Krystal Clear / Arethis

Artist:Krystal Clear / Arethis
Title:Greensilber / Rugged Angel
Label:Dub Organizer
Another new week, and another new label bursts upon the scene under the auspices of Cargo's exclusive roster. Life is sweet, only this time it's dipped in honey, because the label in question is the highly-anticipated vinyl manifestation of Dub Organizer, owned and - uh - organised by Cooly G. Pre-dating her association with Hyperdub, Dub Organizer has until now existed as a vehicle for Cooly's download-only EP series, but with a wealth of material from new and untested atists from around the world hitting her inbox on a daily basis, the doyen of the bass music scene has expanded her imprint to act as a platform for fresh and exciting productions ... including a few of her own. Opening the show is this storming double-header from Krystal Klear and Arethis, serving notice right out the gate that Dub Organizer will not be known for stylistic restriction. On 'Greensilver', Krystal Klear brings his unique form of new jack swing infused with warm boogie elements. Extremely popular in the late 80s and early 90s, this fusion genre combines elements of disco and hip hop with tight electro-funk and soulful RnB. However, the Manchester based producer brings it into the 21st century with a contemporary glowing-synth sheen. Greensilver fills the room with images of side-lace patents and diamante collar pins whilst maintaining a now-sound feel with a modest sub kick in the background. Through careful layering of sounds and samples, building suspense prepares the listener for the upbeat synths and wobbling bass that form a rich and engulfing modern day boogie, replete with crying melodic keyboard fills. With a sprinkling of hustling jazz elements, this tune compels the feet to move, but is at the same time mellow enough to soundtrack the comedown from a busy night on the soul patrol. In a contrast that could hardly be more emphatic, B-side 'Rugged Angels' begins with a lengthy eerie sample, before an old skool breakbeat kicks in, and suddenly we're into a place where funky 2010 UK bass is fighting for space with 90s Deutscher acid techno ... all courtesy of Arethis, an experimental producer and DJ from North Carolina, who proves in the course of three and a half minutes that "proper belter" is a universal code. 'Rugged Angels' sounds the rave signal loud and large with a heavy 2step beat pounding through thick synth waves, and a bass growl that's deeper, darker and dirtier than a Chilean miner's socks. Arethis has created a distinctly moody urban sound that borrows from the past but keeps it modern with cleverly looped echoing bass and swirling effects, thumping hard to make a livid bruise of the synaesthetic purple sound.