Trolley Snatcha

Artist:Trolley Snatcha
Title:One Trick Pony EP (Double 12")
Label:Dub Police
As anyone will know, Dub Police is one of the dubstep scene's leading labels, having helped launch the careers of artists like Caspa and Rusko into the dance music stratosphere. The label's ethos has always been about giving the next generation a step up and the next wave of superstar producers has arrived as the Dub Police war machine continue to roll ever onward towards world domination. Trolley Snatcha is the latest artist to receive the Dub Police stamp of approval with his diverse four-tracker the 'One Trick Pony' EP. Proving that he is anything but, Trolley turns out a selection of tunes that display a mature and open-minded approach to dubstep. From the ear-battering Trolley trademarks that litter 'Pass Me By' and 'Rocco's Revenge' to the smoothed out bliss of 'Always On My Mind' and the light techno touches of 'We Go Deep', this EP will grab the attention of anyone with a keen ear for quality music. DJ Support: Caspa, Rusko, Skream, The Others and Benga.