Title:2K3 Beats EP
Label:Frijsfo Beats
Frijsfo Beats welcomes on board electronic music hero Ed DMX, aka DMX Krew. Ed offers a new kind of treat from the archives, fusing two-step swing and spacious dubstep rhythms with his immediately recognisable analogue electro style. Although the material on this four-track EP dates from 2003-4 and has been quietly maturing on Ed's hard-drive since then, now is the right time for these atmospheric tracks to see the light of day, with the demand in the dubstep community and beyond for fresh takes on post-garage bass-drenched electro music never higher. Fans will know EDMX from his prolific output on Rephlex, Breakin' and a wealth of other labels, and his ability to mutate a Detroitesque electro sound into sick hybrid forms is something he's ably proven again and again. An instant sell-out on first release back at the start of February, now repressed for all those who still need to pick it up.