Code 3

Artist:Code 3
Title:What You Sayin?
Label:Critical Music
Fresh for the summertime shine is yet more goodness from camp Critical with a diamond dubplate burner straight out of the Code 3 studio. The production trio made up of SP:MC, Jubei and Dakuan show their pedigree for CRIT055 with two slabs of almost retro D&B that could only have come been from scene stalwarts like these. Quality through and through. 'What You Sayin' runs out with simple two-tone chords and a staggered break to ease us into this creeping cut of subtle but definitely dangerous drum & bass. Snapping snares roll out, sub thuds from beneath as the gnawing b-line wrestles its way to throughout rearing its head then ducking beneath the surface only for the smooth keys to return to the mix. A classy piece of contrasting moods that'll sit perfectly on the Critical collector's shelf. Over the page 'Double Dipped' intros with another big break and spooky, quizzical pads and a winding double-bass that weaves its way in gently to the drop. Perhaps reminding of the Full Cycle and Talkin' Loud golden era this one is a hard-stepping, funked up track that'll have the floors calling for the reload. Awesome! DJ support from Hype, Friction, Jubei, Fabio, Marky, Kasra, S.P.Y. and many more.