Bong Ra

Artist:Bong Ra
Title:Megasaurus / Gargantuan
Bong-Ra returns in 2010 with a double track killer 12" on Ruff. A first in a series of upcoming new Bong-Ra releases, the Ruff 12" continues Bong-Ra's ventures into his damaging variations of dubstep, as shown on the spilt 12" with Starkey on Ruff 05. Heavy subs, screaming reeces and rig damaging beats. A sound more compatible with Speed Metal than with your regular mainstream Dubstep, hard to the bone and relentless.
Artist:Bong Ra
Title:I Am The God Of Hell Fire
Label:Very Friendly
A continous exploration into the sounds and styles which fascinate him most, flirting with jungle, rave, metal, dancehall and gabber, in no particular order. One of the forerunners in the Breakcore genre, reaching a point where sampling and a diverse musical taste have fused creating the ultimate hardcore maniac's playlist .On 'I am the God of Hellfire!' the 'amen' has been given a well deserved break, and focus has been put on his trademark rave stabs and catchy haunting melodies, proving that downtempo can be as suffocating and sinister as uptempo BPMs. A host of vocalists like ex-ATR's Hanin Elias, Drop The Lime, Mike Redman and Ras Bumpa have contributed to make this nothing less than an classic in its genre, the detail in the production has given Bong-Ra's third full length album a mature, accesible sound, creating more space in which to unleash his demonic riffing, Jason Kohnen, the sonic schizo behind Bong-Ra since 1996, brings a new dimension in hardcore breakbeat territory, pitching vocals ruffer than SL2 and dropping heavier kicks than Humanoid... or maybe its just the record The Prodigy wish they had made ???