Illeist Collective

Artist:Illeist Collective
Label:Roca Records
Anyone who ever has listened to a live performance or a record of Illeist Collective knows of the difficulty to describe the sound they come up with. Some say it's big beat, some say it's rock, electro or dance music. And as always, the truth is somewhere in between, somewhere along the lines of bands such as Soulwax, Digitalism or Friendly Fire. And the best way to find out is to listen to their energy-loaded, genre transcending and - most importantly - uncompromising music.

One of the most suitable places to experience the Illeists is surely the sweating stroboscope-atmosphere of an electro party. There the collective fires away with fat bass lines and driving live beats, thus creating the irresistible urge to dance along. The basic setup (bass, drums, synthesizers and vocals) is thereby often featured by special guests; just like on this first Roca Record release. Hence, a perfect match for a remix...

And so CMC&Silenta asked the great MC NineLive The Cat from Brooklyn NY for a vocal track to make a remix of the Illeist Collective song 'every time'. Without hesitation, NineLive The Cat fired some insane lines for what turned out be become an awesome remix. Armed with a perfect hook this track is definitely gonna make the party people go wild.

Funkanomics delivered an awsome remix again, like we probably expected. Straight beats, great keys sections and a bumbing bass line. They did it in their unique Funkanomics style that gets honored around the world. These guy delivered a huge party classic.

In addition, D*Funk smashed another perfectly produced remix of the original with everything a real remix needs - killer beats and tension one can't resist. And as always, the only thing that can actually make you see what we are talking about is the track itself. So check it out now!