Artist:Mr Confuse & Lunatic
Title:So Good EP
Label:Nova Gain
Nova Gain Records return with their latest 12 inch! After the successful debut EP 'Don't Wanna Lose It' and their full length DLP: 'On The Beatbox' Mr. Konfuze & Lunatic are back with their highly addictive 'So Good' EP. It features two brand new tracks plus two remixes from the album 'On The Beatbox' by well known producers Para (Breakin' Bread) and Random Heroes (Jack To Phono / Freestyle Records).

Side A drops with 'So Good' on the boogie-breakbeat-tip driving you almost insane with that screaming Moog synth. Ghetto Funk: yeah! but Ghetto Disco: hell yeah! Second tune 'Wanna Give' is another dance floor sure shot ranging from block-rockin'- party funk to electro-boogie - wind it up!

On the flipside you get Swindon's funkiest DJ Para from Breakin' Bread Records on the remix tip of 'Everything We Do' previously released on the 'On The Beatbox' DLP Para is twisting the track in his very own funky manner - dancefloor madness! Last but not least the second album title 'Something We Bring' gets a heavy re-funk by Eddie Skratch and James Reid as know as 'Random Heroes' who have been transforming the tune into a Breakbeat monster in their Beatcave studio.

Cop it now, since there won't be a digital release and once the vinyl is gone, it's gone!
Artist:Various Artists
Title:Area Music Vol 1
Area recordings has gone from strength to strength since it's inception, wielding high quality releases building on it's signature sound of deep beats, bass and musicality. The fifth release pushes the label's philosophy further with the introduction of six new artists to the roster. While a whole host of imitators re-reach for the sine wave and switch off their L.F.O.s, Essex's DCult has been sitting in the shadows perfecting his own sound. 'Face the Sun' harks back to the classic dubstep sound of rolling beats and bass clearly marking him as a producer to watch, travelling a narrow path between light and dark, mellow and fierce as his beats and bass will prove time and time again. Australia-based 3rdeye's 'Yonaguni Dreams' entwines sweet ethereal beauty with hard pulsating aggression. His detailed productions point to a wide range of influences - the lush chords and crackles of dubtechno, the atmospherics and melody of deep drum and bass, to the stark minimalism and enveloping sub bass of early dubstep. This is a mere glimpse in to the deep hypnotic sonic collages still to come from this truly original bass music wizard. Aeon is a Croation bass music producer who has one foot firmly on the accelerator. As an introduction of the sounds sweeping across the Adriatic Sea, 'Different Quotes' brings a different vibe to the label. Keeping things musically inclined with sweet vocals, lush pads, stuttering percussion, weighty drums and pulsing bassline, Aeon brings the funk representing the diversity of the Area sound to the fullest. Safire is an Australian producer who has been energizing the masses with his sets of deep and tech funk DnB and dubstep for many years. His 'Disperse' showcases a more tech-influenced side to dubstep with a dense amalgamation of sound hitting on elements from all artists featured on Area Recordings. Safire's music breathes much needed fresh air, showing that energy and aggression can be created with style, musicality and big production values often overlooked by the masses. Coming from the home of Area Recordings, Krytikal is a Birmingham based dubstep producer whose unique productions have an amazing sense of calm hidden amidst his deep tribal rhythms. 'Selfish Ways' is a stunning introduction to his work, bringing different meaning and context whenever it is played. Equally at home smashing up a dance floor as it is relaxing to over morning coffee, is tracks fully represent deep bass music. The finale of this musical revue comes from the dynamic duo that is Fused Forces. Showcasing a mellower side to their production style, 'Ocean Dawn' brings a soulful ambience with the sound of crashing waves and weighty drums building into and gut rumbling bass. A cracking track perfectly fitting into any forward thinking 140bpm DJ's set.
Title:Black Square
Label:Rush Hour Recordings
After debuting earlier this year with the 'Plastic World' album, BNJMN returns to Rush Hour with his second long player. On 'Black Square', he evolves into a more fluid production style, largely by allowing more space into his music. By keeping his drums more sparse and light, his music takes even more of a serene, futuristic quality. A modern electronic classic, we dare to say. Braindance, anybody? Although a quick comparison is made between his music and that of early 90s UK electronica, BNJMN states that he is trying to stay current and not be influenced by the past, rather making music which is all about the moment. The 23 year old is also not too bothered about being connected to what else is going on in the musical world. Instead, he prefers to let himself be inspired by his surroundings of the sea and countryside on the south coast of England, something that definitely comes out in his music.
Artist:Various Artists
Title:Welcome To The Horrordome!
Label:Horror Boogie
Kanji Kinetic's future bass sounds have been causing shockwaves at parties worldwide. Mixing up beats from bassline & 4 4, dubstep and oldskool breakbeat hardcore like no-one else can, he has found support from heavyweights such as Mary Anne Hobbs and Tayo in the UK, and Drop The Lime and Starkey in the US. With a number of well-received releases on respected labels, his production skills are in high demand with a slew of high-profile remixes about to emerge, as well as brand new original material to destroy the party unlike anything before. For Horror Boogie, he has blessed us with "Citizens Unite", a raw, nasty bassquake, which has been obliterating dancefloors for some time now with its masterful drum programming, insane bass and THAT drum roll. THIS is what drumstep should sound like. Fedka the Irritant is probably best known as the trombonist in the excellent band Pest (Ninja Tune), alongside Ben Pest (Panic Bridge, Victim, Bonus Round). He's also a seriously original and versatile producer in his own right. He has released on Panic Bridge, alongside the other Pest members and his live "trombone techno" sets are something to behold. "Watch Them Get Killed" is wonky techno at its finest. Its tight drums, chopped up hip-hop vocals and the beautifully deranged, yet ferociously funky melody make this track seriously addictive. Expect to hear a lot more from this man on Horror Boogie Records in the not-too-distant future. Michael Forshaw has smashed many a rave with his live onslaught of fucked up electro, techno, rave and booty. He has released on many labels over the years such as Penalty, Miditonal, Flaw, his own imprint Chan 'n' Mikes and most recently, Coin Operated. "Cookietag McStarrwerk" is a live, mashed up, sample-laden (namely the classic "Whoomp! There it is" vocal) rave/breaks/booty monster and has been a staple of his recent live sets. Last and certainly not least, is the mighty Subhead. As a solo artist, Jason Leach has released on his own Death to Vinyl, Fix UK and Subhead imprints, alongside his work for Mercurochrome, Input Output Inc. and Don't. In total he has released well over 100 records, having also been involved in several notable collaborations. "Stefan Wolfe" is a driving, peak-time, techno juggernaut. Its atmospheric beginning hypnotises you into a false sense of security, before it hits you with a dose of raw energy - crunchy hi-hats, solid kicks and a funky-ass bassline, leading on to a finale of full-blown squelchy wrongness.
Artist:Mindscape / Mr Foul
Title:Spy Technologies 6 Sampler
Artist:Josh Money
Title:Let Go With You / The Wrong People
Currently churning out some of the most fiendishly heavy beats around for EA Games, Floridais Josh Money's latest release follows the bassbin-busting Bullet for the Bears, which had bass fiends on both sides of the Atlantic foaming at the mouth with its orchestral breakdowns, gnarly low end and tight-as-all-hell edits. Now he's back with a double helping of utter carnage for Sludge. First up, Let Go With You drops sumptuous pads, oriental-style synths and slick vocal stylings before dragging you onto the floor with a bassline that feels like waking up to a shot of tequila while being roundly spanked by maniacal goblins from the planet RWOAR. It's also got enough edits to keep even the most discerning clubber's brain ticking over at triple-time. Next up, we have something even more repulsively brilliant for you. String arrangements bring AA-side The Wrong People in nicely, before dark orchestral arrangements give way to bubbling beats, searing sawtooth bass and more naughty, trademark edits for one seriously epic chunk of filth. A brace of essential bangers for the discerning modern dubstepper, and a sign that Josh has cemented himself as a producer to watch in 2011 and beyond.
Artist:Ed Solo & Deekline
Title:Man Down / Untold
Label:Jungle Cakes
Limited promo. More fresh out the oven Jungle cakes!
Title:Distance For You (Feat Coerce)
Label:Utopia Music
The A side combines old Metalheadz vibes with the progressive ambience of God Speed You Black Emperor. The intro washes over you with a calm wave of vibes before crashing down with future jungle breaks and bass. The B side is a beautiful interpretation of an old piano piece that has been given the drum and bass treatment. A snappy snare combines with an elegant bass line to provide a great piece of music in its own right. Suited for both the bedroom and the dingiest of clubs, this 12" shows again the diversity of Utopia Music and its passion for supporting musical endeavors. Dj support: LTJ Bukem, D Bridge, Bailey, Loxy, Total Science, Break, Spectrasoul, Mikal, Flight, Survival and many distinguished others.
Artist:Various Artists
Title:Spy Tech 6 Pt. 1
First of three 12"s taken from the Spy Tech 6 Album. Universal project trademark sound always delivers. Bboy breaks, techno elements, dubwise bass, all signalling to the future. Mr Foul brings the old Skool Jungle meets Techstep.
Title:Crypt EP
Label:Get Some
Get Some Records are proud to present our second release, the Crypt EP. Essex based 19-year-old, Daniel Shell, also known to many as 'Crypt' has been a music fan since before he can remember. First producing Grime and Dubstep fueled by the various vinyls and CD's found in his Dad's music collection. Now influenced by the sounds of Zomby, Burial, Falty DL, Sepalcure and many he produces tracks with a garage house fusion combined with deep basslines and dark haunting vocals. As a label, we're excited to be able to put out a proper Garage record and for a producer so young to make something this accomplished sop early in their career, bodes very well for the future.
Artist:Sir Froderick
Label:Record Breakin Music
Sir Froderick says...

Sometimes friends and lovers might move out of state or their priorities change in life.With this kind of change it might cause you not to be able to see and spend time with that special person as much or even at all. It has been said to truly love someone you must learn to let them go, let them fly, and if the love was real then it will return back.

As time passes without them around you learn a lot about yourself and let new people in your life. Then there are those moments you tend to miss old loves and friends and you want to reach out. So reconnecting is important to not only gain perspective but to keep yourself and friendships healthy.

This album was made to hopefully reestablish a bond with friends I have made a connection within the music biz. These musician's sounds have inspired and shape me into the person I am today and for that I am grateful. 'Reconnecting' is for my friends who shared this time with me.
Artist:J-Boogies Dubtronic Science
Label:Record Breakin Music
Record Breakin' Music is proud to team up with OM Records and FTC Skateboards for the release of J-Boogie's latest single Undercover (ft. Chrys Anthony). Like a lost Cee-Lo Green jam session, Undercover rides a turbid groove, laden with percussion and underscored by a driving bassline. A dubbed-out horn section accents Chrys Anthony's soulful croon in this late-night heater. J-Boogie has duly delivered one for the dancefloor as well as the drive home. On the B side is wonderful remix from Dj Nu-Mark of Jurrasic 5 that takes the original to another level.
Artist:Kool Men & Diamond T
Title:One For The Road
Label:New Look
Limited edition of 250 copies of 7" vinyl. "NEW LOOK" is new and exciting new label that is brought to you by Timmion Records group. New Look will bring you the best of todays contemporary Jazz. KOOL MEN & DIAMOND T. are Five gentle-men who met, merged and managed to cultivate a very distinct sound of their own for their first 7" single release...soulful, jazzy, funky...and free. Have a listen and judge by your self. This is 7" single is limited edition pressing...make your investment now before it's too late!
Artist:Virgil Howe & Mark Claydon
Title:The Claydon Break / Cosmic Exotica
Label:Breakin Bread
More drums! Beats, breaks, rolls, all live, no loops. Breakin Bread continue their specialist Drums Series of 7"s with Mark Claydon joining Virgil Howe for 2 killer beat heavy tracks. Breaks for the future!

Breakin Bread is rooted in hip hop and all things related to hip hop so tracks with heavy drums and breakbeats are staples of the output of the label and the turntables of the clubs. The Drums Series features drummers that the Breakin Bread Crew have got to know since they launched their club night thirteen years ago.

The Claydon Break: This time round the guys take it back to more of an original 70s funk band sound. Mark Claydon underpins the track with a steady uptempo breaqk. Virgil and Nick Hirsch from The Killer Meters take the track into driving heavy deep funk rock territory. A couple of clean breaks are embellished with big build ups and multi instrumental frenzy. We were all in the studio for this one and its one of the most intense studio sessions we've ever done.

Cosmic Exotica: This is Virgil's homage to rare as hens teeth Asian Psych Disco breaks. He can imagine Finders Keepers or Now Again records re-issuing this strange but break heavy offering. Think of a Chinese Big Band dropping this in the early 70's for some Grind-House biker movie drug scene that gets a bit lary as a massive fight breaks out! Uptempo breaks for the dancefloor!
Artist:Sonny Rhodes / The Right Kind
Title:You Better Stop / My Money Is Funny
Is it Funk? Soul? Mod? RnB? Yes and no and yes again, it's a bit of everything! Sonny Rhodes' 'You Better Stop' is an alround post-deepfunk/soul crossover club dancer, good sounding for everyone. First spun on the European cross-genre funk n' soul scenes by UK DJs like Ian Wright and Fryer, now getting picked up on the UK Northern scene which is now leaving the old stompers behind and is embracing the bouncing rhythms of funk. Fryer managed to get to the tapes which amazingly were still intact, so we went to work and transferred them at half-speed for a truly explosive sound!

On the flip we have another very cool instrumental track from the same period. Labelmates "The Right Kind" whip up a funky R&B stormer with a slight moddy edge which never goes amiss for the '60s R&B and New Breed lovers. Not to be overlooked!
Title:Cinematics / Who Needs Attack
Label:Surely Bassy
When this label first contacted us in the spring of 2010 with a correctly spelled and politely phrased request for distribution, our affirmative response was all but assured on the strength of their name alone, and as arbitrary decisions go, fortune granted us a favour. As every incurable vinyl obsessive can pull out a handful of vital purchases inspired by no more than a cool sleeve, so it goes that an imprint with the wit to christen themselves Surely Bassy boasts an artist roster possessed of equally supple cerebral elasticity. The label's second release is 'Cinematics' by Leeds-based producer Quantax. With extensive knowledge and experience in sound manipulation, Quantax's take on ever-evolving bass music guides the listener on a musical journey evoking thoughts of nostalgia, reflection, contemplation and calm. His stunning debut consists of two tracks of beautifully crafted electronica encompassing both bass weight and musical harmony. 'Cinematics' showcases Quantax's highly skilled production techniques and demonstrates textural presentation through the art of sound design. 'Who Needs Attack' offers lush orchestral melodies underpinned by a 2-step inspired percussive shuffle whilst the driving sub-bass compliments the garage-esque vocal progressions. With a forthcoming release on Fent Plates, a string of remixes ready to roll out, and the future release of field-recording inspired project 'Oculus', Quantax can only establish himself further within the electronic music scene throughout 2011 and on into 2012.
Artist:The Church Of Synth
Title:The Church Of Synth (LP + free MP3 download code)
Label:Robot Elephant
The Church of Synth used to be a Techno producer who also played live sets throughout Germany, but got bored about stereotype sounds in the scene and clubs of his home town. Based in Hanover, the founder of TCoS grew up surrounded by vintage analogue synthesizers collected by his father, from whom he not only inherited his love of, but also the knowledge to repair, tune, upgrade and circuit bend these precious machines. Following long, depressive days listening to the lament and problems of his patients (as the founder is currently completing his studies in psychological therapy) he decided to let off steam and turning to his synths, in one single night, he laid down the principal skeleton for tracks; Der Fall des Leviathan (The Fall of Leviathan), Christuskirche (Christ Church) and Kathedrale der Ewigen Leere (Catherdral of Emptiness), in a seemingly uninterrupted stream. From then on, he was hooked to this new exciting sound. Being a synth worshipper since his early days, it seemed a simple choice to adopt the moniker - The Church of Synth - for his new vehicle. After uploading his first few tracks to Soundcloud, (under the "Witch House" tag) his material immediately caught the attention of such recognised labels as Tundra Dubs, Phantasma Disques and east London independent, Robot Elephant Records (ISVOLT, Husband) - the latter, releasing his self-titled debut LP, in late October. Like a painter working with a particular palette, TcOS, who sees himself as a "sound researcher", specifically chose the set of instruments, drums and sounds, which can be heard throughout all 6 tracks. Only the guitars on track Die Paradoxen Gebote Gottes (God's Paradox Commandments) - resembling the sounds of Neurosis after smoking bath salts - were recorded.Being sustainable but incomplete, TCoS needed visual interpretation. Taking the supporting role in numerous past live sets, befriended visual artist "renderfarm" naturally became a part of TCoS. Inspired by seclusion and the abbysses of our souls, TCoS's silent part set out to fuse their sound with our mind's eye.Coquetting with gothic imagery and images, he initially tried to set foot in Hannover's vibrant gothic scene, however he had to go as far as London to be able to play his first ever live show as TCoS - supporting Ritualz, at his debut UK London show, recently at CAMP Basement. Additional download content comes in the form of three bonus tracks, by three outstanding pioneering artists laying their hands on lead track Der Fall des Leviathan - A dark diamond with bouncing beats and murderous drones, in the end garnished with a redeeming pop break down. The dark drone lord of Wisconsin - Burial Hex , Londons rising star of avantguarde sound art and drone scene - The Haxan Cloak - and Perth-based Ourobonic Plague.
Artist:Lando Kal / Stillcold Mysteries
Stillcold Records presents the first chapter in a new white label series re-purposing classic house sounds with a modern bent. Volume 1witnesses Berlin's consistently on-point Lando Kal revisiting a notorious acappella, hanging it on the lushest of synth stabs and cinematic, pulsating drops with develish woodblocks aimed squarely at the darkest of warehouse dancefloors. The B Side reveals the debut of the Stillcold Mysteres project, re-working another, altogether different vocal hook from the house canon. Laid back, fully swagged jacking bottom-end house for the hyper-colour set. With holograms. Strictly limited hand stamped 12" vinyl only, meticulously mastered and cut specifically for needle-to-groove action at D&M.
Artist:King Midas Sound
Title:Goodbye Girl
This new single features two of the most upfront tracks from King Midas Sound's forthcoming album project 'Without You', featuring re-voiced and re-versioned mutations of their debut album 'Waiting For You'. Side A is a mix of 'Goodbye Girl' by Kuedo aka former Vex'd producer Jamie Teasdale, who drags the original's domestic melodrama through a fatigued waltz of droning synths and stumbling drums. Side AA carries a radical new take on 'Earth A Kill Ya' by Mala from Digital Mystikz. He smothers Kiki's voice and dubs out Roger's lyrics to their most dread components, leaving strands of the original song lost at sea in sub bass and drowning in toxic chords and dusty reverbed drum blasts.
Artist:Various Artists
Title:Surreal Estate EP
Label:Frite Nite
Heralding the next wave of underground bass music to fans across the USA and beyond, San Francisco's Frite Nite label - captained by psychedelic bass traveller Salva - has teamed up with rising star beat connoisseur Ana Sia to deliver sounds of the new North American underground on the 'Surreal Estate' compilation. Advancing past the more overcooked styles in US electronic music, Ana Sia has championed big stages and basement clubs with a melting pot of new sounds unique to her and the league of artists featured on this new full-length session. 'Surreal Estate' is a 17 track collection of tribal-influenced spacey dance grooves, progressive footwork, modern electro funk, and UK-centric dubstep rhythms, composed by an anticipated cast of North American producers, carefully selected and mixed by Ana Sia. Exploring the atmospheric and ethereal, yet bass-heavy, funky and playfully musical, the mix shows Ana Sia's passion for music that works as well for the dance floor as it does the intimate listen. This exclusive collection contains bleeding-edge tracks from some of the finest production minds from both American coasts such as Sepalcure, Starkey, XI, Distal, Ghosts On Tape and DJG, as well as Ana Sia's crew taking over the western front with artists like Salva, Eprom, Kuru & UFO!, B.Bravo, NastyNasty and Epcot. 'Surreal Estate' is Frite Nite's first venture into the realm of physical product, and speaks loud to both brand new bass music enthusiasts as well as seasoned ears eagerly anticipating a paradigm shift in underground dance and beat culture
Title:The Fable EP
Label:Loft Party Records
Fable is a bass heavy music producer based out of Nottingham and is undoubtedly one to watch over the coming year. In the first few months of 2011 he has had a lot of air play on some of the Dubstep scenes biggest stations such as Rinse and Sub FM, alongside a whole host of support in clubs from some of the best DJ's in the game. Loft Party Records can proudly announce that they have his massive debut release in their hands and a very limited number of 12" promos consisting of Blak on the A-side and She Want Dub on the B-side
Title:Martyr EP
Orientis Records is a 2011-born label setting out to introduce new deeper and emotive dimensions to dubstep and other bass musics, by working with artists already breaking the surface, and seeking out underplayed talents that deserve the limelight. This debut EP was first released in January, and is now available exclusively from Cargo. Bristolian Coleco is widely becoming known as a pioneer in melodic genre-bending, bass driven music. He initially set dance floors alight with his post-dubstep/heavy funk crossover 12" début 'Campfire Funk' on Soul Motive, and as the evolving sub-genres of dubstep continue to cross-pollinate with other sounds, Coleco sets new standards of multi-genre influenced dubstep on this four track EP. Title track 'Martyr' is a pan-Asian influenced, funky breaks driven number. Building an introduction with spacious, floating sitar and flute lines, it wakes the listener from meditation with a colossal drum break unexpectedly dropping in, soon bringing all the elements from the intro back into context coupled with a pounding sub-layered acoustic double bass. 'Morbid Curiosity' takes a classic live funk break to the operating table, twists it up half-time style, and stitches on a roaring sub-bass that's surgically designed to tear bass bins apart, creating an evolving monster that's ripped through the walls of a few dance floors already. 'Taostic' offers a chance to recover and groove to its Dub-Eastern crossover, weaving in and out of dreamy flute and female vocal melodies, whilst ambient guitar licks, dubwise sub-bass, and warm retro drums drive the whole thing forward. Finally, 'Aether' opens up with dark and gritty haunting atmospherics and filters in moody offbeat Guhzeng stabs, deep sine waves, and a pounding breakbeat, eventually exploding into a crescendo of double time drums, bringing to EP to a heavy funk finale.
Artist:Various Artists
Title:Turntables On The Hudson - Reflecting Cielo
Another limited 12" sampler from the Turntables On The Hudson crew, leading up to the brand new compilation CD celebrating their monthly Friday residency at NYC's Cielo club. This party platter features more of the sounds and artists that have been dropped by Nickodemus and friends on the big Funktion One sound-system over the last eight years! Things kick off with Mr.Scruff's infamous 'Pickled Spider', a ripping dubstepper of track with huge wobbly bass and delayed female vocals urging all dancers to the floor. Next up is 'Dub For Mali' by San Fran's own Pleasuremaker (of the Afrolicious crew), featuring Yacouba Diarra on vocals and Thievery Corporation's Rob Garza weighing in on some extra production. To the flip, SUMO's 'Zwakalani' could be one of the party's most heavily spun tunes since it was released five years ago, with it's booming drums, guitar licks, and uplifting vocals. Clocking in last on the 12" is 'Lovesick' by T.O.T.H. family-friend Mariella, remixed into a deep boogie-house vibe with heavy bass for the clubs by Mark De-Clive Lowe.
Title:Iron & Cream
Label:Leisure System
After putting on raves at Berlin's famed Berghain venue for the past three years, the Leisure System club collective takes it a step further and establishes it's own label. Hardly any party in Europe better represents the changes that have happened in Bass Music in recent years, and it's impact on clubs and ravers worldwide. So it's only logical that the first Leisure System release is not aligned along the traditional London/Berlin axis, but stands as proof that nowadays Bass is to be found and heard everywhere, even as far east as Moscow. After releases on Error Broadcast and Car Crash Set, the Muscovite Pixelord (aka Alexey Devyanin) debuts on the label's inaugural 12" with four tracks that show off his multifarious skills as a producer. While the title track 'Iron And Cream’ takes off into a Deadboy-esque world of vocal fragments and a floating garage-house beat, the following cut 'Cycloferon’ is a nod both to uplifting hip hop and playful 8-bit sounds, two of the main influences in Pixelord's work. The b-side turns things around: 'Radiozilla’ lies somewhere between the organic off-beats of the Brainfeeder crew, but garnished with cowbell, a pulsating bassline, and glimmering nu-school synths. 'In The Mine" closes the EP in a careful and almost timid way, generating a dense and brittle atmosphere with it's future garage references. It's enigmatic sound-design and emotive and distant melody travel around the listeners mind and create the perfect soundtrack for late-night romance and early-morning recovery on the dancefloor. Leisure System Record's first release is a clear statement about the label's simple, but nonetheless distinct commitment : to be a platform for timeless dance music in the fields of house, techno and electronica, disregarding media hype and genre borders. Music that is thrilling and soulful. In keeping with this clear sonic manifesto, Leisure System’s design aesthetic is equally individual, with all releases to be housed in deluxe die-cut jackets.
Artist:Kuma Feat Juakali / Amalia
Title:What Its Not
Canadian dubstep pioneers The Konspiracy Group celebrate ten years of bass science, ambient drift and sound system thought with their fourth release and second twelve inch, 'What It's Not' by Kuma. Standing as The Konspiracy Group' firmest statement to date, 'What It's Not' is an uncompromising slab of heavily swung dubstep that sounds like nothing else rocking floors today. Strings and chimes straight out of Detroit meet one of Kuma's finest basslines to date, and a rhythm that invokes the swing of classic Zed Bias and the grime of classic No-U Turn (or should that be, Turn U-On?). Carrying on the vast tradition of vocal versioning that runs back to the early days of sound system culture, TKG took Kuma's rhythm and gave it to two of their favourite voices in dance music today. After hearing his work alongside the mighty Sub Swara crew, as resident of New York's legendary Dubwar night and as a solo artist of series flex, it made sense to hand 'What It's Not' to the voice of North American dubstep, MC Juakali. Using the base of Reese bass and strings as a platform, Juakali has laid down one of his most affecting vocals yet, striking both heart and head with this distinct rallying cry. On the flip, Stockholm-born Vancouver resident Amalia takes her multi-octave range and sweeping tones straight to the heart of the rhythm, reinterpreting the tune as 'Fall', a love song not only for the dance floor, but the people you meet on it too. Sheffield's Grievous Angel is one of the few artists out there really linking the lineages of noise and industrial with UK Bass and sound system culture, so asking him to take a swing at Juakali's versioning of 'What It's Not' made perfect sense. What came back is a 2-step remix as ornery as Throbbing Gristle making acid house, as rough as a Kingston sound system rhythm and as swinging as any classic Horsepower track. This is an EP that fights against conservative thinking in electronic music, informed by the lessons of history, and looking firmly to the future, finely honed at Transition for maximum impact.
Artist:Kansas City Prophets / T Polar
Title:Defiance EP
Kansas City Prophets and T-Polar go back to back on this one, offering dub, dancehall, electro and broken beats, fused together with lashings of bass. KCP's 'Cams' kicks off with a stepping riddim, but there's a wealth of tune in here between the sparse beats, the stabbing hooks, and the bass bubbling underneath. Reggae legend and dub poet Linton Kwesi Johnson's rich dread lyrics give a combo move bonus for every beat they team up with, "chanting blood and fire!". 'Drome' features a tough ragga beat at its core, with a maze-like network of twists and turns over the top for MC Soom T to navigate with her peerless style. Growling bass swoops and some fantastic slam-shuffling rythyms form the basis of T-Polar's 'Jangostep', tricked out to the last with some warped vocal science and textural shifts that switch the intensity every which way for your brain melting pleasure. 'Suburban Roulette' combines chopped up vocals jamming with some garage beat stylings, while a thick bass line runs tings from the bottom up, perfectly showcasing the Belfast producer's unique take on quality electronics.
Artist:6Blocc & TDBZ
Title:I Dubs Vol 6
Label:6 Dub
Another quartet of super-dense bombs from 6Blocc's digital crate of low end redubs, once again detonating in spring-loaded fashion under some familiar hip hop bangers. This series has taken such a grip on the decks by now that it needs no further explanation.
Artist:Paperclip People
Title:4 My Peepz
Label:Planet E
More remixes in the Planet E 20th Anniversary series!
Artist:Randa & The Soul Kingdom
Title:The Things (Mooqee & Beatvandals Mixes)
Randa and The Soul Kingdom released 'The Things' swinging funky disco 12 (FSR092) on Freestyle Records early June 2011, a pretty straight ahead affair produced and guitar scratched by one of the busiest men in the music bizznizz: Lance Ferguson, the man responsible for Freestyle soul-jazz organ trio Cookin On 3 Burners, as well as The Bamboos & Lanu projects on Tru Thoughts Recordings. For this booty style remix they have taken Randa's outstanding vocal and completely reworked the track into an electro funk bomb. Toughening things up but losing non of the funk the mixes aim straight for the dancefloor.
Title:Strike Up The Band
Label:Jack To Phono
Tombee is back with his 4th release on Jack to Phono with Strike Up The Band. Hailing from Newcastle (home of the Brown) DJ, producer and film-maker Tombee often describes his sound as Folk-Hop. The definition of Folk music, if you look it up, is music handed down from generation to generation, which when considering the beats interwoven and flipped here, kinda makes sense...

This time Tombee teams up with Mr Konfuze & Lunatic, Tom Eno and Winter North Atlantic to create one eclectic download and remix package! From a dancefloor friendly party vibe to the ambiance of Winter North Atlantic.
Artist:Boris Noiz
Title:Triptych EP
Label:Yellow Machines
An outstanding new collection for Yellow Machines from talented Serbian producer Boris Noiz - three fierce and very forward thinking tracks which encompass elements of sci-fi sound design, emotive strings, and drilling dark step hardcore beats with precise edits, all laced with huge gnarling bass. Keeping in line with the label's fusion of old skool hardcore and intricate electronics, Noiz adds a melodic, Detroit techno flavour to the equation. 'Rapid Transitions' opens with mournful, majestic and unresolved melodies, filling the air with a sound that is wistful, innocent yet stone cold alien at the same time. It then does pretty much what the name suggests, dropping into massive beast of a tune, with thick, rolling drum breaks and growling modulated riffs with sharp edits. Rhythmically, 'Symphony Of Collision' recalls his previous work with Excision on 'Force', loaded with whirlwind beats that smash the room but shift slyly to keep you guessing where the next hit will land, while the infusion of icy dark pads points to those subtle Detroit influences. 'Inceptive Point' fuses the Sheffield warehouse bleep mechanics of LFO with the rolling drumfunk percussion of the Rag And Bone roster, adding fills and phrases in an old skool Reinforced hardcore style. This tune will bring flashbacks for those who were there raving in the early 90s, updated with 2011 production. All told, this is a trio of incredible andriod disco pressure, reminiscent in texture to early Metalheadz but with a 21st Century twist; an EP of cinematic hard step at its best, sure to tear up any dance floor.
Title:Set The Tone EP
Ossie is a 22 year old producer from East London, who's debut EP 'Tarantula' came out earlier this year on the Lightworks label. His follow-up for Hyperdub is a three tracker of percussive house and beats, which is contemporary while giving a nod to the pioneers of electronic soul and fusion of the 70s and 80s. The EP starts with 'Set The Tone'. It's been a feature of Kode9's sets for about six months now, and doesn't fail to get bodies moving. The track opens with a dazzling lattice of latin percussion over a driving, off beat kick drum, before the song breaks into an infectious vocoder accompanied by lush Rhodes chords. It's one of those songs that manages to mix the worlds of dance music abstraction and catchy song writing without falling into obvious tropes. 'The Power Of Love' mixes similar elements in a completely different way, zoning into a more Masters At Work vibe. Here a short vocoder repeat and swelling synths roll out over a big bassline and a swung garagish drum pattern, but it's the depth of production that really builds the intensity here, as unexpected elements such as huge orchestral strings and spooked synth lines are woven in and out. Finally, on a completely different tip, is 'Moves', slower but still perhaps even more danceable. If it wasn't for its rasping, grimey bassline, and some classic house strings and xylophone towards the end , it could be mistaken for a long lost Sa-Ra dub or the instrumental for an R&B classic.
Artist:Floating Points
Title:J&W Beat
Label:Planet Mu
First released in July 2009, this one has been unavailable for the better part of a year, but you still keep asking for it, so here it comes again. When this came out, Floating Points' only previous release had been a 7" on their own Eglo label, but already they had developed a strong reputation as a production unit to watch. This 12" delivers two slices of psychedelic soul and synthfunk squiggles, underpinned by squashed up 2-step rhythms and compressed hip hop drums, easily on level terms with the likes of Hud Mo or Mike Slott.
Label:Planet Mu
Londoner Swindle is one of the most versatile and exciting producers to emerge over the past few years, taking influences from grime and funky to create a new synthed-out funk. His CV reads like a who's who of the UK MC scene, having worked with Chipmunk, Roll Deep, Asher D & Mutya Buena, Double S, No Lay and more. His profile has been on a steady upward swing since the start of the year thanks to his well-received releases on Butterz, but Swindle is no one trick pony though and feels equally at home building UK funky tracks that evoke the soulful sounds of Masters At Work but which at the same time totally destroy dancefloors with pulsating basstones, as this mid 2010 outing for Planet Mu ably attests. The energetic lead track 'Airmiles' was hammered on 1Xtra and Rinse FM by Mistajam, Target Brackles and Oneman when first released, and the rest of the EP doesn't let up either, with the twisting bass tones of 'Daredevil', and the hyperfunk of 'Coffee' among the highlights.
Artist:Trex / Villem
Title:Recipe Book Part 3
Artist:Eastcolours / Foreign Concept / DBR UK
Title:Acidized / Radiation
Label:Samurai Music
Title:Modest Burka / Blur
Label:Disturbed Recordings
Artist:Benton / Arc 88
Title:Having Fun / 2 Many
Title:We Are Lost EP
Label:Paradise Lost
Artist:Nosia / Phace
Title:Program / Regurgitate
Title:Where Does Your Mind Go?
Label:Sunday Best
Two times UK Beatbox Champion, Beardyman, pushes the envelope further than anyone else in the art of creating instant complex musical compositions - just using one mouth, 4 Kaoss pads, looping devices and a sampler. He is an international online phenomenon, pioneering the streaming of live performances from his own studio to tens of thousands of live viewers at a time and generating more viral video content than you could possibly imagine, clocking up over 50 million Youtube views!

"Where Does Your Mind Go" is a captivating Electro workout with catchy sinister vocal. Think Chemical Brothers vs Kele. And with remixes from Nu:Tone, Darkstarr, Doorly & JFB this is a serious package.
Title:Skankin' Riddim
Label:Super Hi-Fi
Hailing from Sydney, Australia: DJ, producer and beat maker Omegaman has laid down an infectious groove with his new ass wigglin? track "Skankin' Riddim". Proudly presented by Super Hi-Fi Recordings, it's a cheeky salute to old skool Ska with a straight up breakbeat, dubby bassline, majestic horns courtesy of Scotty Sax, and vocal samples from reggae legend Horseman. The release also features an all-star lineup of remix artists.

The vinyl release will include Omegaman, Thomas Blondet, Stickybuds, and Busta. The digital release adds two more remixes to the stellar roster courtesy of All Good Funk Alliance and Fretless. Styles range from straight up ska with big beats, lounge core head-nodders, to breakbeat stompers with some seriously womping bass action - this release covers all bases with a nice variation of genres.
Artist:Nick Thayer
Title:Rhythm Method EP
Label:Bombstrikes Records
Following hot on the heels of the outstanding Pimpsoul ep, Bombstrikes once again maintain their scene leading formula. This time out it's the turn of Nick Thayer to deliver the dancefloor goodies. In a style very much his own, Nick raises the bar even higher with this incredibly strong three-track ep.

There is no messing about on this EP "Do You Want more" on the A side hits hard. With vocal hooks and guitars kicking the track off in fine style before the almighty lead synth hits with guaranteed head nodding approval. For our money this is an absolute monster. Over on the flip, first up is "Rhythm Method" which brings Nick's trademark swing and movement to the proceedings. Vocals play perfectly with the synth and horn riffs to ensure plenty of dancefloor ass shaking will follow. Rounding things off nicely is the bass heavy groover "Ladies Love Cool Jams" which is so devastatingly executed it is bound to hit the right spots.
Artist:Omas & Aver
Title:Out Of Time
Label:My First Moth
Following on from a few well received 7"s last year Omas hooks up with long time collaborator Aver (aka Joey Average) for his new single. Aver himself is well at home behind the boards as beatmaker for Manc hip-hop crew The Natural Curriculum who are known for regularly tearing up stages across the North-West with their excellent live shows.

Here they turn their hands to an uptempo funk rock workout where funky guitar licks collide with heavy drums and spoken word cuts. With its expertly chopped drum breaks and fills the track comes across like a dusty library music faceoff between The Meters, Rare Earth and Rjd2!

On the flip My First Moth regular DJ Mischief is on remix duties, reworking a few choice elements of the original into a tasty Latin hip-hop groover. Syncopated double bass and Latin percussion builds up towards big anthemic horn stabs which set the track off into proper club banger territory!
Artist:Guitar Ray
Title:Funky Pete Parts 1 & 2
Label:Tramp Recods
Guitar Ray, whose actual name was Raymond Washington, recorded just over half a dozen 45RPM singles in New Orleans from the late 1950s to 1968. Four of those had been released on Hot Line Records out of New Orleans, which was a subsidiary of Nola Records. Wardell Quezergue, one of the principals of the companies, did most of the production and arranging for them - as shown on the label: "Arr by Wardell."

Released in around 1967, the singer's own Funky Pete appeared on the third of Washington's four singles for Hot Line. It was a straight-ahead dancer that emphasized the rhythmic elements of the song, all locked into a tight, spring-loaded, high energy groove, probably propelled by el supremo beat-man, Smokey Johnson. The drum and vocal intro that Quezergue set up pulls you right into the action; then the horns come in and push the groove to maximum heights.

As with all re-issues on Tramp it comes with excellent sound quality and original label artwork too. Because Funky Pete Pt.1 also appears on the Feeling Nice compilation (TRCD/LP-9012) they did a strictly limited press run of 111 hand-numbered copies on the Hot Line issue. Be Quick!
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