Title:Sleaze Please
Label:Aniligital Music
San Francisco sleaze connoisseurs Anthony Mansfield and Tal M Klein are back with their sixth joint EP under the AM/TM moniker; entitled, appropriately enough, Sleaze Please. If you file this track under nu-disco (or nu-anything for that matter), we will find you and punch you in the perineum. This is Sleaze music, it's dirty and unapologetic and will melt people's faces off. The title track, Sleaze Please, is not a modest number. She will destroy your bassbins and kick you in the nuts. At last count this track features no less than 10 analog synthesizers you've never heard of and drum machines that were invented before you were born. This track is so heavy that when we put it on a scale our phone number showed up. A mystery man who called himself Heisse Scheisse clandestinely delivered a monster remix on reel to reel tape inside a bullet proof suitcase which also contained a latex banana hammock. After billions of dollars of research and vaccines, our detective team found out the man behind the Heisse Scheisse remix was none other than Nick Chacona. When we confronted him with our findings he said, "What the hell were you thinking with that bassline, I fixed your stupid mess and made a better track than the original." He then shot us in the knees with a Desert Eagle .50 and took off in a solar powered jetpack. The other original track on this EP is "U WANT 2" which basically repeats "you want to" until everyone gets naked and crazy. It's delicate like an elephant with rabies on PCP. We recommend this track to people who are tired of playing records that sound like broken records. It's big, it's bad, it'll make you glad.