Title:Heavy Arms EP
Grotty, liquid, dark, brutal and lush are all words used to describe the music of 25 year-old Alex Melia aka Reso. Such contrasting adjectives may be hard to reconcile, but after a listen to this EP, you'll begin to understand. A drummer at heart, these natural patterns of 'skin hitting' are ingrained within his brain and shine through on his digital programming and productions. After the underground dubstep smash 'If Ya Can't Beat Em', Reso returns with another equally huge tear-out face-melting12' for Civil, cementing his stature in more than one genre in the process. 'Beasts In The Basement', boasting huge driving monster bass and bonkers heavyweight machine sounds, is a jawbreaker of a track that keeps its tongue firmly planted in its cheek. Meanwhile, AA side 'Busted Crunk' is as crazy as it gets; reminiscent of early Planet Mu releases but as much de nos jours as Rustie's 'Zig Zag', it's a technoid android constructed from old school jungle, wonky bass, rave building key changes, Reso's unique hard electro-step touch... and a big big drop. Reso's aural identity is a densely layered, high octane tapestry, rich with musical texture and colour, which really sets him apart from the minimal sparsity of many of his fellow producers. Mary Anne Hobbs has been a fervent supporter of the young producer, along with Rusko, Starkey, Burial, Freq Nasty and so many more. Reso is certainly one of the most technically gifted producers to have sprouted from the dubstep scene and is fast gaining recognition from the wider techno, glitch and breaks community for his own twisted take on the dubstep /130bpm-140bpm sound. Like the soundtrack to a robot genocide, the 'Heavy Arms' EP is set to be one of the biggest dubstep releases of the year so order up big.