crowd proper hyped. It's time to let some other people get their hands on these mixes!
Artist:Cursor Miner
Title:Shakin' Heathens
Label:Uncharted Audio
(Socrates and Aristotle are behind the decks at Fabric)

Socrates: What man haven't you heard?
Aristotle : Heard what?
Socrates: Good grief old fool! The new Cursor MIner twelve that's what! It's the absolute spick spack!
Aristotle : It's the absolute what?
Socrates: Pull yourself together dude you are seeeeriously out of the Geist. You want to be slapping down some of this nadded out shit on your desks. What's this - you're listening to Queen?
Aristotle: They are masters of their art!
Socrates: Utter Flapdoodle! I've heard better noises when your beard got stuck under the stylus!
Aristotle: I was having a Concrete day, some people enjoyed it!
Socrates: Look man This is Cursor Miner. Behold the wazzyness of the bass! The spankingness of the snares! The mighty beat of the agricultural funk!
Aristotle: Agricultural?
Socrates: Oh gimme a break, you mean to tell me you haven't heard of agricultural funk? It's the skuzz that the kids are down with, down on, and down about. This is the 21st century grandpa! It's all about the Agri! Mad COW geddit???? You know - is he making you dance or just tilling the soil?
Aristotle: You're on drugs aren't you?
Socrates: What, no, I'm just easily excited [gurns]
Aristotle: No, look I'm not having young philosophers getting off their heads on my watch - look you can't even light that pipe properly - you're wasted young man.

(Socrates is bundled out by security frantically waving his new 12' from Uncharted Audio)
Artist:Tape Loops
Title:Tape Loops Vol 2
Label:Jalapeno Records
Take two of Jalapeno's most legendary producers and lock them in a studio with a load of analogue tape loop effects, a ska tastic brass band and a vocalist of the quality of Finley Quaye and pretty soon you are going to get some classy reggae business to lively up your dancefloor. Ok they are not re-inventing the wheel but when it sounds this good they don't have to. The original Tape Loops material is just classic reggae then given a downtempo dub breaks remix by Featurecast and an uptempo funk looped re-rub by Smoove for those who don't want to rocksteady to the original Tape Loops sound. For the rest open your ears, relax your gears and feel the vibe.
Label:Aniligital Music
Aniligital Music's previous collaboration with Six Degrees Records was Issa Bagayogo's incredibly well received Poye 12'. This time the two labels have joined forces with the band Brownout on a single from their album 'Aguilas and Cobras'. Slinky is a great example of a track that truly has it all: Latin disco horns, cosmic funk bass, and rock and roll guitars. What's not to love'.

On remix duties we've enlisted Tal M. Klein who comes correct with a 100 BPM disco thumper! Drawing upon the progressions of the original, Tal's remix channels the live instrumentation but brings it all together in a DJ-friendly format with big beats, disco claps, and syncopated percussion.

Anthony Mansfield brings the heat with a sweltering heavy disco groove on his remix. Using the original kicks but speeding up the tempo just enough to take things up to the next level, this remix really packs a punch. The Hector Works label founder does not disappoint!

CaZ is the latest creation of South City Allstars founder Chris Nicholson working in collaboration with Mike Zarin. The CaZ remix is all about the funk. Tight beats and dubbed out synths come together in a fun ass-shaking mix, add to that a half-time breakdown that builds back up into a tasty climax and you've got the perfect track to get the party started!
Artist:Diego And The Dissidents
Title:Contaminated Waters
Label:Jack To Phono
Authenticity is that rarest of components; the most wanted, yet the hardest to come by. The one that can't be bought. The one that can't be faked. Bristol's Scott Hendy has it. Twelve years of hard work, plying his trade, fine-tuning his art have seen to this. A DJ (Boca 45) and producer (Malakai-Domino Records) who has remained creative through it all - before Bristol's musical name meant something, while genres were being created, and after the dust settled - he shows no signs of slowing down. None whatsoever. Scott's new project Diego & The Dissidents is his adventures 60s psych and has already featured in the contaminated Waters has featured in the new Banksy Film, "Exit through the Giftshop" so clearly this project has some fans in high places!
Artist:Phuture Motion
Label:Freestyle Records
Long time musical collaborators Danny Mager, Levi Bussue and Chris Welch met and worked together as DJ's and promoters at the highly respected and long running club night 'Phon-etics', they have made a name for themselves as resident and guest DJs at a variety of nights over a number of years using these sets and their radio show to push their love of of a wide range of upfront music ranging from the nastiest, bassiest grumble to the most beautiful, soulful singsong.

Phuture Motion storm into 2010 with an innovative blend of latin, dubstep and broken beat. This single features an exclusive, extended mix of 'Glide' in addition to 2 vinyl only remixes by The Colonel and Mr Dubz. Phuture Motion take a healthy dose of latin influence around the corner; ruff it up, shake it down and send it off in a new direction!
Artist:T-Woc Feat Afrikan Simba
Title:Good Father / Father Dub
Label:All City Records
T-Woc is a key member of Dublin's Alphabet Set crew and label, whose new exclusive distribution deal with Cargo still has wet ink on the signature. Following 2008's 'Warning' 45 with Brother Culture, T-woc brings his soundboy pressure production back to All City Dublin, with this second single for the label featuring London-via-Nigeria MC Afrikan Simba on the mic. Roots reggae and conscious lyrics grace the A-side, while the flip opens up the echo chamber for a more spaced-beats style dub excursion. Afrikan Simba is one of the leading DeeJays in London, who works with top-ranked sounds such as Jah Shaka, Sir Coxsone Dodd and Aba Shanti, and his recent EP for Jahtari with Rootah at the controls is still a much-in-demand plate six months on from release. Big tip wax for all Scotch Bonnet and Jahtari fans.
Artist:A Guy Called Gerald
Title:Proto Acid: The Berlin Sessions 2
Label:Laboratory Instinct
Following the first critically acclaimed 'Proto Acid' album, the Berlin-based acid house innovator A Guy Called Gerald provided a taster for what to expect from the second instalment. 'Voltar' (Bring Da Rain mix) starts with shuffling drums and tribal beats, but as the track evolves, haunting sounds and Native American Indian chanting are gradually introduced. 'Voltar' builds and builds, reaching a filtered climax, and after it breaks down, tripped out bass lends a more DJ-friendly direction. The end result is an adventurous take on house music. 'Sweet You' (Bitter Mix) is an entirely different matter and shows that Gerald is still adept at crafting deep dance floor grooves. Subtle breaks and understated drums provide the basis for dreamy Motor City chords, a plunging, resonating bassline and old school piano keys. As its title suggests, 'Sweet You' is a beautifully evocative piece of music that'll appeal to the heart, head and feet.
Artist:Low Limit VS Lando Kal
Title:The Golden Handshake EP
Like a live transmission from the party you wish you were at, the 'Golden Handshake' EP is the d?but release on Numbers, showcasing the considerable talents of Low Limit and Lando Kal (aka Lazer Sword). In Lazerland, no genre is an island; each merges with every electronic form in a stylistic melting pot, so that hip hop swagger, bitcrushed synths, Oizo-esque funk and bowel-worrying subs mock any preconceived notion of purity. Opener '3D Action Jackson' emerges like a squashed house apparition, morphing into a half-speed arpeggiated symphony. Elsewhere, Drexciyan lead lines ghost ride atop a crunked out slo-mo funk chassis, and rigidly sparse Neptunes percussion provides ample backbone for the sleazy flesh of melody. Six tracks of goalpost-shifting dynamite, so hot the wax is melting.
Artist:El Rakkas
Title:Seas Of Disease + CD
Austrian production duo El Rakkas make a sound that floats somewhere in the space between Rhythm And Sound, and the more deeply atmospheric end of the dubstep spectrum. However, to suggest that these boys are more about headphone burn than dancefloor glow would be to do them a glib dis-service, as anyone who has pushed their previous LoDubs 12" through a proper soundsystem can verify. The original mystical versions of these tracks first appeared in July '09, and now those elements have been bathed in the scrutiny of two dons of bass, LV and XI, with a sensibility that shows a pretanatural understanding of the individual songs inherent traits. LV's long association with Hyperdub goes back to 2007 and the righteous 'Globetrotting' 12, through summer 08's hit-that-never-was 'CCTV', right up to the yearning 'Turn Away', easily one of the best tracks on the label's 'Five Years' collection. Their re-rub of 'Seas Of Disease' injects a punchy (nearly) four-on-the-floor kick drum and driving swing, with distinctive crackles and effects in abundance, defining what could be the touchstone of a newly-emergent familia-bassus, should some wastrel blogger decide to give it a pithy name. Conversely, and in pure ying to LV's yang, Toronto dance master and LoDubs veteran XI presents a monster fix of 'I & I' with muted drums, rich sub-bass tones, and clipped rhythmic edits which add a propulsive energy to the original's dreamtime aura. Sticking steadfast to his don't-throw-everything-at-the-wall version style, the raw power in his remix comes from an "anti-wobble" technique, an ingeniously applied bassline full of subharmonic sweeps, bleeps, and creeps that similarly demands a classification of its own. Beh-leev dat. Limited run of 400 copies including free CD of both tracks in the patented LoDubs Vinyl-Plus jacket.
Artist:Lysergene / BE 1NE
Title:Sub Ritual
With a wealth of musical influence and experience, Ben Ewins aka Be-1ne launches new label Area Recordings. With sights set firmly on establishing the label as a home for high quality electronic music, the first offering is a split 12" exploring the deeper end of the dubstep spectrum. Having hosted the Area Music show on leading underground bass station for nearly two years, Be-1ne has already made his mark with an eclectic selectior style and trademark deep subs. A-side track 'Sub Ritual' by Lysergene (Gordon Bicknell) pushes the boundaries of dubstep with its stripped down half-step minimalist soundscape and powerful pulsing bass line, coming with an original swagger to set dancefloors on fire, and induce hypnotic meditation in equal measures. Taking control on the flip is Be-1ne's groove-ridden 'Revelation', following in a similar vein as his 'A Bridge Far Away - Killer Bees' remix, which was recently voted download of the week by Big Up magazine. 'Revelation' takes the listener on a journey through haunting vocal harmonies as the track grows with each drop, twisting and morphing across complex layers until it reaches its peak. By seeking to bleed into the cerebral pleasure centres through subtle osmosis, rather than batter the senses with banging bass, this is an assured and confident debut from a label promising much hiden joy for all lovers of the path less trodden.
Artist:Dave Nada
Title:Apocalypse EP
Round two from Nada and DJ Ayres and Tittsworth's T&A label, this one features some seriously dark Bmore / electro / tech hybrids. 'Apocalypse Theme' is full of break beats, vacuum synths and a Misfits vocal sample that unleashes hell in the middle of the track. Dubstep maestros 12th Planet and Fitch jump on the remix for that one, adding some wub-wub-wobble bass and syncopated drums to keep things moving. 'Drummer's Rock' edges a bit closer to traditional Bmore territory, featuring synth horns and a vocal sample from Kanye's 'Good Life'. For the last track, Nada enlists his Nadastrom production partner Matt Nordstrom to remix "Inner Midget', and together they turn it into a nice grooving, minimal track.
Label:All City Records
Four track instrumental 12" from L.A.-based (via Portland) producer DevonWho. Fresh from his recent Fat City producer series release he expands here to give us four tracks with a nod to the spacey electronic funk vibe of West Coast producers like Dam Funk. He has been making some noise in the West Coast's thriving beat scene and this debut solo release should cement his growing rep. As always it comes packaged in super full colour artwork.
Artist:Torqux & Twist
Title:2012 / 2010 (NumberNin6 Remix) / Devils Trick
Label:Wicky Lindows
Torqux started producing absolute off key shit on Fruity Loops 2.3432-3 around the age of 18. Growing up listened to old school rave tunes and his Dads massive CD/vinyl collection. Anything with big basslines and build ups was attractive to his ears. Here he teams up with Twist with a banging Numbernin6 remix on the flip!
Artist:Mike Lennon
Title:Mechanism Test (With Riskotheque Remix)
Label:Dark Circles
Mike Lennon brings forth another slab of wax this time in an 'electro-step' stylee! Sharp, clinical beats covered in arcade style bleeps are under pinned by a massive sub bass. The Riskotheque remix on the flip is a much heavier affair with a screeching lead and enough crazy edits to keep even the shortest attention spanned listener engrossed.
Title:Swarm / Wiggley
Label:Southside Dubstar
Another pair of wobbly bangers from the scene's top boy, Skream!
Artist:Lewis B
Title:Pinball / Take 2 / Snippertons
Label:Smokin Sessions
The latest installment on Smoking Sessions is here with new signing Lewis B. This talented Londoner has been deep in the lab cooking up some crazy Dubstep/Nu Jazz experiments and has come up with a completely unique twist of beats. Taking influences from Jazzanova, Reso, Herbie Hancock, Ruckspin and Quantic to name a few. If you like it jazzy, then this could be up your street.
Artist:Rob Sparx / Bass Junkies
Title:Arcade / Devils Haze
Rob Sparx and Bass Junkies come correct on Migration, 2 more devilish cuts from these guys.
Wu Tang-Enter The Dubstep
2x12" |
Enter The Dubstep front
Artist:Wu Tang
Title:Enter The Dubstep
Here's the highly anticipated follow-up to 2005's Wu-Tang Meets the Indie Culture Vol. 1. The newest and freshest sounds in underground electronic music encounter the grimiest and most hardcore hip-hop clique in this one-of-a-kind album: Wu-Tang Meets The Indie Culture Vol. 2: Enter The Dubstep.

Many of the pioneers and practitioners in the Dubstep world came up in a time when Wu-Tang ruled the world's airwaves. Their music and style helped to shape an emerging art form that hadn't yet defined itself. Now, in 2010, as dubstep continues to grow, expand and encompass more styles and subgenres, the Wu-Tang sound is reintroduced into the mix, to spawn a new and unique musical feat, which is greater than the sum of its constituent parts.

This groundbreaking album is the collaboration between Dubstep and Hip-Hop, with stomach-pounding, bass-thumping guttural beats, and gully, gritty and grimy lyrics that break into the next decade in the chapters of each respective genre's history. With Scuba, Parson, Trillbass, Dakimh, DZ, Rogue Star, Stenchman, Datsik& many more producing tracks that include a veritable goldmine of Wu-Tang verses from the vaults that feature Raekwon, Ghostface Killa, RZA, GZA, Method Man, U-God& Masta Killa, Wu affiliates Killah Priest, Bronze Nazareth, Prodigal Sunn, Solomon Childs, Son One & more, plus guest spots from Busta Rhymes, MF Doom, Pimp C, Three 6 Mafia, Ras Kass, Vast Aire, Canibus, Lord Jamar & many more. This one of a kind compilation is at the forefront of an emerging cultural and musical blend that is taking place on the margins of the mainstream, but will be talked about for years to come...
Artist:Dub Crooks
Title:Dr Rockzo VIP / Tron / Be Water
Here come new signing to Dubting Records, Dub Crooks! These guys have been blowing up and with tunes like "Never Scared" that is getting battered by N-Type on Rinse FM, its not hard to understand why!
Artist:Leisure Allstars
Title:How We Roll
Label:Leisure Records
'How We Roll' is the brand new release from Bristol's Leisure Allstars, a rip-roaring, funky as hell, bassbin-battering joyride through old school hip-hop to new school beats and tough, reggae bounce, vocalled by New York MCs The Good People. The original is a low-slung, rolling flute-loop groove, featuring live guitar and keys the perfect accompaniment to Emskee and The Saint's tale of how their perfect day in NYC might unfold. In addition to this, the Allstars have remixed their own track, notched up the tempo, and created some kind of electronic boom-bap, bass-heavy monster, demonstrating they can turn their hand to many different styles, much like their DJ sets. Mr Benn's productions have gone from strength to strength over the years, as his recent success in the Ashely Beedle curated, worldwide Horace Andy remix competition rightly proves. This ability, combined with the collaborative inspiration that is Drake Scorpio, is evident on their remix. It's rough an' tough, with enough sub bass to shake the foundations of any self-respecting discotheque. We still don't know who Drake Scorpio is though...
Artist:Ulysses & Filipsson
Title:Endless Take EP
Holmar Filipsson and Elliot Taub have once again got together again to produce a fine EP at Bearfunk. Both are New York City resisidents but Holmar is originally from Iceland. Holmar is a busy chap, what with running his Crack & Speed, and Thugfucker labels and appearing with Sasse in the Filipsson and Lindblad project. The music they make is pure Bearfunk, slick Disco grooves with high production values. First us is a remix of "The Endless" from Italian legend Alexander Robotnick. Here the layers are stripped back for a houseier dancefloor excursion while retaining that streak of Italian Robotnick flair. Hibernation track "Fluffy Amadeus" is next up, here displaying slickness and 80's inspired grooves. Over on the B-side "The Endless" weighs in at gargantuan 11.24 minutes. Some crisp sounding drum programming and filmic textures drive this atmospheric soundscape along. Plisskens groove rounds things off with some digital synth grooves, just like long lost track from the Optical Race era of late 80's Tangerine Dream.
Title:Steam And Oil EP
No need to wipe your hands clean for this one: The Steam & Oil EP by long-time Switchstance Recordings collaborator Protassov represents the teaser for his upcoming first solo album Shalina Music (SRCD 006) and showcases once more his trademark style of sophisticated Breaks & Beats filled with live instrument licks and spherical twists.

The Steam & Oil EP is offering lots of great guitar work by Marcus Stuetz, who jammed and recorded on this one with Protassov at the multi-instrumentalist and sound-engineer's very own Mechano Tonatelier studio in Essen/Germany. Exclusive remix guests on this EP are hot UK producers Flevans (Jack To Phono/Tru Thoughts), who gives Steam & Oil a heavy-weight British sax-funk treatment complete with a riddim turnaround halfway through, and Dr. Rubberfunk (Funkydown Productions), riding Fine Times straight into a house-not-house state, adding a take-away bass and some '82 cowbell flavor - as much a breath of fresh steam as the rest of the Steam & Oil EP and the upcoming album!

The track Steam & Oil is used by Burton Snowboards for a website teaser for the upcoming international snowboard contest Burton European Open 2008 in Laax/CH. The track also appears in the DVD Still Boardbagged which comes packaged with the new Pirates snowboard movie production Walk the Plank as well as with international snowboard magazines.
Artist:Tal M. Klein & Anthony Mansfield
Title:For Juan Five EP
Label:Aniligital Music
Aniligital Music is back at it with Anthony Mansfield and Tal M. Klein and their evil ways! Building upon the successes of their previous collaborations, the villainous duo raises the stakes and take things deeper with this enigmatically titled three tracker.

Ciento Ocho is Spanish for 108, the tempo of the first track on the EP. A creepy crawly builder with 8-bit roots that culminate in a HUGE funk breakdown with an insidious bass hook (If you have any doubt,just fast forward 3 minutes into the track)

Next up is Desayuno en Timpanis which we think means Breakfast At Timpanis in Spanish. Needless to say this ones heavy on the percussive elements, including of course lots and lots of timpani drums. Desayuno en Timpanis gets going pretty quickly and doesnt let up. Check the flanged upright bass breakdown for extra bigness! Purely non-stop huge sound system busting dancefloor action.

Speaking of floor fillers, have we shown you our tiger bomb Bomba de Tigre is the definitely the deepest track on the EP, but lest Anthony and Tal rest on the laurels of their 808 kicks and 303 basslines, this Tigre is a stalking beast that explodes in a vicious classic house attack!
Artist:Tape Loops
Title:Tape Loops Vol 1
Label:Jalapeno Records
Take two of Jalapenos most legendary producers and lock them in a studio with a load of analogue tape loop effects, a ska tastic brass band and a vocalist of the quality of Finley Quaye and pretty soon you are going to get some classy reggae business to lively up your dancefloor. Ok they are not re-inventing the wheel but when it sounds this good they dont have to. The original Tape Loops material is just classic reggae given a bass rumbling dancefloor re-rub by Bristolian beatsmith Parker for those who dont want to rocksteady to the original Tape Loops sound. For the rest open your ears, relax your gears and feel the vibe.
Artist:DJ Mischief
Title:Flaming Chestrug / 1986
Label:My First Moth
Boxdub's Friend, DJ Mischief follows up last years white label remix 7" with some killer instrumental cuts which have already been getting some heavy rotation on CDR from the likes of Jon Kennedy and Gilles Peterson amongst others.

A side "Flaming Chestrug" is a straight up b-boy funk bomb, pairing some monster drum breaks with wild flutes and horn stabs for some proper dancefloor action! Things get even funkier when the track breaks down to just bass and drums for the extended breakdown, then the bongos drop and the s**t really goes off! On the flipside is "1986", a more downtempo cut which starts with some Axelrod-esque drums and bass before evolving into lush cinematic soundscapes with horns, strings and a few classic hip hop samples thrown in for good measure!
Artist:Architek / Sare Havlicek / King DJ
Title:From John Carpenter
Amongst musicians, filmmaker John Carpenter receives admiration, respect and kudos like few others. Aside from the string of great films he has directed (Halloween, Escape From New York, Dark Star to name but a few) he is one of the few directors to compose and record the music for the films he makes. Things open up with Architeqs take on the John Carpenter killer-car thriller theme 'Christine'. The Scotsman using moody analog synth pads, menacing effects and some fine drumming to maximum effect. Next up, Slovenian Sare Havlicek synths-up 'Pork Chop Express' one of the choice tracks from 1986s Big Trouble In Little China. Big pads, big riffs and big oscillators all the way. Belgian King DJ goes for the jugular-catchy lead line of 1981s 'Escape From New York'. The most Italian of producers we know; Bottin, also adds his Italo sheen to proceedings.
Artist:Thunderous Olympian
Title:Turbo Charged EP
Title:Woo Boost
Label:Mad Decent
With a huge list of releases and remix productions to his name, and an international bookings diary rammed full into the far distance, Rusko is one of the most wanted selectors in dubstep today, and in 'Woo Boost' he's armed with one of the top-demanded tracks of the moment. Picking serious club and radio play in the last few months, this mighty tear-out tune will finally hit vinyl in the new year on Diplo's Mad Decent imprint, backed up with remixes by Tel Aviv producer and metal band drummer Borgore, newcomer Subskrpt (who also has a remix of Major Lazer's 'Cash Flow' ready to drop), and Institubes' jolting zouk-house hybridiser Douster. Comes in full picture sleeve, with free 320 mp3 download card.
Title:Dubstoned EP 3
Label:EAT Concrete
'Dubstoned EP3' is the long due latest in a series of dubstep-based releases by Funckarma, as equally intelligent as it is rude and primal, arranging light melodic tones with bass-heavy beats across four tracks. The mid tempo rhythms and sounds contrast beautifully with the crushing beats and clear production, typical of Funckarma's style, bringing more of their unique high-minded sonic vision, coupled with the intricate production and dedication to bass and groove which has always charaterised their cutting edge approach.

Limited vinyl version includes a unique code to a free limited download of all WAV files, including two digital-only bonus tracks.
Artist:Falty DL
Title:All In The Place
Label:Rush Hour Recordings
Rush Hour kicks off its E series, which is about today's electronic music in all shapes by new and upcoming producers. Opening the show is NYC-based Falty DL, already well-known for his releases on Planet Mu and Ramp. His sounds shift and glide between hip hop, funk, dubstep, house and techno, and it is this cross-breeding which gives Falty DL his signature sound. With 'All In The Place' he delivers one of his best releases to date. Four tracks that sound classic, yet futuristic at the same time. Essential EP!
Title:Minimal Bump
Label:Airflex Labs
With a wide array of influences, a very distinctive style and a strong taste for melody and crafted musical skills, French artist Chloe Arnaud aka Nekochan is surely one of the most exciting and refreshing producers at the moment. Her stylish blends and arresting collisions of electronica, bass and glitched-up beats, led by her aqueously expressive voice, mark her out immediately as an artist destined for widespread acclaim. A classically trained cellist, she evolved into Nekochan in 2006 after a few years applying her unusual voice and skills as part of an electronic duo. Inspired by baroque and classical composition as well as a flamenco-player stepfather, and a passion for oriental melodic patterns, her gift for catchy figures and intricate rhythms is no surprise given the sheer range and depth of her sonic colourbox, while her highly individual blend of sound and mood switches adeptly from electronica and techno to the more underground tones of dubstep and glitch hop ... all with her unique vocal signature. Nekochan's 2009 debut download-only release met with success in pushing dubstep into new zones, and now comes the first foray into vinyl, with the three-track killer 'Minimal Bump' EP, that will further reconfigure notions of what bass music can be. The title track has already been featured on Mary Anne Hobbs, who played an early version in May last year after hearing it on myspace. 'Minimal Bump' is a powerful techno/break/dubstep instrumental with a huge kick and seismic bass work, custom built for dancefloor mayhem, with its layered synths, advanced rythmic shifts, cavernous drops, and an explosive production style that recalls the intricacies of prime Meat Beat Manifesto at the same time as giving Reso a run for his money. On the flip, 'Bombine' is another view entirely; a emotive disjointed stepper with melancoly pop tones, which unfolds in a smokey torch-song style to reveal further layers to Nekochan's innate musical instincts. It's fluidly evolving contrasts between dominant bass levels, powerful rhythms, and subtly-pitched Japanese strings mix and grow around that voice, putting the listener as much in mind of Burial's sadness as Bjork's vivid expression. Finally, 'Vahine' is a refreshing journey into a lighter and atmospheric dubstep style, reminiscent in mood of Scuba or Martyn, with a dynamic bouncy drum pattern delivering the perfect groove for the heavy bassline to ride on while the sweet string melody leads from the front. Essential purchase for anyone seeking out new directions in heady dancefloor electronics.
Title:Delayed Responses
Label:The Alphabet Set
T-Woc has been building dubby beats for over ten years, with several releases under his belt for The Alphabet Set (which he co-runs ), Net-Lab/Wrong Music, 3Style, and one up soon on All City Dublin. T-Woc uses a combination of digital production, vintage analogue gear and live dub mixing techniques to bring his tracks to life. A total vinyl addict, he selects with Ireland biggest roots reggae crew Rootical Soundsystem, co-runs Dublin's (first and best) dubstep monthly club 'Wobble', and also hosts a weekly radio show on Dublin's Irish language station Radio na Life 106.4fm. His 'Delayed Responses' series is a blend of bass heavy sample based mostly dub(step) beats with hints of hip hop and electronic influences and large nods to soundsystem culture and 80s digital riddim vibes. 'Delayed Responses Vol 1' explores the outer boundaries of the dubstep sound, from the head nodding stoned vibe of 'Old & Grey', via the absolute skank attack that is 'Dogman' with its massive Shaka-led sample driving a hammering roots riddim, to the nearly Godspeed YBE-style 'Maghreb'. This EP is full of original ideas with mad percussion dubbed out all over the place, with vintage effects and a heavy-stepping stoned vibe.
Label:Apple Pips Recordings
Newcomer Greena with two heavy slabs of garage / house influenced dubstep, 'Tenzado' is all slick vocal hooks and smooth bass lines sounding like a cross between Cooly G, El-B and the 8bit vibes of Zomby. Absolutely massive release from Appleblim's Apple Pips imprint.
After a string of 12"s on a variety of labels including her own co-run (now defunct) Immigrant/Imminent Recordings and an astonishing single on Planet Mu in late 2009, this double-A is Subeena's debut release on her own Opit label. 'Picture' opens with a thunderously warm cyber-harpsichord, a liquid spume materialising over a dubscape of click-clack snap percussion as a sequenced bubble bass comes riding in, pinning dancing feet to the floor. Then the melodies come in. Everything Subeena touches is dosed in melody - the bass lines, the rhythms but most of all in the wide-eyed blissed out synth lines. Think early Orbital, ambient Aphex and countless hidden raves. 'Spectrums' pushes things forward several galaxies by summoning up bizarre feelings of monastic rave. After a brief abstract fade-in, it literally explodes with a Bach-like rushing meandering mainline over a 4/4 foundation before the beats start falling over themselves and what sounds like a gaggle of monks chanting from deep within a hard drive.
Label:Svetlana Industries
Svetlana Industries is a new label based in Belgrade, Serbia, long the unsung home to a serious late night party scene known only to the cognoscenti. Recent extensive profiles in Resident Advisor and The Guardian among others have finally started to peel the lid off the rather secretive heart of the Balkans, and with signings like Mary Anne Hobbs favourites 1000 Names and Brainfeeder member Teebs, Svetlana is already widely tipped as a label to watch in 2010. Their first international release is a fizzing 8bit dubstep banger from Bosnian producer Filtercutter, who takes a distorted perspective on the Nintendo sound palette and adds layers of detail to deliver a track that is at once bouncing, and chirpy yet spiky and aggressive. Like a darker take on Joker's purple wow sound, or more electro sounding Akira Kiteshi, it's perhaps closest to the productions coming out of the grime scene with a debt to early Benga. The tune manages to retain strange menace without compromising the 8bit soundset or resorting to any of the cheap tricks that bedevil most adolescent "nasty" tracks. No shouty film samples here, just cascading layers of bleeps, chirps and suspended bass. The flipside sees a total rework by Ramadanman, probably one of the dubstep producers of the year in 2009, whose tunes brought a whole new angle, while his Hessle Audio label pioneered a deeper, more intricate and thought-out sound that soon dominated. Here he strips the tune right back and focuses on a driving half step rhythm, a bed of clipped and clear percussion, and heavy heavy sub bass, over a hypnotic rhythmic theme that builds and builds. This is one of those tunes in which everything is happening where you think it's not: the hi-hats are constantly evolving and the bass is never quite the same from one bar to the next, sounds adapt and shift and new parts keep coming in without ever quite seeming like they have. So far the track has attracted repeat plays on Kiss and Sub FM, and Ramadanman has incorporated his remix as a regular part of his set. Both tracks have been mastered at Transition for a spatious yet punchy sound with forceful bass presence.
Title:El Topo
Label:The Index
The Index is a new project conceived by two of New York City's underground music pioneers; Raz Mesinai aka Badawi, and Dub War founder Dave Q. The label will feature original Badawi productions as well as new compositions and remixes by some of the most forward-thinking artists at the outer limits of dubstep and experimental electronics, including Shackleton, Headhunter, Spatial, Jack Dangers, Cardopusher, Oren Ambarchi and Vladislav Delay The first entry is a 12-inch leading with Badawi's dystopian club anthem 'El Topo', backed by a bespoke Shackleton interpretation of Badawi's 'Dstry <All> Prfts', featuring spoken word vocals from Vengeance Tenfold. Also included is 'Stem1', an abstract tag from Badawi's audio vaults, completing the release with a brief and unsettling sonic bonus. Composer/producer Raz Mesinai makes music at the intersection of dub and modern composition. His recordings as Badawi, mixing Middle Eastern percussion with heavy low-end frequencies and production effects, have placed him in the vaguard of the experimental electronic scene for over a decade, while his instrumental compositions have been performed by The Kronos Quartet, Maya Beiser and Philip Jeck at prestige venues from New York to London and Berlin. As Badawi, and earlier as half of Sub Dub, Mesinai has released over a dozen albums since 1994, including classics such as 'Bedouin Sound Clash' and 'Soldier of Midian', on labels such as ROIR, Asphodel, Tzadik, the Agriculture, and Instinct. Sub Dub helped pioneer the so-called Illbient sound, centred on New York in the mid-90s, Badawi tracks have been remixed by the likes of Kode 9 and DJ Spooky, and his live collaborators have included such luminaries as John Zorn, Mark Dresser, Elliott Sharp, DJ Olive and many others. Dave Q founded New York's seminal Dub War in June 2005, making it the first dubstep club in North America. The night introduced New Yorkers to pioneering artists including Kode 9, Digital Mystikz, Loefah and Skream. Its booking policy has continued to push the envelope, promoting the most forward thinking underground dance music, and it remains the USA's most vital live nexus for Generation Bass. In time, the advent of The Index series will come to be seen as a pivotal event in the development of the low end sound as it expands into wider musical environments. That tipping point is upon us now.
Artist:Lee Perry / Dennis Bovell / The On-U Soundsystem Vs Pempi
Label:On-U Sound
Under secret construction in the On-U workshop for the last few months, Lee Perry's interpretation of the Black Sabbath classic 'Iron Man' is finally ready, complete with heavy boots of lead. With Adrian Sherwood at the controls, and additional input from renowned reggae producer Dennis Bovell, this full-on thumping dub-stepper finds Scratch positioning himself as the "iron man - lion man - lightning man - super man" who "don't drink no booze" while sub-basses throb and wobble the bolts from his joints and the beats hit harder than a rivet gun... surely not what Ted hughes had in mind. The flipside dub mix arrives courtesy of Pempi, who recently broke out with a track on Studio Rockers' 'At The Controls' compilation. Pempi ups the full-of-dread quota with a heavy barrage of drums, stuttering synths and swelling bass, to create a version that has the potential to consume every motor vehicle in the southern hemisphere. Iron Man lives again!
Title:Mashup De Baldhead
Label:Police In Helicopter
Artist:Numan / SDUK
Title:Skull Crusher
Label:Silt Jockey
Heavy on the rise in the urban electronic underground, Slit Jockey is operated by Starkey, Dev79, and El Carnicero. After the bubblin' success of their DZ singles 'What You Won't Do For Love' and 'Regulate', the Seclusiasis sister label is back in action with two more choice cuts of bang up dubstep bass action. Numan is a hotly-tipped Mancunian teenage producer whose tunes have already been championed by Mary Anne Hobbs, Starkey and Oneman. His debut release '7th Key' is just out on Wicky Lindows, soon to be followed by an EP out on Subdepth. Slit Jockey have snared his pummeling 'Skull Crusher' for this 12", with a huge mental drop that is sure to make the club freak the f**k out. On the flipside, SDUK's 'Clunge' takes over the speakers without pause for breath with even more synthline mayhem. A commanding big boom swagger-step tune that stands out as a very "now" sound, 'Clunge' heralds the emergence of West London newcomer SDUK, and you can expect to hear more from him on Slit Jockey very soon.
Artist:Indigo / XXXY
Label:Opan Earz
Indigo steps up for the second release on OpenEarz Recordings with a diverse three track EP, featuring the talents of fellow Mancunian XXXY collaborating on 'Hold On'. 'Levitate' supplies heavyweight dancefloor energy, a warbling half step banger with crisp percussion and infectious head nod qualities. MC Chunky on the mic laces the break and the result is essential dubstep pressure for any selector. On the flipside Indigo presents the laid back moods of 'Premonition', again showing his diversity. Dreamy, dubbed out pads and warm, deep bass combine with stripped back percussion to produce a chilled out roller. Finally, XXXY brings a deeper, 2 step feel to 'Hold On', affirming he shares Indigo's northern soul in the studio. Equal parts dub techno and old school garage vibes, this track is the EP's real prize money, a weighty collaboration of two distinguished producers.
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