Sir Froderick

Artist:Sir Froderick
Label:Record Breakin Music
Sir Froderick says...

Sometimes friends and lovers might move out of state or their priorities change in life.With this kind of change it might cause you not to be able to see and spend time with that special person as much or even at all. It has been said to truly love someone you must learn to let them go, let them fly, and if the love was real then it will return back.

As time passes without them around you learn a lot about yourself and let new people in your life. Then there are those moments you tend to miss old loves and friends and you want to reach out. So reconnecting is important to not only gain perspective but to keep yourself and friendships healthy.

This album was made to hopefully reestablish a bond with friends I have made a connection within the music biz. These musician's sounds have inspired and shape me into the person I am today and for that I am grateful. 'Reconnecting' is for my friends who shared this time with me.