Parsons / Fragile

Artist:Parsons / Fragile
Title:Into The Night / Night Of The Hunter
Label:Creative Space
Four track EP of clear musical contrasts, united by an equally clear passion for the power of low end. A-side brings two doses of woofer-beating vibes from Planet Mu's Texan representative Parson, kicking off with 'Invasion', a superheavyweight block of dark rolling basslines, earth-shaking sub-tones and immense beats. 'Night Of The Hunter' steps onto more metallic and atmospheric ground, driven by a ramping-up bass pulse and intricate offbeat rhythms, while strange sci-fi effects and a disembodied voice intoning "the soul remains evil" create an effect not unlike Shackleton's 'Blood On My Hands' on performance enhancing drugs. On the flip, newcomer Fragile balances Parson's thunderous pressure with a pair of cuts which, although with a deeper and more melodic feel, are still straining under the weight of their low frequency oscillations. 'Infinity' uses delicate Burial-esque filtered voice samples, echoing flute loops, an insistent snare rattle and simple synth figures to decorate a subtly evocative tune which sweeps along on shuddering ultrabass waves. The kind of track made to bring a moment of jawdropping astonishment to the dance before the crowd plunges right back into the enveloping sublow waters. Last, 'Into The Night' glides in on 2-step rhythms and a retro Metalheadz feel in its use of timestretched and delayed female vocals, laying out a funky-style template for a futuristic dubstep roller characterised by a prowling bassline which drops in and out of the mix to create a dynamic dancefloor tune.